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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The secret life of Leonid kuravleva: “For me the flowers don’t grow”

On one of his characters, included in the Golden Fund of world cinema, actor Leonid Kuravlev more like without makeup? Fans say that to know it is almost impossible, because for many years he was a recluse, almost anywhere from the comfort of the apartment. This is not so — out we come back to Kuravleva home.

Unlucky Athos? Enterprising George Miloslavsky? Insidious obersturmbannführer Eismann? Or is it amorous, always ready to help everyone Pashka Kolokolnikov of “Lives a guy”? The plastic artist of the Soviet Union, which played a more diverse role than any of his partners in the movies, this Saturday, October 8, marks the 80th anniversary.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Leonid Kuravlyov

“The nature of the approaching Nordic”

We are in the “MK” love it and congratulate each anniversary. On the 75th anniversary of our columnist Alexander Melman recorded funny stories-memories about it from Konkin, Yarmolnik, Armor, Selezneva, Panfilov. Today the other has not, the other long ago don’t talk to him, and one of congratulations (keep the intrigue and not yet say, to whom and why) the hero of the day terribly offended. Closest people in addition to the family in recent years, he became not his famous colleagues, and neighbors on his difficult home.

photo: Elena Milczanowski
In the legendary “house on the embankment”, where in recent years, lives, Leonid Kuravlev, he has difficult neighbors.

The artist lives in the heart of Moscow, in the legendary “House on the embankment”, the same, from the novel by Yuri Trifonov. It overlooks the Moscow river, the Kremlin and temple of Christ the Savior. Kuravlev with her daughter Catherine occupies the apartment on the fourth floor of the second entrance. Alas, the fans and admirers of his talent, you this knowledge will give nothing: the massive wooden front doors sits the Concierge and the living legend will not let me.

photo: Elena Milczanowski
The door of the second staircase that leads to the national favorite, is a stern Concierge.

— Start is not commanded, or commanded not to allow, explained the severe woman with whom to argue or cheat useless. On the second entrance of four security guards, and about every koralewski Mike woodpeckers from “the Most charming and attractive” could say: “I Saw how she looked at me? Like the hound of the Baskervilles!” — As soon as Leonid Vyacheslavovich moved into our house, once wrote in her journal to him not to let anyone under any pretext. For whom it is necessary — he will come down.

Intercom call and a plaintive voice ask to come also will not work: the button with the number of his apartment is not working.

— It is not broken, but especially us disabled, is proud of the invention of the Keeper of the driveway and drives away. But I have in my hand a cake — chocolate with three kinds of oranges that you would not be ashamed to apply for a wedding muravlenskoe fiance Vladimir Savitskiy of “can’t be!”. Through asking the Concierge whether it was possible to convey to the birthday boy. My companion is associated with the idol in secret internal phone. After a few seconds the phone fell hard on the machine, and the stern woman spoke words of Athos: “And I to sit on a diet to anything!”. Kuravlev a gift from “MK” politely and firmly refused, not allowed to leave the confection even down on the nightstand, then to withdraw himself, and punishing to eat for his health.

“What is something you bake girl bake!” — he laughs, screwing the remark Misha Dyatlov passing neighbor. — Brandy he’d better have brought, then relented…

photo: Elena Milczanowski
With the neighbor-dog person, 93-year-old Viktor Mikhailovich Blokhin, the artist saying Hello, but I don’t walk: do not has Pets.

It’s upstairs neighbor, on the seventh floor. 93-year-old Victor Mikhailovich Blokhin once worked international business consultant, now retired. Four times a day walks with the dog, but Kuravlev him will not be, as he had no Pets. Neighbor lover he only briefly welcomed on the run.

— We got “house of high culture of everyday life” as in his “Ivan Vasilyevich…”, — underlines Viktor. — All with everybody, but no more: the second coming, few who close deals. And Hello especially not with someone: half of our 22 apartments are empty as the owners live on the dachas outside the city. Many rent them to wealthy foreigners, mainly somehow the British.

On each floor of this entrance two five-room flats, facing each other.

On the floor below, the third, the apartment on the right was the company. The firms of the most different activities in the entrance almost as much as the occupants of the-ghosts, as in his “Wii”. The apartment on the left, that is, directly below the actor, including other celebrities — Gennady Hazanov with his daughter Alice.

Never under Korableva not really lived, confessed me on the phone Gennadiy Viktorovich. — Only worked in the variety Theatre, which adjoins the house. Bought an apartment of his daughter, but Alice is losing her, and she abroad. So of our neighbor’s residence permit see the whole country, mostly on the screen. In life I only remember that it’s a rare humility.

