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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

As the oligarch Kurchenko captures the last independent enterprise in the people’s Republic of Lugansk

Notorious oligarch Sergey Kurchenko firmly entrenched in the Luhansk people’s Republic, despite the fact that there has still not lifted the ban to work with the oligarch and its affiliated companies. He managed to establish control over key sectors of the economy of the LC. People Kurchenko already control the industries of energy, gas, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals. The work is organized almost perfectly. If you do not consider out-of-control adviser Carpentry — Dmitry Karaeva, who was shot and killed in Lugansk in March of this year. Media wrote about Kurchenko’s involvement in this murder. But is entirely controlled by the Carpenter, the Prosecutor’s office has not found a customer of this crime.

photo: youtube.com

Not so long ago in Lugansk was taken the decision on introduction of temporary administration (the documents are at the disposal of edition) to the Central enrichment plant (CEP) “Nagolchanskaya”, owned by Ivan Avramov. The solution was prepared Kurchenko not without the help of the Republican leadership, perhaps, of Mr. Carpenter. The significance of this object due to the fact that the factory is a key element for sales in Luhansk coal in the Rostov region, for the needs of the Novocherkassk GRES. The fact that the coal produced at the enterprises GP “Anthracite”, previously nationalised, to put it simply pressed Ivan Avramov, who until recently oversaw and TSOF “Nagolchanskaya” should be enriched in special plants such as “Nagolchanskaya”, and this thread should be enriched Sergei Kurchenko and his accomplices.

Capturing GP “Anthracite”, Kurchenko was appointed head of the back of a person — a member of the party “Fatherland” Alexander Ermakov, close to Yulia Tymoshenko. His son Nicholas Yermakov — the Prosecutor of Leninsky district of Lugansk, according to our sources, behind the scenes directs all the district attorney LC, a fervent ukrainophile, constantly makes anti-Russian statements, including during the primaries, which recently took place in the LC. And there are people in the Prosecutor’s office Carpentry very much.

It should be noted that the key factor for the introduction of external management at the enterprises in the Republic is “ownerless”. But not in the case of “Nagolchanskaya”. Despite the fact that 49% of the company belongs Ukraine, and Avramov — 51%, he was able to keep the staff and pay wages and benefits to miners until today. While our sources in Luhansk, it became known that the representatives of Abram repeatedly tried to meet with Carpenter to discuss the possibility of resuming the work of the enterprise. The relevant documents were handed over to the administration of the head of the Committee on taxes, the Council of Ministers, but Carpenter blocked the resolution of this issue in favor of the interests Kurchenko. The introduction of an interim administration, of course, not nationalization, but if you read the decision on introduction of external management, it becomes clear that the CEP “Nagolchanskaya” functionally subordinate to the company

GP “Anthracite”. It should be noted that, according to the legislation of the LC, a temporary administration may be introduced only by the public authority, in this case the Ministry of fuel and energy of the LC, and that the Ministry should submit to the company. And in our case the enterprise is subordinated to SE “Anthracite”, controlled by Ukrainian oligarch. The scheme has developed.

The amazing image of it in Lugansk oligarch Kurchenko manage to crank out such schemes which he is not allowed to organize in the neighboring Donetsk. How he managed to convince the leadership of the Republic — known only to him and Carpenter. Strong Union oligarch crook, support the leadership of the Republic and cover the Supervisory authority — the Prosecutor’s office allow the Bank to continue to loot the Lugansk earth. But corrupting virtually all his criminal ways, Kurchenko is not only causing huge material damage to the Republic, but as an influential representative of the Ukrainian political elite are able to combine their commercial interests with political interests of Kiev.


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