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Friday, February 23, 2018

Why Russia to return military bases in Vietnam and Cuba

Is Russia planning to return to their military bases in Cam Ranh (Vietnam) and Lourdes (Cuba) that were closed in 2002? This question has stirred up on Friday in the public interest. And the occasion was a speech in the state Duma, Deputy defense Minister of Russia Nikolay Pankov, where he is, answering the question about possible return of military bases in countries such as Cuba and Vietnam, said: “Now we are rethinking those decisions that once were taken. As for our presence on the distant approaches, we are engaged in this work”.

photo: pixabay.com

A number of experts immediately hastened to declare about the return of Russian troops in Cam Ranh and Lourdas almost as long ago resolved the question. However, dare to clarify the responses of the Deputy Minister of defence no exact wording about the final decision on this matter was available. He said as much as said.

I will remind: the Russian electronic surveillance center in Lourdes – and the only one in the Western hemisphere – began work in Cuba in 1967 year. It was only 250 kilometers from the coast of the United States and allowed to control radio and telephone communication in most parts of this state, according to some information, through this channel, Russia received 75 percent of all the information about the United States.

In Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam was a naval base of the Navy. In may 2002, the last Russian soldier left Cam Ranh Bay. But in November 2013 during Russian-Vietnamese talks between the presidents of both countries signed an agreement to establish a joint base for the maintenance and repair of submarines in Cam Ranh Bay.

Both of these objects at the time (mostly Soviet) had a great military importance for our country. And because of disputes over their return had not abated in the military-political and expert circles. However, until now consensus on this issue. Some believe that we passed their position and urgently need to catch up. Others claim that in the modern world much has changed, including the methods of warfare, means of delivery of weapons and therefore the military base, which was very important for us, are now only a serious burden for the budget of the country.

And another view has a right to exist. But keep in mind that the main argument in making the decision “for” or “against” on this issue, it is still the political situation at the moment in the world.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia gave up all their bases in foreign countries. And not only for economic reasons. I recall that after the terrorist attacks in Washington September 11, 2001, Vladimir Putin was the first to call President Bush, and expressed condolences to the American people. Russia’s reaction to this tragedy was emotional, sincere and very decent. In fact, Moscow and Washington over the past half century for the first time have a common enemy – international terrorism, in struggle against which our country was like during world war II, the allies again.

It was then as a goodwill gesture, Moscow shut down its military bases in Vietnam and Cuba. But the reply of Washington was not the fact that Moscow expected: December 13, 2001, President Bush announced the U.S. intention to withdraw from the ABM Treaty of 1972. This is due to the fact that, since Russia and the U.S. now are no longer enemies, and treaties on arms control between them is no longer needed.

In Russia already understood perfectly that in fact this decision is aimed solely at the consolidation of the global dominance of the United States who are justifying all your steps in the military sphere, the fight against terrorism, have now the opportunity to deploy its military bases around the world. Then for the first time in the world’s media began to appear the rumors that Russia is going to regain a number of lost bases, including Cam Ranh and Lourdas. Rumors periodically reinforced and real information.

Currently part of the base functioning as Cam Ranh international airport, but in may 2016, the Vietnam Ambassador to Russia Nguyen Thanh Sean said that Hanoi was not against the return of Russian forces on a military base. And before that, in 2014, wrote that during President Putin’s visit to Cuba the parties have reached agreement on the restoration of the base at Lourdes, but later the Russian President has denied this information.

Moreover, the question of creation of new Russian military bases on a permanent basis, initially was not even in the context of Syria. A year ago, speaking at the traditional annual press conference, Vladimir Putin, in particular, questioned the need for accommodation on a permanent basis of Russian troops in Syria. He then said that due to modern weapons, our country and so can “get” anyone, anywhere (today because of the U.S. position in the region, all doubts have disappeared – the Russian base in Syria).

But why did the United States, having in your Arsenal no less sophisticated weapons than the Russian, in no hurry to reduce its military presence in the world? According to experts, the United States in recent times was owned and rented for temporary use of bases in 130 countries.

To answer this question, we need to understand the main thing: as an object in a specific region of the country considers its military base. According to conservative estimates, about 75% of the foreign bases around the globe — this is a form of colonization of the world by introducing the power and military power into enemy territory.

Moreover, the American military came up with for their foreign bases metaphorical definition — our imprint in the world. Applying a clear, confident “fingerprints” on the world map became for US one of the ways of their advancement (primarily economic) and the allegations in the new territories.

Russia, like the US, also considered its military bases as an instrument of power of the state, but were always ready to defend not only their interests, but the interests of the allies. Military bases was a deterrent for enemies of the state and an additional trump card in the geopolitical game. Military presence on the territory of another state gave stability to the territory. A good example is the Russian base in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia – the countries belonging to the Organization of the collective security Treaty (CSTO).

Thus, it should be borne in mind that the creation of permanent military bases in any country is a question not only of politics, but Economics, and therefore he will not be relegated solely to the military. In addition, there are other options for military expansion in the world acceptable for our country. For example, to allow simplified entry of ships of the Russian Navy in other States. Such agreements have already been signed with several countries, including Nicaragua and Equatorial Guinea.

Based on the above, we can conclude that the question of where to be and where not to have bases, military-political leadership of Russia will be flexible, based on national interests and the military-political situation in the world. It is difficult to predict how it will develop. While the atmosphere is only heating up. The area of instability is moving steadily closer to our borders. NATO is putting us in their territory, obkladyvaet from all sides, including razveselili, closer to our borders elements of its missile defense system. Perhaps Russia will be simply compelled to create a leading position in the form of its military bases. This will strengthen not only its defense and foreign policy status and also will cool the ardor of some so-called partners.


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