But the floor is even lower on the second, and according to the documents, and in fact lives home for Kuravlev after daughter Catherine and forbidding the Concierge, a man in this house — the senior entrance, Vasiliy Cherkasov. He is only 30 years. Senior early was really an older lady, I assure me, in all respects, a nice, ripe old age, but their meetings often did not appear… So four years ago and instructed to follow the mother house of the legendary entrance of the young man. In addition to this honorable duty, he restores weapons, but Kuravlev im never interested. He has other Hobbies: reads a lot, especially Soviet classics, Yes listening is created in the same era records.

— I like the older from Leonid Viktorovich complaints came less often, says my Basil. Electrician when wiring had to be replaced, I called, even in the housing office he goes. He is independent, versed in everything and can do anything. In his house all happy, the only thing that punished not only the Concierge, and all the tenants — strangers to him not to, so here I can’t help you. Punished strictly, as soon as moved in, and since their decision will not change. Other requests have been received, meeting my walks.

photo: Elena Milczanowski
Senior muravlenskoe the door, Vasili Cherkasov, confessed that the artist cuts the General meeting of tenants.

Exposed cake over the threshold, I spent the whole day, like a real fan, was on duty at the entrance to the staircase and not missed a single really living here the neighbor entertainer is entering or exiting. Other fans and groupies to him — split the Concierge, let warm up for exactly one minute — no longer walk and great letters do not convey.

To him even the courier will not let if he did not personally call and say that something you ordered — opened the scheme and it is again exposed to admire the Moscow river.

After standing so for a few hours, caught its neighbors. Want to know if pour favorite of several generations? Do not stomp over his head? Do not cover faucet hot water? Then we go higher, first to the fifth floor.

The fifth in the apartment on the left, that is just above Korableva, lives 62-year-old Alexander Churakov — the mysterious man, Department head of the same secret organization (Trifonova re-read and guess which one), which, though always on the move, but the history of his storied house knows better than most, as his neighbor from the bottom.

— Leon from new, the house moved in just a few years ago, when Luzhkov, — remembered Alexander. — Mostly everything here, as I do, from birth. So we call him “brand new” or just Leon, Leon, Lenka. He has incorporated the best qualities from his different characters, and the main one is shyness, shyness, kindness. We see each other only from the supermarket to the entrance, but in those few minutes he collected, focused not on himself but on others, always thinking how he could be useful to him who was next to him — exactly like him Pashka Kolokolnikov. I once held the door open: I was walking with heavy bags. One of our concierges bought ice cream in the street was terrible heat.

It assures that a good neighbor has never been filled, the crane he was blocked in its five rooms, not rumbles.

— The house is ours from the day of delivery, as you know, was under the hood — adds Churakov. — Our entrance especially here on the eighth floor was once Svetlana Allilueva (daughter of Josef Stalin. — Ed.). Therefore, audibility is excellent: every day I listen to shuffle next door, but Leon is a very quiet neighbor. We joke that this house is the Principality of Monaco: residents of small and all people are wealthy and difficult. But we are not party people, as in Monte Carlo: usually all, like Leon, in the family carried out.

As well speaks about it, the neighbor across the street Churakova — 75-year-old Elena Stanislavovna grandma, the granddaughter of Hero of the Soviet Union, the famous pilot of polar aviation Mikhail Babushkin. Her performance in the military quick and accurate help and remind about the negative hero Kuravlev, which we also loved because of his acting charm — obersturmbannführer the Eismann from “Seventeen moments of spring”: “the True artist. Character, approaching Nordic”, but unlike the one-eyed fascist is not stable.

Four years ago, when the death of his beloved wife Nina, he changed for the worse, she was everything for him and his loss he was going through a very hard, — sigh Elena Stanislavovna.

In this he is quite similar to Pashka Kolokolnikov, who fell in love with each counter girl, and was looking for his ideal, and corresponds to the Herr Eismann: “Excellent family-oriented. Relationships, discrediting him, has not had”. However, “with colleagues maintains good relations” is not about him.

— He absolutely refuses to see anyone, even his friends-actors, told me a neighbor from the sixth floor, 37-year-old Svetlana Rudova, from the family of the famous revolutionary Peter Zaslavsky. — He’s a one-woman man, the most devoted wife. After her loss felt so abandoned, alone. Just like his Thomas marvel of “invisible Man”.

“We are like a live movie in the yard look”

Finally go to, to shut everyone out and become invisible, noticed Svetlana, did not give him grandchildren. They had three, and all of the 38-year-old son of Basil and 13-year-old Stepan, a 9-year-old Fedor and 6-year-old Gregory. Daughter Catherine was once married, but failed, today at 54 years old she lives with her father and in all his helps. On questioning the “MK” on it meets sparingly: “health is not complaining, constantly busy in films. In what picture? Well, this is too much!”

