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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Wife Saakashvili beckons to the barricades

CEC still counts the votes in the parliamentary elections that took place the day before, but the picture is clear. The ex-President, the Governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili, despite not permissible as according to Georgian law and relations Tbilisi and Kiev intervention in the election campaign, could not take revenge after a crushing defeat 4 years ago, when came to power “the Georgian dream”.

If those elections “dreamers” ahead of the nationals by 14 percent (54:40), but now the gap is 23 (49 vs. 26). This is despite the fact that the “United national movement” has mobilized to the polls of the entire electorate (talking about 300 000 voters), and the ruling party, in General acknowledge, does not put pressure on supporters, leaving them the right of freedom of action.

“Due to the fact that Saakashvili grab your time abroad all loans, the external debt of Georgia today is 12.5 billion dollars”

“We were afraid to speak openly, to debate”

Speaking of freedom. It is not only the first word in a campaign the GM slogan (“Freedom, prosperity and rapid development”), but really the most important achievement of the current authorities, which liberated the country from physical and psychological oppression of the regime of Saakashvili.

“For all critical towards the “Georgian dream” who can forget, like meeting with friends or family, or by phone, we were afraid to speak openly, to debate, to discuss, recalls in a conversation with the newspaper LOOK the head of the NGO “Institute of development strategy of Georgia” Petre Mamradze. – Now the main challenge for the authorities should be the welfare and rapid economic development. Due to the fact that Saakashvili grab your time abroad all loans, the external debt of Georgia today is 12.5 billion dollars. It’s a lot!”.

“Of course, the situation with democracy is now better than under Saakashvili, – frankly admitted even in opposition to GM’s former speaker of Parliament Nino Burjanadze – No pressure on business, media, party. However, this is not enough. For example, there is no real independence of the judiciary and state institutions.”

The election is over, but polls… continue. The fact that Georgia has a mixed system of formation of Parliament. On party lists elected by 77 deputies, and in the single member constituencies – 73. By 49:26 in favor of GM is on the list. With regard to single-member districts almost everywhere of the leading representatives of the GM, but for the victory in the first round you can say, I admit opolska party Irakli Kobakhidze, about twenty of the 73.

That is still not clear whether GM will be able to form a government immediately after receiving the results of the election of the necessary 76 votes. The nationals hope that will not. “The result of the election that the Georgian dream has actually lost – she will not be able to form a government,” prophesies “national” Roman Gotsiridze, former President of Georgian national Bank.

“We will protect our votes!”

Saakashvili’s party is now concentrating on the protests and preparation for the second round. The first rally they held at the CEC on the night of 9 October. Standing in the Parliament Saakashvili’s wife Sandra Roelofs has accused the government of fraud and said the government “wants to revolution.”

“We will protect our votes!” – it appeals to the supporters. About the plans of Saakashvili and his party to withdraw its on the streets and make barricades in Georgia. Power is thus not only say that will protect the stability, but do not hide the offense of the Ukraine, where so freely behaves and makes ugly statements in relation to an internal process wanted at home for 4 articles of the criminal code (11 years) Ukrainian officials, ex-President of Georgia.

Speaking of fraud. And presidential elections in 2013 and local in 2014 the “Georgian dream”, for all observations conducted honestly. Similar is the situation now. After all, in those majority districts, whether the authorities have this will, could “a little help” its candidates.

According to the CEC, representatives of GM who will go to the second round, have 40 percent with a large “tail”, i.e. to 50 were just fine… But the GM did not cheat. And this causes good response.

In the new Parliament of Georgia, thus, there will be “dreamers” and UNM. It is not excluded that at the last moment the 5 percent barrier overcome the right-wing “Alliance of patriots”. Local observers complain that does not overcome the barrier of the traditionally Pro-Western Free Democrats and the Republican party. However, UM, memorable as a clear Pro-Western course, and rational approach to relations with Russia, confirms that it will continue such a course.

Responsible for external relations representative of the party Tamara Khulordava stated that “the policy of approximation to the standards of the EU and NATO will continue, it is firmly fixed and that’s our goal.” As for Russia, according to Holiday, “we have to be pragmatic, we are in talks on the economy, cultural relations. But the fact that 20 percent of our territory is occupied. There are red lines beyond which we will not zastoupil”.

Thus, it should be assumed that Georgia will continue to follow the external direction with the same dynamics and solving the same task – to lead itself to the standards of the EU and NATO, and waiting for an opportunity in the longer term, membership in this organization and to support pragmatic ties with its Northern neighbor.


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