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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ill-conceived vegetarian diet leads to a decrease of the brain

A study conducted by experts from Oxford University, showed that people do not consume enough vitamin B12 in your old age with a greater likelihood of reduced brain size. Since this vitamin is primarily contained in meat, some media have claimed that the study proves the danger of a vegan diet. However some experts are not inclined to consider such an interpretation is the only correct.

photo: pixabay.com

Professionals within five years watched people whose age at the beginning of the study ranged from 61 to 87 years. Volunteers during this period of time gave a blood sample and passed a series of tests on the memory. In addition, experts have studied the changes occurring in the brain of study participants, using imaging.

As it turned out, the risk of reducing the volume of the brain was about six times higher for those of older people in the blood which contained a small amount of vitamin B12. It is emphasized that all participants in the study, the amount of B12 in the body was within normal limits, and we are talking about the fluctuations in these limits, and not about the deficiency of this vitamin.

Anna Vogiatzoglou, one of the authors of scientific work, published in the journal Neurology recommends that people avoid vitamin B12 deficiency to include in your diet sufficient amounts of meat, fish, cereals fortified flour and milk. However, she notes that the study does not address the question whether vitamin supplements or foods fortified with vitamin B12, to become a full replacement for meat products and to reduce to negate risks for the brain, which may itself involve a vegetarian diet.

Did not participate in the study, Andrew Hickman, from the University of Kragan in the United States also notes that directly in the study did not say a word about vegetarianism. According to the expert, the words of Anna Vogiatzoglou not mean that people who refuse food of animal origin, are unable to get enough B12 by using the vitamin supplements.


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