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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“The time machine” ran halfway to the Beatles

The epigraph to this article about new life-affirming work of the “Time Machine” comes to mind fiery speech of the heroine of Vera Maretskaya from the 1939 film “the Member of the government”: “I stand before you, a simple Russian woman, husband beaten, priests frightening, enemies shooting, tenacious…”. With the exception of “women” and “husband” everything else in General to the point. Although if these definitions assume, for example, metaphors such thing as a “Russian poet” (instead of “Russian women”) and “state propaganda” (instead of “husband”), then all fit into a logical chain…

However, in spite of the stressful political situation, resulting and then in hatred and provocations in the address of the shrew Andrei Makarevich, thinking, and speaking not as “aggressive-obedient majority”, he, along with colleagues from their legendary “Time Machine” is, I think, in the most beautiful creative form. Another evidence of the new “conceptual” (as he emphasizes, Mr. Makarevich) the clip, which “MV” has been recently introduced to the General public. For its shooting, the musicians chose the song “Once” from the last record “YOU”. To summarize briefly, one of the main meanings proclaimed “conceptualization” that our Russian “the Beatles” took a swing at The Beatles present. “Isn’t it time we, my friends, to threaten on William, you know, Shakespeare.” said action hero Eugene Evstigneeva and this catch phrase could be another epigraph to the article.

Album “YOU” was published in may as a gift to fans of “MV” for 47 years of mutual loyalty, and “MK” then meticulously analyzed “the music book”. On the album worked the whole crowd, gathering selfie fans for the cover — there is a Pantheon. In mood, the work turned out, so to speak, in Pushkinskaya “Boldino”. That is pretty sad, gloomy, philosophical and lyrically nostalgic. But it was the song “One day”, created on the contrast in the major, was one of the bright spots on the album. It is not surprising that the band eventually chose her for the video: the track came out a deep, retrospective, and (Oh yeah!) conceptual. If it is the state of the music concentrate all the landmark history of “Machines” — in the arrangement, the melodic passages, the individual episodes we hear “references” (no quotes!) then to the “Sunny island”, then to “Turn” to “Until the candle burns”, etc. No, it’s not there samopovtorov Oldies (as is sometimes the case with the “dinosaurs” of genres), namely conscious retrospective allusions.

The video was both meditative and dynamic. Meditative — in slow motion, which is used throughout the clip. Controversial course, beginner to middle of view pretty annoying and angry, but — voila. First, the musicians are coming from the city yard, fit to black piano come together take it out of the gate, and then roll the tool on a pedestrian crossing. This solemn moment, of course, immediately pulls out from memory the cover of the famous “Belovskogo” album “Abbey Road”, and this Association, of course, everything was designed. However, if the fab four happily moved the whole transfer (obviously from a frozen photo image), our rock legends, togas and pyzhas dragged the piano to the middle of the Zebra threw him on a double solid with the lid open and, like naughty schoolchildren, quickly ran back. The tool — metaphor of the music of eternity, and the last gesture was probably intended to show the rebellious nature of rock ‘ n ‘ roll, crossing any dividing line. In General, conceptualisa conceptuality…

There has not been without irony conflict with art — the way artists wet watering machine (blows of fate), but the rockers boldly took a water hit, grouped in a mighty heap, what saved the piano from the treacherous streams. At this point, it should be noted that the viewer sees exaggerated naturalistic picture, in which the face of Andrey Makarevich distorted grimace of horror, eyes vyputyvayutsya so that Philip nervously smokes. This frame could be in any psychological Thriller-horror…

From rock stars who have reached old age, there are in General two choices — either to become a walking exhibition of achievements of plastic surgery (for example as the leader of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler), either accept yourself for who you are, and to look as natural as possible, like “rolling stones” Mick Jagger or Keith Richards. Apparently, Andrei Makarevich and closer To the second path, and the guys are not ashamed of their wrinkles in close-up. The important thing is that they are ready to show the audience not only yourself, loved ones, but also to the enduring musical and poetic talent for which devoted fans will probably forgive even the most frightening naturalism.


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