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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The second attempt to overcome Ostrovsky in “contemporary” managed

Not yet “Contemporary” open season on Yauza, as here, gave the premiere. For “Late love” by Alexander Ostrovsky, playwright for this theatre not daily, took Yegor Peregudov, student of Sergey Zhenovach. Student sebesteny and obstinate: for the second time risen to the Ostrovsky decided to get revenge for the “Hot heart” had no luck. Looks like he got his “Late love” was interesting and funny, especially with the use of an optical effect. But the effect we admire in the final. With the premiere of “the Contemporary” — the observer “MK”.

Photo: press service of the theater

“Scenes from the life of the sticks” — so designated himself Ostrovsky genre of the play “Late love” 1873. And performance artist Maria Tregubov has replaced “the scene” on “paintings”, making them in their scenery. Rather, in one small painting that is inserted into a huge Mat on the size of the mirror scene. Moreover, the picture, as it should, hanging high above the stage, highlighting the unearthly origin of history, the essence of which the very earth — people are dying for the metal.

This picture is so small that it is very difficult to the heroes of the first Russian playwright. But the proportions that gives the effect of a major plan, like in the movies. Here they are, the Hotties from the last century, and even from some backwoods — man with a floral name Margaritov, the woman with the marvelous name Felicita, young twit Dormidont (even the name), brother and Nicholas, but also fruit — rake, drunkard, spendthrift, but when it’s someone’s widow, rich, of course. Lost at the playboy dries the girl Ludmilochka, the creation of God, amazed at his young age love is not even in the heart and in the head.

The story of 50-year-old Ostrovsky learned, obviously, from his practice, when he worked in the court, which investigates all cases of bribery Yes fake bills. That is written with knowledge of the matter. So this is Ludmilochka, joy daddy Margaritova, zaradi save the beloved is ready to sacrifice everything, even to steal the most important monetary instrument, trusted her father. That’s the plot!

The plot is sustained strictly by Ostrovsky — former counsel, counterfeit bills, deceived debtors, partying koprovyh offspring. Only the characters have Peregudova from another planet. A hint of the space made by the Director in the very first picture, when the two beings, looking out the window (stand back to the room) and look like the Yeti, aliens, not patients of the hospital, melancholic watching the rocket launch. The rocket soared, floated the planet, the “aliens” turned, and in them, wrapped in a white blanket, it was discovered that the aunt of Felicita (Marina Khazova) girl Ludmilochka (Alena Babenko). It’s going to add other characters, and they are all marvelous in its manifestations and relations — a form of existence they set caricature. A cartoon in a theater (not on paper) is a dangerous thing because it requires great skill not so much external, how many internal plastics. Akin to a clown, but not the antics kovarnyh: the cartoon reflects the life as a tragedy, but through the laughter.

In this sense, is probably the closest to it, surprisingly, Marina Khazova, a wonderful actress school of psychology. Here she masterfully works — voice, movement, reaction. Closer to her Nicholas Klimchuk, who plays the youngest son of Dormidont, very Thrifty and grip, then Vasily Mishchenko (Margaritov), and then Dmitry Girev — beloved of Ludmilochka. Artist, taken into the troupe of the “Sovremennik” of St. Petersburg and is similar to a luminary of the theatre of Garmash. Some in the audience and whispered: “son whether he is Sergei?” No, not even receiving just a resemblance, alas, unpleasant for any artist, because in any case he is second.

In this ludicrous group like the black sheep of Ludmilochka with his love — well, quite unearthly. Contrary to common sense — all to the feet of an unworthy man. However, her heart veshchunov — burned bill will be a copy and Nikolai decent, not rubbish. However, this message is directed is not so clear, than the other, which, as a good intrigue, it opens in the final. And decorative method: painting in a rigid frame on the eyes is reduced several times, one after another going into the future, masterfully light-filled (as always, brilliant work by Damir Ismagilov). And in it, a little, at the very back freeze the little people is ridiculous and so far away. As from the last century, from a backwater, described by the writer about far distant time.

After the performance I spoke with Alena Babenko.

— Alena, such a role you have not done before. And you’ve met people like that as your Ludmilochka, she’s not an angel, not?

Can’t say I’ve ever met, this role is for me to resist. Ludmilochka — the man who never experienced love and when it’s this feeling, and it piqued her that he was fine. She does crazy things, all goes by the wayside. Just a heart felt man, and all. She says to Nicholas: “I want to see you relaxed and happy.” It’s not a belief, and nature.

— What task put before you the Director?

— We had a great atmosphere in the team. Egor told me that this character above me: let’s say I meter sixty, she is 2 meters. It is higher more. I still have to grow.


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