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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Evgeny Evstigneev 90 years old

24 as there is on this earth Eugene Evstigneeva and the audience and, most importantly, his colleagues agree on one thing — such as it is, was not, and never will be. Yes, he is a great actor and even great, what among the departed a lot. But Evstigneev… despite the fact that great, he is still something special. And this peculiarity is still difficult to comprehend. Tomorrow this wonderful Wizard would have turned 90. “MK” is a photo album of his life.

Photo from the archive of the theater “Contemporary”.

Eugene Yevstigneev — the oldest on the course at the School-Studio MXAT. And the most experienced: have worked at the plant technician, studied at drama school in Nizhny Novgorod, has already appeared on the scene at St. Vladimir’s theatre, where for two years he played seven roles, and not very important. Without musical education, but a great guitarist, maybe the piano issue, pounding on a drum set. All this gives him the right to feel superior to inexperienced classmates, boys and girls from a good Moscow family. One of them, Galya Volchek, the daughter of famous cameraman Boris Volchek, he made a lasting impression: first, the dude in the provincial wide as hers, a purple suit, artistically Smoking “white sea”. “Treat?” — bazovica he asks her. And then some nastasescu, although it is very closed. Both still do not realize that in a few years will become spouses.

Photo from the archive of the theater “Contemporary”.

On the way to the registry office he will buy himself and wife-to-be Popsicle, and in this flippant view of a couple appears on the doorstep of the district Registrar. Registration mark together in the entrance, swallowing turns of vodka from quarters that Jack in advance of buy. Not fun to drink in the entrance, and poverty — in the yard in the second half of the 50s, in the fellowship of the future the artist will not clear, and besides, her family will not approve of this marriage. The couple first son is born, a boy called Deniska.

Photo from the archive of the theater “Contemporary”.

“Contemporary” — first Studio, organized by actor and teacher of School Studio of the Moscow art theatre Oleg Efremov from the set of the mid-50s. And then — popular theatre, in which is in love with the whole of Moscow. Evstigneev here No. 1. Organics — beyond, say, “like a cat”. And he and akin to plastic cat — soft, like smooth, nothing harsh, noisy, fast. The voice is soft on bottoms, downright envelops impressionable young women. Role? Can play everything from Comedy to drama, from episode to big role.

photo: From personal archive
The play “the lower depths”.

Here he is the king of the acclaimed 1960 play “the Naked king”. Cruel satire on power, the personification of her is the hero Evstigneeva. But the charm of it is that not to fall in love with this Wren is simply impossible. Even the stupidity of his Majesty’s devilishly attractive. Next to one of the ladies — his wife Galina Volchek. She hasn’t started directing career in which a spouse will be given a special place. After the “King” he woke up famous. But, unfortunately, Moscow did not appreciate him Abram Schwartz of “Matrosskaya Tishina” — the play after the first run banned.

And here Satin in “the lower depths” directed by Galina Volchek. Gorky’s flophouse stretches across the scene is three storeys with two flights of stairs in the middle.

— Work. You make the job for me was a pleasure.

Satin performed by Evstigneeva unusual at all — this dude from the projects is not even a hint of seriousness inherent in his famous monologue about man, that sounds good. Bohemian bum with a graceful, fascinating plasticity, artistic encumbering the earth. Jerk, a rogue not a hero, in short. But when he softly bit his lip, saying: “Truth is God’s free man,” as the monologue becomes so organic that Gorky grandiloquence, perhaps for the first time breaks through to tears. And as Satin playing cards! It’s a virtuosic circus trick. The dance of his hands — the perfect study for students on the subject “work with objects”.

photo: From personal archive
With his son Denis.

A movie? Here is a scattering of roles that are forever etched in my memory regardless of their size. Director of Amateur folk theater in the Comedy Eldar Ryazanov’s “Beware of the car”, by the way, is also mentioned by the authors somehow, Yevgeny Alexandrovich.

And if we do not wipe, my friends, William Shakespeare. he asks the hapless thief Detochkina and responsible investigator Podberezovik. Bald, brisk, apparently, a small theatrical flight of a bird, but with a rich sporting past. However, the characteristics of a hero no matter — the role of the third plan, is not inferior to the chief.

photo: From personal archive
The play “the Naked king”.

Or master pop Stepan, Alexei Ivanovich Beglov from the musical drama of Karen Shakhnazarov 1985 “Winter evening in Gagra.” Remember this:

Once a bee on a warm day in spring,

Your bee left the swarm,

Flew flowers to look for

And to collect nectar…

It only delays the old French song, and in the frame ready atmosphere — as the Foundation for the house. Simple, elegant… Evstigneeva it’s like a step, like jazz. And then — drama, personal, subtly inscribed in a jazz square.

“Old men-robbers” in pair with Yuri Nikulin — two great artist whose art is simple and clear… and dangerous: it is treacherously showing the falsity of someone else’s game.

Photo from the archive of the theater “Contemporary”.

Recent work in film — Professor of Transfiguration in the film by Vladimir Bortko “the heart of a Dog”. And the last role in the theater — here it happens only on a: the firs in “the Cherry orchard” in the Theater of Anton Chekhov. Firs forgot the manor house. Evstigneeva should not be forgotten. In Nizhny Novgorod it is a bronze monument, in the same school bears his name and the festival theatre has an award named Evstigneeva. Moreover, in two Russian cities citizens walk the streets named Eugene Evstigneeva in Belarusian Vitebsk and the Hype that in the Kurgan region.

photo: From personal archive
Recital (1969).

Evstigneev music. What? Definitely — jazz with a Blues base, with a virtuoso improvisation… To it so unobtrusively, without strain, without many words, told us Evgeny. And we, as horoshist and honors, learned happily and easily, wanting to listen and listen Evstigneeva on this tune. It was a good grafting from the arrogant manners to take the viewer from the false heroics, which becomes very annoying. Nothing, nothing, having the vaccine now just able to distinguish the real from the phony.


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