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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Scientists fear that the conquerors of Mars for bravery will pay with your mind

Experiments with laboratory mice, conducted by experts from NASA and the University of California showed that people who go to Mars may have to wait for an unexpected and very serious danger. Radiation, which the cosmonauts and astronauts will be exposed almost inevitably, can trigger the development of dementia and other disorders of the brain, experts fear.

photo: pixabay.com

In the course of his research assistants for 12 weeks were irradiated rodent ions of oxygen and titanium , thereby simulating exposure of the body cosmic radiation in the interplanetary space. As it turned out, this radiation had a negative effect on the brain of rodents. If previous research of this kind allows to detect mainly relatively short-term damage, but now, according to scientists, we are talking about violations, some of which may subsequently not return to normal throughout life.

Even six months after the first stage of the study, the neurons of the mice were still damaged, and this affected the memory of rodents, as well as on their ability to make decisions quickly. The scientists also found irregularities in the mechanism of unpleasant memories after a while “sidelined”. Usually it is this property of the brain allows someone who once nearly drowned, after some time again to get pleasure from swimming in the river. Incorrect operation of this mechanism contributes to the formation and exacerbation of anxiety disorders. Also, irregularities in the brain can lead to the development of depression and even dementia.

Experts note that the cosmonauts and astronauts who spend a lot of time on the International space station are still protected from most of the cosmic radiation by the magnetosphere of the Earth, which makes them stay in orbit safe. However, the conquerors of space, which will be sent to conquer Mars, need to travel where Land is not protected. At the same time, according to experts, in the first months of a negative effect of cosmic radiation is unlikely to be significant, but the road to Mars and back will take too much time in order to be calm for travelers.

Experts presented the results at the pages of scientific publication Scientific Reports.


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