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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The security Council adopted UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres

The UN Security Council approved the Secretary-General, United Nations former Portuguese Prime Minister, physicist-theoretician by education, antónio Guterres. In fact, it became known the day before. Colorful picture were diplomats and media representatives gathered in front of the room, the seat of the security Council. All expected results of the random and informal survey of members of the security Council.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

António Guterres

No one expected such a quick resolution of this Gordian knot. When the Russian representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin, who chairs the Security Council in October, went to the press and diplomats, his smiling face was a good sign. It was followed by the us representative, Samantha Power, and 13 other members of the Security Council in a diplomatic “train”. A few weeks ago, literally at the same place, U.S. and Russian representatives exchanged invective about the situation in Syria. Therefore, few people thought that the split in the Security Council will overcome and find a candidate acceptable to all parties. It was, perhaps, the first time the five permanent members of the Security Council were in “the same camp”.

So, a candidate for new secretaries-General of the UN, which must be approved by the General Assembly, are known. He is familiar and the UN itself, for led for 10 years, the Agency for refugees of the United Nations.

Among the candidates was a record number of women to seven. Election Guterres blocked the road the female candidates are wanted for the first time in 71 years of existence the UN to lead this international organization. One of the candidates were Christine L, the representative of Costa Rica. When her dream didn’t come true, she wrote in his Twitter: “sad that not a woman. Sweet that is the best man. Congratulations, antónio Guterres!”

Knowing the mood that existed and exist in the margins of the UN and in General, Guterres said that he will “saturate” an international organization of women. How he fulfilled his promise, the future will show.

On the post of the high Commissioner for refugees Guterres and showed his charisma and ability to maneuver. He used to say: “Moscow needs to understand that.”

The path followed by the Security Council, electing new Secretary General of the UN, not very transparent. However, this time, as they say, a ray of sunlight flashed over the UN. Curiously, the candidates for the Secretary General participated in hearings of the security Council. Many of them participated in public debates and discussions that were held with the participation of the media.

The Security Council voted informal five times in recent months. In order to have a clear picture of the unity of the five States with veto power-Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States voted red ballots, and all the rest — white. And here last Wednesday all the red ballots agreed Guterres.

Of course, antónio Guterres humanly difficult to envy. It changes on the post of the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon at the time of worsening relations between Russia and the West. With the occupation of his office, he immediately confronted with the Russian-American differences over events in Syria. In addition, he will face the “thorny” problems, ranging from South Sudan to Yemen, including nuclear kunshtyukov North Korea.

I personally think that such a quick agreement on the candidacy of the new Secretary General of the UN was caused by the difficulties he will face if elected. When the situation is too hot, trying to cool down.

As said the member of the Security Council Raycroft in the resolution on the election of the new Secretary General of the UN, only 49 words. But the most important of these two, antónio Guterres.

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis


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