— Catherine to him does not admit, says Rudova. — The phone usually it is suitable, the door she opens. To provide something for the father, but inside to not invite, and his step into the corridor is unlikely to call. After the death of Nina Vasilievna, I gathered him a small set — tangerines, picture books and… Wrote a postcard with the wishes of the, um, Inconvenient to remember I did it quite familiarly named Lenya… my Dad his at all Athos calls, but I don’t dare. Gave a basket of gifts through the daughter. After this, Lenya did a little cheered up, went to visit his grandchildren who live out of town.

Not all transmissions are successful. Somehow, complains a woman, Kuravlev summoned a courier with some shopping, and when I filled out the invoice, he asked his name, as the emphasis is not learned. “And my name is too famous to pronounce it” — cast was everyone’s favorite thief Miloslavsky, but as a movie not happened: the boy can’t take a hint and asked to give the name.

On the 80th anniversary of neighbor Svetlana, by education elementary school teacher, wanted to test how well the current generation knows of the artist and his role, at least the classics. She had planned to record congratulations to him from complete strangers from the street, mounted, and then pass the disc in person or through a daughter. Yes, at the last moment hesitated, not bothering whether it is Leonid Vyacheslavovich, called him home… From the disk with the wishes, as from my cake, on the other end refused, showing the same everyday modesty, as his Old soldiers from the “Twelve months”.

Supported, than could, after the death of his wife and in the next, third entrance. At the meeting, greeted immediately hugged me and asked how to help. Kuravlev protested, and his eyes instantly became wet at least the reminder of loss. Moms with children with the third excitedly told me that Kuravlev loves their children, often goes for a walk to the Playground in the yard, watching over the younger as if did not run out on the road, falling off the swing.

— Makes comments every time that the baby is not cold, when someone begavskis, removes his hat, smiles one of the mothers. We answered him: “don’t worry, Leon, heat better sit down and rest.” If a child is near, he immediately goes into character and strictly so replies: “Sit down, I always have time,” to the boys and girls to amuse. Facial expressions, intonation — it’s like we’re living a movie in his yard watching. He was not a recluse, as we think: every day, somewhere selected, but most often in the store.

Expensive chain supermarket is right in the “House on the embankment”. On the checkout list that takes most often milk, yogurt, muffins respects very much, especially the buns with sugar and sochniki. Standing in line, like everyone doesn’t find out about him and passed forward.

— In the supermarket we have eternal vanity, all somewhere in a hurry if the cashier hesitated for a second, already grumbling, and here comes Leonid Vyacheslavovich and how to screw something out of the film half a century ago, — giggle girls at the box office. For example, here is his favorite: “Well, we’ll get a drink?” from “Lives a guy”. And all at once joyful, light is the soul, people are kinder and not so much.

At the same time, the Museum with its sung in prose the house where you store things it special residents, Kuravlev.

— In all the years never to us came, — upset with his aunt-caretaker. — Another thing is the Director, gave us an album with fairy tales, which were written by his daughter. And kuravleva we have nothing, and pass that hope and waiting.

Alexey Vladimirovich lives from kuravleva pretty far in the fifth entrance. Before they even went to each other’s homes, but now entirely ceased.

— The last time Leonid Vyacheslavovich came to us four years ago, on the birthday of Alexei Vladimirovich, — mentioned Vladimir Ivanov, who over 30 years has been helping the family Batalov. We waited for him, like all guests to six, but Kuravlyov… lost in our fifteen entrances. Came closer to eleven, with a bouquet of flowers, terribly sorry. Sat with him, drank tea. Man is he a gold — attentive, helpful. Never misses a chance to chat with the watchman of our Parking, he knows cars, really drawn to them and in his 80s he leads!

— He is extremely spiritual, — joined the conversation Gitana A., Leonenko, wife Batalov. — In life he has no time to be a man: just beyond the threshold and immediately someone is busy, the status requires. Me kisses on both cheeks, and I in response to the invite sometime in cinematography to look.

Wow, my wife kisses, and she’s calling somewhere! — this is the machine approached the Director, who at 87 almost never gets out of bed. I would love to get something live to tell about kuravleva, but I can’t just state things like “he is a good man” come to mind. Completely lost his memory, and the neighbor forgot. Don’t remember what he looks like, what is he like when we last saw each other. I think it was many years ago… Really, I fell out of life, the brain is not working already and my not know…

And we risked never knowing what’s in his 80 kuravleva in mind, it is securely hidden from all efforts of a daughter of a Concierge and sympathizing neighbors. Well, I grew up on his films where his characters taught us wit. For example, George Miloslavsky. To get to the apartment Shpak, he called Tom in dentistry and, having changed a voice, pretended to be a female admirer of his talent…

“FIE on you! FIE on you again!”

