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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The debate in the United States: a fly on the face of the Clinton eclipsed raped girls

The unexpected heroine of the second debate of candidates in US presidents has become a fly perched on the face of Hillary Clinton. Come down to the fact that Twitter’s behalf flies brought a humorous account. However, after the debate have something to discuss besides “trained flies trump”.

photo: youtube.com

Sunday, October 9, at the Washington University of St. Louis hosted the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald trump — the democratic and Republican candidates for U.S. President. Immediately call the winner. It’s Hypocrisy with a capital letter.

Attack Hypocrisy began on Friday, when the video was published a decade ago, in which 59-year-old trump says he “likes to grope and kiss beautiful women.”

And all the media immediately fell upon him – for example, dubbed the “Supreme genodepa”. About forty prominent Republican leaders including Senator McCain, said that they have had enough, and publicly disowned trump. The newspaper “new York times” published a list of women whom trump “groped and kissed”. Two of them were winners of beauty contests — the America and the Universe’s First name is temple Taggart, the second — Alicia Machado.

That showed the first: “He kissed me right on the lips. I thought, “Oh, my God. He is married to Marla maples. I think there were other girls whom he kissed on the lips. I thought it was indecent.”

But the testimony of miss Universe: “After my victory trump several times and shamed me that I was gaining weight. Trump, who was the Executive Director of the competition, talked about me to reporters: “Here’s a girl who loves to eat”.

The history of Machado was picked up by Hillary Clinton. Some days the channels discussed “the case of Machado,” allegedly insulted trump.

Wave of Hypocrisy hit on trump on the eve of the second debate, and he had to answer a hypocritical regret for this Hypocrisy. He said that brings its deep and sincere regret to all women: in fact, he doesn’t think so, and the words, spoken to them on video 10 years ago, it is only a “chatter in the locker room” athletes.

This was followed by a second wave of Hypocrisy. “How dare trump to insult our athletes! They are never this does not allow! And why is a 59-year-old tramp wandered in to the locker room?”

In short, all the commentators believed that trump lost the second debate even before they started.

However, it is necessary to know trump, the great Hypocrite, and the Hypocrite.

On Sunday, i.e. the day of the second debate, he gave a press conference where presented to the media four women sitting with him at the table. They were victims of sexual harassment by the former President and wife Hillary, bill Clinton!

Obeying an invisible conductor’s wand trump ladies told me how they were molested by the bill.

Name women Paula Jones, Kathleen Willy, Juanita Broddrick and Katie Shelton.

The former civil servant from Arkansas Paula Jones in 1994 he filed a lawsuit against Clinton, claiming that, as Governor, he undressed in front of her and invited her into the hotel room. In 1998, an agreement was reached out of court settlement of the case (Clinton is in the $850 thousand).

Juanita Broaddrick accused Clinton a decade and a half ago in the rape, which, she said, took place in 1978, when she was 35 years old. Lawyer Clinton in 1999, rejected the accusations.

And the former White house volunteer Kathleen Willy blamed Clinton that he molested her in the oval office in 1993.

Kathy Shelton in this Quartet stands apart – she was only 12 years old when she was raped in Arkansas 41-year-old man. A defender of a rapist then by a young Hillary, who kicked him only a few months in prison. The future first lady blamed the girl that she was molested by a man older than her. “Hillary Clinton – she is not for women and children,” says Kathy Shelton.

The women sat on the debate in the first of the guest series. Trump said that his remarks about women in the video is 2005 – it’s only words, but, say, bill Clinton actually raped women, while Hillary “viciously and brutally attacked them.”

In response, Hillary said: “All he (that is trump. — M. S.) have just said is not true.” More she had nothing to cover.

Then went to regular gum — taxes, Benghazi, Syria, Iraq, health insurance, email Hillary and so on and so forth. Sometimes Trump has been able to carve out the audience laughter and applause.

So, trump said that if he becomes President he will give the order to his Minister of justice to arrest Hillary Clinton for the illegal use of her personal email as Secretary of state of the United States.

At the beginning of the debate, the opponents shook hands, demanded by the ritual and as it was in the first debate. But in the end they still shook hands. And here the Hypocrisy triumphed!

Never before have the American people have not seen such a debate of candidates in presidents of the United States, when one candidate threatened to put the opponent behind bars, when the first guest sat rows of women, raped by bill Clinton, who, smiling, shook hands with trump’s wife Melania and their children. Trump talked about Hillary is that she “has a huge hatred in his serdal”. The way it was.

But even this enormous hatred seemed a dwarf in comparison with the Hypocrisy, really huge.

In the final debate of “man from the audience” asked the candidates a question: what positive they can say about each other? Clinton used the regular in cases like this cliche: “you See, I respect his children. His children are extremely capable and loyal. And I think it says a lot about Donald”.

Thanking Hillary for “that very nice compliment”, trump said: “I can say about Hillary is this: she surrenders, she surrenders. She is a fighter”.

Then came the handshake that I mentioned. Probably, at this moment, each of them wanted to strangle the other…

Watch the video on “the”trump unleashed”: the fly sat on the face of Clinton during the debate”


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