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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Stranded on the face of Clinton’s fly was named “agent of the Kremlin”

During the second round of teledebates of candidates in US presidents on eyebrow Hillary Clinton “landed” fly. Clinton herself to the insect did not pay attention, the benefit of the unexpected guest on her face is not long delayed. But a curious case has attracted the attention of American users of social networks who have begun to discuss a bad sign for the democratic candidate or good. U suddenly became famous insect even has its own Twitter account.

photo: pixabay.com

The fly sat on the face of Clinton during her speech. The first insect was flying around her opponent, Republican nominee Donald trump, but then, apparently, decided to stay on the Democrat.

Meanwhile, in the flies account on Twitter already has its first entry. “I Express my support for Hillary. I can’t believe I was on TV!” writes an anonymous user from the faces of the winged celebrity.

The opinions of Americans about what happened divided. Supporters of Clinton think the curiosity is a good sign. They are comparing a fly with an octopus-Oracle Paul, who accurately predicted the results of matches involving the German national team at the world Cup 2010. Following this logic, Hillary Clinton should win the upcoming presidential election.

However, opponents of the candidate consider that flies are not usually flock to honey. Among them is gaining popularity hashtag #gnipahellir. Scoffers have awarded Clinton the title of “lady of the flies”. Others also called the insect the “agent of the Kremlin”.

Americans also remember that popular flies are for some reason Democrats. So, Barack Obama during his presidency has been attacked by these insects at least twice. In 2009, the fly began to annoy the head of state during an interview with the channel CNBS. In response, the President swatted her live. In 2013, her relatives managed to escape alive after he landed on the forehead of the President during the presentation ceremony of two new members of the administration.

Users sotssetey also recalled that during the speech of rival Hillary Clinton in the primaries Senator Bernie Sanders in Portland to it to the podium came the bird. Sanders took it as a good sign, but the crowd drowned in the emotion.

Watch the video on “the”trump unleashed”: the fly sat on the face of Clinton during the debate”


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One Response “Stranded on the face of Clinton’s fly was named “agent of the Kremlin””

  1. Sandra
    15.10.2016 at 17:43

    Ki ez a Ákos? Valami szÃparkoztatói³aros dalnok vagy a Magyarság VezérlÅ‘ Csillaga, aki önismétlÅ‘, giccsbe mártogatott közhelyeivel megóvja a hülyéket a gondolkodástól? A Bosszú Népe azé' odabasz, mi?

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