To operate I decided. The intercom to call him is impossible, but at least phone the Concierge is not disabled. Dialed the number of the artist and was presented by the librarian…

George Miloslavsky in “Ivan vasileviche” more told Shpak than I daughter Catherine, who is expected to pick up. I, unlike the charismatic rogue was not a legend, but true: the Moscow library No. 209 in the name of A. N. Tolstoy and her club “Magic ray” in honor of the anniversary kuravleva decided to give him a few days “to” gala evening. I wanted to help the library, inviting a star screen on her anniversary, since they themselves were afraid.

Catherine handed the phone to my father…

— Leonid V., it’s for you “Moskovsky Komsomolets” about candidly confessed to me.

— Marinochka Raikin? — not hung up Kuravlev and happy.

— No…

— Sorry, very sorry. The Marina Raikin love. It is absolutely magical, rare beauty and talent woman.

— Thank you, I will.

— Read your newspaper, write.

And today’s room already looked?

— I had not yet. I’m not on the house subscription to the latest issue of pick up at the post office tonight, never come out. Where do I come in, if you at my kitchen window with my morning cake stand! (Later in the post office №72 I will reveal why it gets our newspaper personally, not home delivery: the “MK” in the building, is in such demand that it can borrow to read from the box and not return. There is another reason: when the actor for a long time is leaving to the grandchildren, Inbox is rammed, and he doesn’t want to cause any inconvenience, even the postman. — Ed.) By the way, you read a recent interview with Sasha Melman? With this famous actress…

— With Alla Demidova.

— Yes, and as you thought? Something loneliness he smelled, cold…

That’s because at first the loneliness was saying, and she like a woman all right: have a loving husband.

— Ah, you say, my husband is! Wow! I after the interview left such a bad impression that she was terribly lonely, living out his life forgotten by all… Sasha Melman of love, waiting for his opus every time, but not so well with the actors to talk! I have the same gloomy appear?

— You, you, you’re like the sun.

— Well, if so. And what is your name, you say? Ah, so you took the first interview with the son of Medvedev, well done, congratulations. Well, why do you then am I? He is the son of the Prime Minister, and I am the son of a locksmith. Where I am and where he is! No, right uncomfortable.

— You, you, you are loved by the people.

— Love, but “me no patterns and the flowers don’t grow”, and no newspaper interview, even the deeply respected “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, my fame will not increase. But why dear? I hurt for you terribly!

— What is it?

— Dima of Melman, the younger brother of Sasha. A lampoon I wrote! Composed with Yarmolnik vile, disgusting joke about me! (Here, as his neighbor Batalov, Kuravlev already forgot some stuff. Story from Yarmolnik recorded not Dima, and Sasha Melman, and this was no joke, and the recollection of how one Leonid else on stage played. Kuravlev the fact of raffle to recognize refuses, saying that it is impossible, especially on stage, especially Yarmolnik. — Ed.)

— As the saying goes, let bygones…

— That bygones? It’s you that’s on your mind — my eyes want to vomit, girl? FIE on you!

— “Have mercy, our great Tsar, were say a word!” But how can I pull, if I was the Concierge you will not let me! It figuratively — that we have forgotten old grudges.

— Old grudges forgot! FIE on you again! Well, I think.

— What are you then “MK” read if offended by us?

Yes I have… Is there a good Sasha… Well, you have the main topic of the day to write… Minkin! But with him, start reading. Raikin — for dessert. All the best for your revision, work with God, and a cake for my health yourself eat. You people are penetrating, perky, and not even capable of sincerely believe that you will get.

— And what do you do than the anniversary of a bite?

— That’s crafty, this is an interview happens, and I don’t give. Okay, just one question and answer: I note quietly, modestly, in a narrow, as they say, the family circle.

— Well like. And your films we will review.

— This thing, thank you.

— Do not prompt with what to begin? What role have the most expensive?

— Much loved there, but the Pashka Kolokolnikov. Said it was his first role.

— “One can not sit and wait that someone would come and teach you how to achieve happiness”. It is you, that is, he said. What do you do happiness achieved?

— Thank God.

— “So you’re going to live?”

— We will! (Laughs heartily.)

Dear Leonid V.! Happy anniversary you! Good health and all the best! Congratulations join Marina Raikin, Alexander Minkin, Sasha and Dima Malmani and the entire staff of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.


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