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Friday, March 23, 2018

Brother for brother: National guard in Chechnya will command a relative of Kadyrov

The approval of the head of the state position on the National guard not only did not stop, but, perhaps, only intensified debate about the reasons that prompted the President to create a new power structure. But one version can now be safely discarded. No, Putin did not aim, as suggested by some, to bring the Chechen power structures under control of Ramzan Kadyrov. This clearly shows the fact that the head of Regardie at the CHR appointed a cousin of the head of Chechnya.

photo: youtube.com

Sharip Delimkhanov

The formation of the National guard of Russia is nearing completion. The presidential decree approved the regulations on new power structure, placed all points over “i” in terms of its tasks and powers. Well, almost all: what is “information warfare”, for example, it is not clear yet. Well, the last appointment of heads of territorial bodies answered the question of who will implement the presidential plan into practice. In the Chechen Republic, those responsible will take the matter Sharip Delimkhanov, who held before a post of the commander of the police regiment UVO MVD RF po CHR, more commonly known as the “oil regiment” — a division specialized in the protection of oil and gas facilities.

“His childhood and grew up trying years, when the boys a toy gun was replaced by the present, when military equipment is knowable, not the stories or pictures, and useful examples, when the rumble of artillery fire could be heard not from the TV screen, and on the neighbouring streets, — poetically tells the press service of the Chechen interior Ministry on important markers of life new appointee. — However, the first Chechen campaign did not break the Tender thirst for knowledge… He has arrived on historical faculty of the Chechen state University, who later graduated from”.

However, the main secret of administrative success of the professional historian is beyond the scope of his official biography. Sharip — the younger brother of Adam Delimkhanov, Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” and the closest ally of Ramzan Kadyrov. And everything else — a cousin of the head of Chechnya. The inexorable logic suggests that exactly the same of closely related ways is Ramzan and Tender. Not the last place in the structures of power and takes the average of the brothers Zelimkhanovich — Alibek. Until recently, he commanded the 141-th regiment of the internal troops named after Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov, and is now a student of the Academy of the General staff.

About what it means for the family Kadyrov, head of Chechnya openly said in an interview with writer Alexander Prokhanov seven years ago. Adam Delimkhanov was named in this “closest friend, closer than a brother.” And what’s more — “the man who could make me change.” Very high opinion of Ramzan and on the other cousins: “I would love all gave them Ministerial seats. But they say: “We do not want Ministerial seats. We are the warriors. That is, we follow you to the end.”

This is “where you go” scares many in Moscow today. Because the younger Delimkhanov — as well as other Chechens serving in the Russian power structures in the Czech Republic, is de jure not subordinated to Kadyrov. A de facto- swear allegiance to him. Not surprisingly, one of the most popular explanations of the reformatting of the interior Ministry with the release of a national guard under was attributed to Putin’s intention to “disarm” the head of Chechnya, — to deprive of leverage on local security forces. Well, or at least substantially reduce these levers.

But with the appointment of Sharip Delimkhanov this wise version crumbles to dust. Now it will be almost Mayakovsky: we say “the National guard in Chechnya,” — mean “Kadyrov”. However, it is worth remembering that the same fate befell all the other attempts to attribute to Putin a “growing dissatisfaction” Kadyrov. With each new victory of the hardware of the head of Chechnya, these permanent search for a “limit to the patience of the Kremlin” are becoming more comical.

By the way, the latest attempt to find the “red line” was made quite recently in connection with the attacks on Kadyrov and Kadyrov on Russian fighter, President of the MMA Union of Russia Fedor Emelyanenko, criticized the participation of children in games in the framework held in Grozny tournament on the mixed single combats. It ended like always: after some time how it associates verbal smear Emelianenko, who “stuck his neck out”, the Chechen leader generously gave the “hang up” to harassment. Federal center at the Orgy, as usual, did not respond.

It’s hard to say exactly when the head of Chechnya has occupied a special place in the political calculations of Vladimir Putin. But plausible is a theory according to which this occurred may 9, 2004 — the day when dressed for Protocol 27-year-old Ramzan for the first time crossed the threshold of the presidential Cabinet. The next day was appointed first Deputy Chairman of the government of the Czech Republic. Incidentally, according to some reports, Kadyrov Junior was first introduced in the Kremlin’s chamber by none other than current head of Regardie and then — head of the presidential security Service Victor Zolotov, the since become a friend and patron of Ramzan. If the information is correct, it explains a lot in recent events.


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