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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Became Polish Director Andrzej Wajda

March 9 became the outstanding Polish Director Andrzej Wajda, the author of the films “Ashes”, “Ashes and diamonds”, “man of iron”, “Man of marble”, “Channel”, “Everything for sale”, “Demons” by Dostoevsky, “Siberian lady Macbeth” based on the novel by Leskov… the day Before he was hospitalized. On March 6, Weide 90 years old.

photo: Artem Makeev

Presenting a few years ago, his painting “air” at the Berlin film festival, Wajda recalled a Hasidic parable about the old man that frequented the death. It will come, and he was busy – writing, reading, doing something. Death pomotrite and see and leave with the words: “I will Come back another time. Now it is not up to me.” Wajda then said: “This attitude to life and death I like.” And the way he lived. Worked to the last, recently finished the film “Afterimage”, which Poland was nominated for the award “Oscar”.

Prepared anniversary retrospective exhibition in Moscow. In the end, nobody counted wanted to record a video message to the audience. Late. Three years ago, 87-year-old filmmaker was recognized as a legend of world cinema at the 70th Venice film festival, handed him the prize Persolo award. Awards at Wajda much. Your honorary “Oscar” for the contribution to cinema and “the Golden palm” it a few years ago transferred for permanent storage to the Museum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Now they’re side by side with rarities of Copernicus.

Most importantly, she managed to say. He presented in Venice his now penultimate film “Walesa. Man of hope” about the leader of the independent trade Union “Solidarity” Lech Walesa. Showed his life without embellishment and pathos. Yes, he became a Nobel peace prize winner and President of Poland, but Wade is interested in the private life – how he worked as an electrician, raised six children, was transported in a baby carriage daughters leaflets, rejoicing in times of a severe shortage of procured the bread. This film Wajda bade farewell to the era of socialism, once again reminded us about the era of Brezhnev and his care. Despite 87 years of age, she removed a large-scale film. Nothing of the sort about the era of socialism, we will not see.

He first arrived in Moscow in 1954. He was 28 years old. Then he put “Demons” in “contemporary”, will attend the festival will receive “the Golden eagle” for the contribution to cinema will present in St. Petersburg the exhibition, devoted to Dostoevsky and “the theatre of conscience”. At one of the festivals of Polish cinema “Vistula” will receive for the film “air” award of the Guild of film critics of Russia. Vayda loved and knew Russian literature, especially Dostoevsky. Don’t just put “Devils,” Idiot”, “Crime and punishment”. He quoted the phrase of Porfiry Petrovich, Raskolnikov addressed to that who has a conscience, he will be in this conscience to see your punishment.” He believed that there is no other writer that was able to understand the Russian soul. “It takes great courage to pole to make a Russian film. Our similarity only the appearance, the way to friends-Muscovites longer than to Europe, where we feel maybe a little resentful, but in its place” are words Wajda.

In March 2008, in Moscow very modestly premiered his film “Katyn”. And if not for the initiative of the “memorial” society, nothing would have happened. And premiered at the Berlinale earlier, then the film received a nomination for “Oscar”. After the show in Russia, although it started before that (not seen, but know) for a full barrage of accusations of anti-Sovietism, he poured a lot of dirt. The picture really showed, and then, like, changed his mind, and hastily presented on one of the channels. Smashed-smashed and suddenly the pointer on top of abruptly it all stopped. It is surprising that Wajda is not offended, he always knew how to divide people and the system. The KGB did not give him the work of his father, who died in the forests of Katyn.

The events in the film “Katyn” take place during the Second World war and tells of the shooting of Polish prisoners of war. For a long time the official version was that the incident in the hands of the Nazis. Archival and other research have confirmed a terrible guess: operation is performed by units of the NKVD. After the premiere of “Katyn” in Moscow met with Andrzej Wajda.

I can’t say that I didn’t have the intention to tell the story of his father, to recall the experiences of his mother. I made the first film on this subject, knowing full well that people need first of all information, the truth about what was really going on. Among Polish officers killed in Katyn, my father was. This was the impetus for the creation of the film. Mikhail Gorbachev in the Kremlin handed over to Polish authorities the documents confirming the fact that what happened in Katyn – a crime of the Soviet regime. Boris Yeltsin also provided some evidence of this. I really want to see material relating to my father to understand why he was killed. I have always separated Russian society from Stalinism and tried to be in my movie it sounded, in particular due to the role of the Soviet officer, played by Sergey Garmash. “Katyn” is not against people, but against the system that I will never be able to reconcile. I made this film in the end of his life, and that’s important. There is no anger and hatred.

At a festival of Polish films in Russia “Vistula” was visited by a French-Polish actor Andrzej Seweryn, known for his role as Julian Scherner in “Schindler’s List”. He has worked with Wajda and shared their memories with the browser “MK”:

One of the most unusual in my career was the role of women. I tried ever something like that to play, because all you are is a mystery. Andrzej Wajda has given me this opportunity. It was from him I first to play the female lead in the play put them in France. I also filmed it in several scenes – “Revenge”, “pan Tadeusz”, “Conductor”, “Danton”, “man of iron”, “Man of marble”. What do you say about this? The greatness of the woad lasts for years. How many prominent actors starred in it, and how much he so did. Actors, whom I met on the Playground, seemed to me by the gods.


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