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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Defense Ministry: Russia will create a permanent military base in Syria

Russia is going to place in the Syrian port city of Tartus a permanent naval base. Earlier it became known that Moscow intends to revive the Soviet base in Egypt and Vietnam, as well as to resume the work of the intercept center in Cuba.


The defense Ministry will create in Tartus military base, which will operate on a permanent basis. Now this city is the only one outside the former Soviet Union the Russian point of logistics of the Navy.

“In Syria we will be on an ongoing basis, the naval base in Tartus. Relevant documents have been prepared, they undergo the procedure of interdepartmental coordination,” — said Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov at the meeting of the international Affairs Committee of the Federation Council, reports TASS.

The Deputy Minister said that the readiness of the base “high enough”. In a short time, said Pankov, the defense Ministry will ask the senators to ratify all relevant documents.

Earlier, the Ministry of defense of Russia reported that for the security of the naval base in Tartus in Syria delivered battery of s-300 that will shoot down any unidentified purpose.

In addition, it became known that Moscow is negotiating to lease the former Soviet base in the Egyptian city of Sidi Barrani. Among other things it was used for observing the American fleet.

Last week the defense Ministry reported that the Russian military bases can return to Cuba and Vietnam. Specific time in the military did not name, noting that working on this “problem”.

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