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Monday, February 26, 2018

The assassination of Donald trump

Donald trump has found his “Monica”. And, unlike her husband, Hillary Clinton, whose political career was shaken, but not destroyed because of the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky, “old Donald”, most likely, was less lucky.

From the point of view of Russian and not only Russian observer, “sex scandal” in the center of which turned out to be Donald trump, not worth a damn. Published on Friday the newspaper “Washington Post” film of 2005, the Republican presidential candidate talks about women in the style of Horny teenagers in a school toilet. In the video, the billionaire said that he allows himself to molest women because it is “star”. “I just start to kiss them. I did not expect. And when you’re a star, they can do it. You can do everything”. As, no doubt truthfully, said he Donald trump: “ bill Clinton during a game of Golf, told me of much worse things – things that were not around”.

However, the American political struggle has its own logic. Logic that has very little to do with fairness, honesty and common sense. And, from the point of view of this logic, the Republican presidential candidate in very serious danger. I doubt that trump will be forced to withdraw his candidacy from the election. Such precedents in American political history was not simple. The only thing that comes to mind in this respect are the events of 1972, when democratic Senator Thomas Eagleton was forced to withdraw from the status of an official candidate of his party for Vice-President.

But Eagleton and the occasion was more significant: the public found out about it associated with psychological problems, hospitalizations. And position smaller the candidate for Vice-presidents is still not a candidate. No, the chances of trump to stay in the rank of the official candidate, very serious. But his chance of winning the election dramatically shrunk. Supporters of Hillary Clinton very accurately chose the time for application rashaydeh impact. Before the November presidential election left nothing at all. The Republican candidate in the leaders of the US, there is simply no time in order to get back to his feet.

Let us, however, to the question of why Donald trump should be considered “knocked down”. The only thing trump can be blamed after listening to his “sex tape” is vulgarity, cynicism and pronounced passion for the weaker sex. I guess vulgarity and cynicism there is absolutely nothing good. But is this “ crime” a crime without the quotes?

We are all human, we are all human. And best of all the true famous Hillary Clinton – the same Hillary who in his Twitter so I commented on the “ crime” of Donald trump: “ It’s horrifying. We can’t allow this man to become President.” Sounds like blatant hypocrisy? Hypocrisy is, in fact, is. And please don’t take this as a criticism of Hillary Clinton. Hillary acts absolutely according to the rules – rules that consist of only two paragraphs. The first point: a hypocrite, a hypocrite, and a hypocrite again. Item the second: everything is possible, we can’t be caught.

You think I exaggerate? If Yes, then you a brief insight into modern American political history. Who gained four victories in the presidential election, Franklin Delano Roosevelt died with his mistress on his knees. Account of the passions of President John F. Kennedy in the hundreds. One of those ladies was suspected of having links with the intelligence service of the GDR. The other part was the famous mistress of Chicago mafia boss Sam Giancana. Changer Kennedy Lyndon Johnson was also a great lover of women. Yet Johnson was a “sweet habit” to strip naked in front of strangers – no matter men or women.

Why all leaders are not caught, and bill Clinton fell for Monica, and tramp – bawdy film? The answer I formulated thus: because in modern America there are no more long-term Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover was running the FBI from 1924 to 1972 and amassed during this time huge mass of dirt on politicians from both parties. The last President who could remove Hoover painless for yourself, was died in 1945, Roosevelt. For the rest, he was already untouchable. Hoover de facto had a nationwide monopoly on the use of incriminating evidence and was therefore for any large policy at the same time a threat and a defender.

In 1972, this monopoly has ceased to exist: Hoover died. And two years later defeated in two presidential elections in a row the Democrats have made “ asymmetrical revenge: managed to dig up enough dirt on Nixon and forced him to resign. Yes, Nixon had destroyed the incriminating evidence had no relationship to the sex, were of a purely political nature. But it still marked the beginning of a new trend – the public use of compromising has become a very effective method of political struggle.

During the reign of democratic President Jimmy Carter “sporting” has already begun the Republicans. The President himself, however, never found anything on that. But the head of the presidential administration Hamilton Jordan was the victim of a series of scandalous accusations. Like Jordan said, looking at the reception on the lush neckline of the wife of the Egyptian Ambassador, he said loudly: “ I always wanted to see the pyramids!” No evidence that this episode took place, no. But the constant repetition of this story have caused considerable harm to the Carter administration.

A lot – but not as huge as another accusation against Jordan, saying that the head of the presidential office was a regular at the famous new York disco “Studio 54”, snorted cocaine and there was promiscuity with “suspect women.” And again the evidence is not found. But Republicans succeeded: Carter failed to get re-elected for a new term.

The next time the Democrats stay in power under bill Clinton, Republicans once again have aggressively applied the same strategy. The benefit of spouse Hillary Clinton gave good reasons for ribald accusations against him. The rest of the world wondered why quite a banal story of Monica almost led to such consequences as the removal of the President from power?

Here is my explanation: in the initial period of his second term bill Clinton failed almost on all fronts politically to beat the Republicans. So they dug into his personal life. From the beginning, the story of Monica swelled almost exclusively by the efforts of Republicans. Who took bill Clinton into circulation “ special independent Prosecutor” Kenneth Starr was the Republican President H. W. Bush as the Deputy Minister of justice. Recorded phone recognition Monica about her relationship with the President of the “friend” Lewinsky, too, was a hot fan of Bush…

The current scandal with trump is a kind of “otvetka” Democrats for Monica. Hillary failed to beat trump politically: the Republican candidate, which initially looked like a clown, managed if not to overtake, to catch up with Clinton. And then the democratic newspaper the Washington Post initially supported Clinton against trump decided to hit the Republicans their weapon of choice. “Misconduct”, which made a trump void. But raised the hype around it turned trump into a completely unelected figure – in candidate for whom to vote is a shame.

The only hope Donald trump is that ultimately saved his presidential career of bill Clinton. The Republicans are so overdone with fiery denunciations in his address, that poor bill began to arouse the American public’s sympathy, she began to seem the victim of a political vendetta. But the emergence of this psychological effect takes time. And the tramp it is not. After almost two decades the couple Clinton managed to take revenge on their political rivals for Monica – revenge is beautiful and very effective. Physically Donald trump is alive and well. But in political terms it can be considered almost dead.


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