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Friday, March 16, 2018

USA see for yourself the unsubstantiated allegations about the “Russian hackers”

The story of the “Russian hackers” that are allegedly on the orders of the Kremlin hacking into the servers of American election headquarters and e-mail politicians have reached a new level – official. Once the accusations set out in the joint statement of US intelligence. And unsubstantiated fantasies that the Kremlin has called “nonsense” may become a pretext for a new anti-Russian sanctions.

“There’s some nonsense! On Putin’s website daily attacks tens of thousands of hackers. Many attacks are traced from the United States. We do not blame every time the White house or Langley,” said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the new accusation of the involvement of the Russian authorities to hacker attacks.

“Russia did not allow the development and implementation of American plans, which caused outrage, literally hysterical, the United States”

Unlike the current statements about the malicious actions of “Russian hackers” that we are talking about the official charges. The Ministry of homeland security and the office of the Director of national intelligence released a joint statement that began with the following statement: “the U.S. Intelligence community (USIC) believes that the Russian government has forwarded the recent hacking of emails of American citizens and institutions, including American political organizations”.

However, in the very next paragraph of the American counter-intelligence officers openly admitted: “However, we are currently not able to attribute this (hacking) activities of the government of the Russian Federation”. In other words, they also recognize the complete lack of evidence of their own statements. What DHS and intelligence explain their contradictory conclusions?

“Recent publications, as expected, the hacked e-mail account such as DCLeaks.com and WikiLeaks, and (activity) “online personas” Guccifer 2.0 are consistent with the methods and motivation of actions, guided by Russia”, – reads the statement of us security officials. It is easy to see that the “proposed agreement with the motivation” is extremely shaky justification for accusations against the Russian authorities.

Other arguments of American intelligence seem equally “convincing.” “We believe, based on the volume and sensitivity of these efforts, only the most senior officials of Russia to authorise this activity”, – said in a statement, DHS and national intelligence.

The white House does not shun dirty tricks

The evidence base for such serious accusations of the US against Russia in hacking attacks is totally absent, stated Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

“Again replicated is not the first week of allegations about our involvement in the disclosure of the correspondence of American citizens, attempts of hacking the servers, etc. came to speculation, though similar technology was previously used by Moscow “in Europe and Eurasia to exert influence on public opinion,” – said Ryabkov.

According to the Deputy head of the foreign Ministry, the evidence base is “the US administration is either not formed, or invented by those who are in Washington now performs an obvious political order, continuing to escalate to unprecedented anti-Russian hysteria,” – said a senior Russian diplomat.

“Whipping up emotions about “Russian hackers” is used in the USA during the election campaign, and the current Administration, participating in this struggle, does not shun dirty tricks. Our enemies continue their attempts to accuse Russia of meddling in the internal Affairs of States,” – said Ryabkov.

However, according to him, “thus completely turn a blind eye to massive, using the entire Arsenal of the media, interference in the American election campaign on the part of European politicians of a different calibre.”

“Against bad leaders”

However, the American counterintelligence shameful level of “reasoning” has not prevented members of Congress to call for the adoption of specific measures.

On Saturday it became known that the Chairman, Subcommittee U.S. Senate cybersecurity Cory Gardner said he intends to introduce a bill on sanctions against Russia. “The activities of Russian hackers”, thus, may be the third reason for the introduction of anti-Russian restrictions – after the sanctions for the “annexation of Crimea”, and are now discussing a punishment for Russia’s actions in Syria.

“I plan to introduce a bill that requires the administration to impose sanctions against the bad actors in Russia who are responsible for malicious activity in cyberspace,” announced Senator.

“Russian special services are trying to influence American elections”

Deputy Chairman of another profile Senate Committee on intelligence Dianne Feinstein supported the statement about the alleged Russian involvement in cyber attacks on the American electoral system. “Recognition by the administration that the Russian special services are trying to influence American elections and undermine public confidence, reflects the seriousness of this threat,” – said the Senator.

Feinstein once again mentioned the long-standing allegations that the “Russian hackers” allegedly involved in the hacking of the servers of the US Democratic party. We will remind that the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Russia has offered the United States to share data for investigation of possible hacking attacks on the servers of the democratic party, but received no response.

The threat of “Russian hackers”, it seems, has become one of the skates in the campaign of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The head of the election campaign, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta said on “involvement” of Russia to the hacking of his e-mails, excerpts of which were published on the eve of the WikiLeaks website.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has called absurd the statement of the US authorities about the connections of the organization with Russia. Hacker Guccifer 2.0, mentioned in a statement, DHS and office N. I. USA, also rejected ties with Russia.

Anyway, the congressmen after the exploration claim that they attributed to Russia hacker attack sanctioned “at the highest level”, and insist that Moscow “immediately put an end to these activities.”

“There is a desire to switch the attention of the American voter”

The appearance of the statements of DHS and office of Director of national intelligence, said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW political scientist-americanist Victor Olevich. “First, this is a serious irritation of Washington about the failure of his middle East policy, the failure of the American and overall Western plan to resolve the Syrian crisis through the overthrow of the government of Bashar al-Assad, says the source. – Russia did not allow the development and implementation of these plans, which have caused deep resentment, hysteria at the literally the United States.”

The second reason, according to experts – “this desire to play along with the electoral campaign of Hillary Clinton, who has consistently argued that the leaks and hackers is Russia or close to Russia of the group of cyberlandia”. “Now, when WikiLeaks makes all new and new documents, conducts more and new revelations – including, as now, related to the correspondence of the head of the election campaign, Hillary Clinton, John Podestà – there is a desire to shift the attention of American voters from the contents of this email correspondence on the alleged involvement of Russia or Russian hackers to break-in this correspondence,” notes Olevich.

There is a desire to shift attention from the corruption inherent in campaign of Clinton, a couple of the Clintons and the Democratic party leadership; attempts to falsify the results of certain primaries, with corruption scandals involving family Foundation The Clinton Foundation, with scandals that have “tails” back in the 1980-90-ies, etc., – adds the expert. “Instead, the agenda of the thrown claims about the alleged Russian interference in the American presidential race,” – emphasizes Olevich. Despite the fact that as already noted, no evidence is given.


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