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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Russian s-300 covered the sky of Syria from American cruise missiles

The intrigue, the sudden appearance in Syria, additional Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes were resolved. As officially stated by the Russian foreign Ministry, this is done to prevent the attacks of us cruise missiles at Syrian airfields. The political significance of this gesture is really great. However, as far as s-300 and s-400 would be effective from a purely military point of view?

Russia took a decision to deploy s-300 in Syria after leaks of information about US intentions to bomb cruise missiles Syrian airfields, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

“We are not talking about making radical way to make our base in Syria invulnerable, and to prevent accidents, to reduce the likelihood of provocations”

“First, the s-400 there a long time, and somehow it all attitude is normal, nobody said it show. The C-300 there after went down the drain from close to the US establishment experts, who had probably groundless, that can bomb cruise missiles Syrian airfields,” – said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in an interview with TV channel “Rain”, reports TASS.

“Given that there is our technique, there is performed the operation of VCS, no one knows where the rocket will fly, she said. – It was perfect for a complex With-300”.

On Thursday, the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov recalled “American “strategists” that the air cover of the Russian military bases in Hamima and Tartus is anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 and s-300, the radius of which may be surprising for any unidentified flying objects”

He noted that Russian air defense system able to provide security bases in Syria. Hopes that the aircraft”invisible” to evade the action of s-300, Konashenkov called “illusions Amateurs.”

Thus, the political significance of the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems in Syria is obvious, but what is the direct military significance of this event? Especially if we assume that the s-300 and s-400 would not work on a group of cruise missiles, and to reflect the full missile and bomb strikes on the part of large air groups?

“I do not think that the perceived enemy has kamikaze”

Deputy air force commander at the joint air defense system of the CIS countries the General-Lieutenant Aitech Bizhev noted that in the first place the efficiency of the SAM depends on the available supply of missiles.

“Usually a regular supply of missiles from s-300 and s-400 is three of ammunition. That is a lot, considering the highest probability of destruction of targets with the first hit. From the experience of local wars it is known that when a massive air strike destruction of 20% of enemy aircraft in the first strike stops any fighting. I don’t think that in aviation, our perceived enemy has a squadron of bombers,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

In order to suppress the Russian air defense system in Syria, according to Bijeva, you need to conduct a range of activities, given a standing radar field, through which no aircraft can not appear to remove unnoticed.

“Seen any object located at a distance of 600-700 km from the airport. If you experience any of the aircraft in this field of anti-aircraft missile battalions are in readiness number one, it’s not just SAM, but also guarding their missile and gun complexes “Carapace”, – said the General-the Lieutenant Bijev. According to the interlocutor, unidentified targets flying in the direction of the airfield Hamim will be destroyed when you log on to the affected area.

“For each goal according to standards provided by two missiles, but one is usually enough – emphasizes Bijev. – Our air defense system capable of destroying any air target moving at any speed, in spite of all opposition and interference. The affected area of our defense is about 400 km.”

In addition, Bijev recalls that posted in Syria the s-300 BM2 is designed just to destroy cruise missiles. “Usually, as we know, the aircraft of the alleged enemy prefers to carry out a massive launch of missiles, without entering the zone of defense in order to organize the corridors of stairs, breaking through the gap in air defense. Here to counter such an attack and designed s-300 BM2”, – said the expert, fully confirmed, so the words of the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

In addition, according to Bijeva, our aircraft also will stand at the airport and wait, it will rise into the air and disperse to repel plaque. Our experts helped to recover the Syrian air defense system, and they will also take part in repelling the blow. “I don’t envy those who turn up there”, concluded Lieutenant General.

“The main problem is the amount of ammunition”

“The task of destruction of the base can be solved by air major power. In Syria, there are three forces: Turkey, Israel, US”

In turn, the expert of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Sergei Deniance urged not to build illusions about the presence in Syria of s-300 and s-400. According to him, any air defense system disabling: the ammunition is over, and the radar can be suppressed.

“The main problem is the amount of ammunition. To bring complexes out of action, it is necessary to conduct a full operation, it will not be blamed on inadvertently flown into the area hitting them with the plane. These systems are provided to avoid such accidents. A large-scale offensive operation cannot be attributed to coincidence,” said Denisenco the newspaper VIEW.

Hypothetically, he said, to destroy the Russian air defense systems in Syria will require no less than a squadron of aircraft and more than 10 rockets intended for destruction of air defense systems. “In any case, we are talking about major surgery,” he said.

The expert explained that the presence of Russian air defense allows you to control the air space. Previously, Russia has repeatedly been accused of air strikes on civilian targets. Now you can provide data that can prove the innocence of Russia to a particular incident.

“We are not talking about making radical way to make our base in Syria invincible. Talking about how to prevent accidents, to reduce the likelihood of provocations. A hypothetical problem of a potential enemy (the destruction of the Russian base) can be solved air operation of any big powers. In Syria, there are three forces: Turkey, Israel, United States,” concluded Deniance.

There is no reason for either panic or complacency

Denicotea colleague at the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies, Maxim Shapovalenko said that the potential placed in Syria of the complexes depends on many factors, starting with the quantity of installations and ammunition to them, as well as modifications of the missiles. The same C-400 can use at least three modifications.

“Battery with a squadron of fix… But we don’t know what there will be outfit of forces and means. Even a single aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean is not yet visible. That’s when they bring out the carrier, then we can think of. But nobody can tell you what we have there missiles – long-range or ultra-long action,” said Shapovalenko the newspaper VIEW. He stressed that in terms of air defense, Russia has always been traditionally strong.

“In terms of defense I have no doubt. Even a primitive system s-75 in the Vietnam war and cope with a much larger number of aircraft,” – said the source. In Syria and “Buki” is, and this is a very serious system, the expert added.

“We don’t really know what powers the coalition headed by the United States is able to expose – said Shapovalenko. Who signs up to participate in these hypothetical air strikes and subscribe? Reason to panic is not, but for the jump too. Balancing on the brink of war. The situation is similar to the one that was in the 83rd year when we also had a very serious escalation… If the Americans dare repeat the Vietnam, get Vietnam. In Vietnam, where they used primitive defense systems, they suffered very serious losses”.


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