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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Donald trump got burned out on women

Republicans are ready to find a replacement for Donald Trump, whose comments about women provoked in the United States an unprecedented scandal. The party members require trump to voluntarily withdraw from the presidential race, but he promises to go to the end and began to rehash Hillary Clinton. Experts believe that trump is doomed to failure, and replace it with another meaningless candidate for one important reason.

The Republican party of the United States to discuss the possibility to replace billionaire Donald trump on another candidate before the upcoming November 8th presidential election. According to U.S. media reports, the national Committee of the Republican party (NCRP) intends to change its strategy, as stated by the Chairman NCRP Raines, Paribas, who believes that trump’s harsh criticism from his fellow party members had buried his chances of winning.

“His statement caused a huge outcry in the United States. It is clear that trump has no chance”

“Just kissing. Do not even wait”

According to TASS, the party lawyers argue that NCC can not unilaterally make the decision to change the candidate, so trump “can be replaced only if he himself will leave or die.” Now the ballots are printed, and in some States started early voting (for example, current President Barack Obama voted on this week).

The scandal of the trump provoked, the Washington Post, which published an archived recording of 2005. It is heard trump in an interview with us leading Billy Bush (shortly before the filming of the episode of the soap Opera “Days of our lives”, where trump played a small role) allows a number of vulgar and sexist statements against women. Trump openly talks about trying to molest a woman. “I tried to fuck her. She was married,” admitted trump, claiming that “very much” molested this woman, but he “left nothing”.

From the words of billionaire, it follows that he literally loses his head at the sight of attractive women. “I was automatically drawn to the beautiful. I just begin to kiss. It’s like a magnet. Just to kiss. Do not even wait… When you’re a star, they allow it to you. You can do whatever you want,” he explained, speaking about how women have enough hands for the crotch.

On trump’s criticism struck both Democrats and Republicans. The billionaire did not deny the authenticity of the recording, and apologized. Publication record he called a “distraction” from the problems facing the United States. “It was a private conversation that happened many years ago – reminded trump. – I apologize if anyone was offended”.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he promised to continue the fight. “The chances that I’ll be out there,” said the Republican, adding that “enjoys incredible support.”

At the same time he decided to attack the opponent. To this end, the trump recalled the rape charges, addressed to ex-President bill Clinton. Trump retweeted two records Juanita Broderick who claimed that Clinton raped her in 1978. In these records Brodrick claims that his wife Hillary Clinton threatened her after the rape. Brodrick charges against the Clintons was not considered by the investigators and the court.

According to a recent sipros of Rasmussen Reports, trump is ahead of his opponent, the representative of Democrats former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton by 2 percentage points. In support of the Republican spoke 43% of the respondents, the democratic candidate was supported by 41% of respondents. However, the survey was conducted before the publication of the controversial record.

“I’m sick of it”

Clinton herself called trump’s words about women “horrendous”. “We can’t let this man become President,” Clinton said. And her partner, a candidate for the post of Vice-President Timothy Kane called the behavior of the Republican “simply outrageous.” “I’m sick of it,” admitted the Senator, adding that “absolutely surprised or shocked” by the act of a Republican.

A real blow for trump was the statement of an influential Senator, a Republican and one of the most ardent “hawks” John McCain, who withdrew his support for the tycoon. “The behavior of Donald trump this week, culminating in the publication of derogatory comments about women, his bragging of sexual violence – all this makes it impossible even conditional support of his candidacy,” said McCain, who in the past he fought for the presidency, but lost to Obama.

According to him, he and his wife Cindy will enter the Bulletin name, “any good conservative Republican, which is suitable for the presidency”. Writing arbitrary candidates on the ballot allowed by the rules of the American elections. McCain is important for trump Arizona, without which a Republican candidate would be very difficult to win the presidential election.

Calling for Trump to drop out of the race and asked former U.S. Secretary of state Condoleezza rice. “Enough! Donald trump should not be President. He should withdraw his candidacy. As a Republican, I hope to support someone who has the dignity and prospects to qualify for the highest office in the greatest democracy on Earth,” wrote rice on his page in Facebook.

A similar statement was made from the pages of Facebook and former Governor of California, actor and athlete-bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. “For the first time since I became a citizen in 1983, I’m not going to vote for the Republican candidate. As much as I was proud to be a Republican, for me, above all the title of American,” wrote Schwarzenegger.

In the same spirit spoke Republican senators Ben Sass, mark kirk, Jeff Flake, and the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan and former opponents trump in the primaries, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz.

“Trump has no chance”

Associate Professor of Department of applied political science of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, americanist Sergey kostyaev convinced that trump, who has positioned himself as an independent politician will not be removed from the race, but “lose 8 November, as more than half of voters are women.” “His statement caused a huge outcry in the United States. It is clear that trump has no chance,” said kostyaev the newspaper VIEW, Recalling that in a similar situation in the past were Republican MITT Romney, whose presidential campaign has ruined the record with his revelations to the Americans, half of whom, he argued, does not pay taxes.

The expert believes that Hillary Clinton can now safely reach the end of the election campaign and win. This will not prevent published by the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, the dirt from which it became known about its hard-hitting conversations with sponsors. “In the perception of public opinion says trump is more negative,” – said kostyaev.

Even if trump decides to withdraw from the race and the Republicans will put up another candidate, then he will not have enough time for promotion, because until the day of the vote remains less than a month. “Parties in the United States has no serious device, as in European countries, where parties are embedded in the political system. Each candidate creates their own election machine. The new candidate will simply not have time to build this car”, – concluded the expert.

We will add that on Sunday, CNN have made a selection of two dozen fragments of an interview trump for the last 17 years. They a billionaire, according to journalists, unflattering speaks about women. In the first two excerpts from conversations with journalists, the billionaire, in particular, supports the discussion about the figure of his daughter Ivanka. On the question of whether she did surgery for breast augmentation, trump replied that she was always “lush”, and called it “stunningly beautiful”.

While trump has not objected to the vulgar comments of the interlocutors in the address daughter. In addition, given trump’s words about the willingness to engage in romantic relationships with girls much younger than him, and other candid comments.

The others, trump talks about the details of his personal life with his wife Melania, says about adultery as a normal phenomenon or discusses the appearance of the women. In several interviews billionaire hints at the fact that had intimate relations with women participating in a donation competition. In some cases, it is not clear if trump was serious or joking.


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