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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Patriotic family out of Peter seven years lives in the mode of “import substitution”

The state now often talks about the need for and success of import substitution. But acknowledges that not all areas possible. No less interesting to look at this process from the other side — from the perspective of the buyer, the person who every day in the store makes the choice between the own and the foreign. The correspondent of “MK in St. Petersburg” recently met the family of Petersburgers Soloviev, who seven years ago embarked on the path of import substitution. About how Patriotic you need to go shopping, to do without Turkish cherry and Italian shoes, told us Tamara Solovyova.

photo: flickr.com

In search of a new chain for the dog they went to a couple of large stores and found a solid import.

“Yes, we are patriots”

— First, tell us about your family. How many people have been involved in this consumer patriotism?

Our family of five: my husband and I and three children from ten to six years. Living in the suburbs of Petersburg, a country house, where at the time moved out of the city. Now this change of residence is gaining popularity, but still sometimes friends do round eyes: “How is it you can not live in the apartment?” I work full time, husband is at home (village home requires a strong hands, not afraid to hammer a nail, to breed the wiring, dig a well and put the stove pipe), children, in his spare time photojournalism and public Affairs. I would say that our family is not afraid of complications or violations of generally accepted traditions that seem to be wrong. And Yes, we are patriots. Not in the sense which is usually put in a word lately. But I cherish the land of my ancestors, and I care about destiny, I’m not afraid of these words, the Russian people. I want us to move progress, flew into space, provide itself with all necessary and not only necessary.

Why did you only buy local?

I will specify at once: we decided to buy not only Russian. Ukraine and Belarus also came to the “white list” because I hope that someday we will be with them again one. But in any case the priority is given to Russian goods.

— How long you live?

— Six or seven years. It must have started when I read in the news about the Chinese expansion in the far East, the closure of another Russian factory. And then I thought: “how do they, in fact, this ability to replace our production, our jobs, occupy our territory? Who them this opportunity gave? But I have all the equipment, all the clothes, from underwear to jacket, all tools and materials, almost all the furniture is imported. Recently, the repair was done by a team from Tajikistan. And the opportunity to replace our production all of them I gave myself.” That’s when I decided that I will no longer do it, and start your little crusade.

The Soviet design is still in fashion

— How strictly you adhere to their rules? Can you make an exception for the import of delicacy?

It is important to me not the origin of the brand, namely the place of production. We have a microwave a foreign company, but production in Belarus. Products try to buy fresh and healthy, and they are usually of local production. If you have a choice, we can say that the cherries will take Krasnodar and the Crimean. In the absence of RussianUkrainian or Serbian. If the fruit brought to choose from Turkey, Tajikistan and Morocco, then go to another store. In General, foods strict rules to abide by it. But for other products there are exceptions. First of all it concerns things you really need to. For example, several years ago, we went with the kids to the pool and forgot the bag. I had to buy in place of the Chinese caps, jeans, sneakers. To miss class because of this, we did not. Also with the exception of traditional national products. For example, the Chinese rice noodles or dried seaweed — the husband loves them. We consider them to be imported delicacies.

Occasions when I was not satisfied with the quality of Russian goods, don’t remember. If we talk about the food, poor quality I just will not buy, since the selection is still there. If the matter is about the manufactured goods, I usually love already from the fact that such a product exists. It was a joke, but with a fair amount of truth. Almost always the product of Russian production has a fair value “price–quality”, otherwise it just will not come to the counter.

— In what areas are no problem with Russian products and where it is necessary to look?

Are you OK with food and household cleaning products. Clothes and shoes sometimes you have to look, but now I know where. Books, stationery, building materials is also more or less covered by a domestic manufacturer. The biggest difficulty with electronics. Digital technology seem to be produced mainly in China. It is impossible to find an ordinary USB flash drive for non-Chinese origin. For this reason we can not update the home computer. Bought just the video card very much like a couple of new games to install.

— Sometimes, looking for something Patriotic unexpectedly delayed?

— The most epic adventure was the search for sneakers. I went to literally all the sports shops in the city, took out all the sellers. Spent in search of a few months. It was already desperate when the husband suddenly remembered and because we had Russian factory for the production of sports shoes! It turned out that it still exists and produces products, although you can buy their shoes only in three places. We went to the store and purchased several pairs for my husband and me. Now I want to buy new shoes and not old still intact, and they for several years. Shoes nesnashivaemaya. The style, as far as I can judge by what I see on the streets, they are fashionable and relevant (despite the fact that models have been developed, it seems, in the Soviet Union). I went in these sneakers to the States and to me on the street several times approached girls asking where I bought them! And cost peanuts.

And now we are in search of a new chain for the dog. Went to a couple of large stores — surprise! solid import. It will be necessary in other trusted places to look.

The sellers do not believe in Russia

— You are not difficult to adhere to this patriotism?

— It’s hard, and time is, undoubtedly, a lot of requires. But there are positive moments: for example, significant savings on casual purchases. I do not take everything that catches the eye. Still easier for me to choose from several about the same goods, while domestic almost always be of higher quality. And most importantly, you can save.

— And how at you the sellers respond?

They, unfortunately, often do not know what they have on the shelves. There were cases when they showed them the label “Made in Russia”, and I began to prove that is still imported: “In Russia, probably just a warehouse.”


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