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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kiev is trying to disrupt Russia’s return to PACE

The President of PACE Pedro Agramunt urged to return the Russian delegation to the Assembly, which has aroused Kiev tantrum. Representatives of Ukraine, even complained to the head of the PACE of the faction in which he is. The call of Agramunt for Kiev destroys the usual picture of the world, according to which it is supported by all “civilized humanity”.

At the opening of the autumn session of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), its President, Pedro Agramunt promised to do everything necessary to return the Russian delegation, because the lack of Russians “is not for the benefit of anyone”. Agramunt reminded that after the election of President in January, has taken steps to resume dialogue with the Russian Parliament, and to this end several times went to Moscow.

“And don’t doubt that the Kremlin “to restore order” asks to give him poor, and corrupt Ukraine, and Europe is happy to agree”

“I was doing this in full transparency, always bringing to this discussion the leaders of our political groups and informing about the work of all members of the Bureau. Very often I have seen that some groups interfere with the dialogue, but we need to listen to all, to consider the interests and concern,” – demanded the head of the PACE.

Agramunt said that the exclusion of any of “our discussion does not help to achieve progress”, and “confrontational rhetoric used by the nationalists, populists and xenophobes”.

In Kiev, Strasbourg suspected of “double standards”

To the statement of Agramunt responded former head of the international Committee of the state Duma, member of the Russian delegation to the Assembly, Senator, United Russia Alexei Pushkov. “The head of the PACE Agramunt officially encouraged to return to Russia in the PACE. Our condition known equal participation, no sanctions to our delegation,” Senator wrote on Twitter. He warned that the Ukrainian delegation is going to disrupt the return of the Russian delegation. “Kiev is nervous: PACE growing sentiment in favor of a full return of the delegation of Russia”, – he said.

The fact that the Russian delegation will return only on their terms, and confirmed her a member, Deputy of the state Duma Leonid Kalashnikov (CPRF). “We proposed to revise the regulations PACE so that no one national delegation could no longer be denied the right to vote, – said the TV channel RT. It will be a way out of the impasse for Russia. Otherwise in January we’ll arrive in Strasbourg – and all again”.

Trying to explain why Agramunt leaning towards Russia, ex-Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara has suggested that “the Council of Europe is faced with the problem of financing.” Moscow is among the major contributors of the Council, including the budget of its parliamentary Assembly. As reported by the newspaper VIEW, this year Moscow did not reduce overall contribution to the budget of the Council, however, broke it up into parts and translated them with a delay, protesting thus against restrictions of their rights.

“Shameful history becomes reality”

Is Volodymyr Aryev first reported on the change in the position of leadership in the PACE on Monday night. He wrote in his Facebook that “influential persons” in the PACE ready to change the rules so that the delegation of Moscow will be without problems and limitations to return to the Assembly in January. “The PACE is going to accept the Russian ultimatum, but does not require Russia to adhere to the requirements (resolution) of PACE. This will reduce the credibility of the Assembly. Shameful history becomes real”, – was indignant the Aryans.

However, in the morning, after the opening of the session, Ryan little took a deep breath, saying that the PACE Bureau immediately rejected the draft amendments to the regulations, thanks to which Russia could quickly restore their rights in the Assembly. Aryev says that the amendments still try to contribute, but for a standard lengthy procedure. “The decision to hold a debate in the political groups of the PACE. That is, to measure the temperature throughout the house. And depending on the results of the issue will be discussed at the PACE Bureau on Friday. In such circumstances, the scheduled Pro-Russian lobbyists blitzkrieg is almost impossible” – glad of the Aryans.

In the afternoon Ukrainian delegate list of those who, in his opinion, lobbying the interests of Russia in PACE is, in particular, the President of the Group of the European left Tiny Kox (Netherlands) and MEP Thierry Mariani (France). “In a certain way, this function is performed and Pedro Agramunt, but I would not call it a direct lobbyist of Russia. He is lobbying for their own interests,” – quoted by UNIAN Aryans.

“It was an attempt of the Russian delegation to regain all the powers, without discussion, through changes in the regulation of the PACE, said another MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko, member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Assembly Alexei Goncharenko. Ukrainian delegation with the support of allies in the PACE stopped this plan. This does not mean that Russia and its lobbyists will not try to return to the session hall of the PACE,” – said Goncharenko. However, he expects new efforts on Friday, but only at the next session in January.

First Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, member of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Irina Gerashchenko said that in Agramunt affected “frequent trips to Moscow.” He “makes some strange hints that “some groups hinder dialogue with Russia, and that they should not interfere with dialogue”. I wonder what group he has in mind?” – surprised Gerashchenko. She said that Ukrainians complained about the behavior of Agramunt leadership of the faction to which it is a member of the European people’s party.

The choir joined the foreign Ministry of Ukraine. “Russia – the aggressor, the occupier. Grossly violated the norms of international law, including the norms of the CE. What kind of return can we talk?” – wondered in the Twitter press-Secretary of Department Marianne Betz.

But meanwhile, more unpleasant for the Ukrainian authorities the statement was made in Kiev. There is the head of the EU delegation Hugues Mingarelli admitted that the EU some countries consider sanctions against Russia are “ineffective”. As the Ambassador reminded, the period of the sanctions imposed against Russia because of the situation in the Donbass, will expire at the end of January, and the EU until the end of the year to discuss and decide whether to renew.

The Kremlin will ask Europe to “give him” Ukraine

The call of Agramunt destroys for the Ukrainian authorities usual picture of the world, believes Director of the Kiev center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

“The absence of the Russian delegation makes the very Assembly incapacitated, Russia is too important a player in Europe. However, the Russian delegation said that going back to PACE only in the case of the lifting of sanctions and the return of all former powers. Besides, I’m not sure the MPs will support the return of the Russian delegation to most importantly to show his own dislike to Russia than to improve the efficiency of their organization. Russia’s return to PACE in the short term seems unlikely,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

If the Moscow delegation will be able to return, Ukraine together with the Baltic delegations and a number of anti-Russian MEPs will take numerous steps to arrange provocations, expert predicts.

Pogrebinskaya clear such a painful reaction of Kiev on the return of the Russians in PACE. “For the current Ukrainian authorities, it is crucial to demonstrate how all “civilized humanity” unanimously condemns “Russian aggressors,” and the statement of Agramunt destroys their matrix”, – he explained.

As you know, in April 2014 the Russian delegation was deprived of fundamental rights in PACE, the chief of which was the right to vote. Moscow, in turn, withdrew its delegation in protest. A month ago, the foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin has threatened to withdraw its delegation from Strasbourg, if it will restore the rights of Russians.

Former chief of staff of President Viktor Yushchenko, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Viktor Baloga, who was quoted by “the Economy today”, believes that Russia’s return to PACE helps Ukraine itself. “I do not exclude that Moscow has a powerful lobby in Europe, but this “success” is and the contribution of Ukraine. The lack of reforms, corruption, lack of democracy toward the day when the Russian Federation will not only remove sanctions, but will take her vision on the division of spheres of influence in the world, predicts Balogh. And don’t doubt that the Kremlin “to restore order” asks to give him poor, and corrupt Ukraine, and Europe is happy to agree.”


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