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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Ministry of transport increases the fares on the “Plato”

Now it became clear what inspired the authors of the idea of long-range collection “Plato” to call the domestic system for a foreign name. In Greek, Plato means “broad-shouldered”. There was a book Julia Dubova “the Big soldering”. The one on the motives which made the film “the Oligarch”. In the story the main character named Plato, using ties to the Kremlin, was engaged in inventing quite murky schemes to earn the “daily bread”.

photo: Alex geldings

Who was the prototype of the oligarch Plato is well known. He came to a bad end.

The main claim to the “Plato” is that it was created by him “friend of Putin”. It is operated by the company “RT-invest the Transport system” (RTAS), the beneficiary of which is Igor Rotenberg, the son of a close to the President businessman Arkady Rotenberg.

Plato from “the Big soldering” looks like a child next to them. The man from the “dashing 90”, of course, also able to make money out of thin air, even in a head could not come to negotiate with the state to set on the highways of the frame and cut the loot. Agree that for RTAS every year guaranteed contract for 10 billion roubles of the income a great financial result.

It is not a secret that the Ministry of transport originally planned to implement the system not only on Federal highways and regional. First step is the hardest. Now practice on the rig, and then, suddenly, the road will expand the geography. Take a collection of “Gazelles” there to the cars it comes.

However, back to today. Opening in Ufa the new bridge over the White river, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov has promised “at the turn of 2016-2017 years” to raise two times the tariff of tolls for trucks weighing over 12 tons from 1.53 rubles per km to 3.06 rubles.

The end of the discount rate, he explained “the need to restore the originally conceived financial model, because Federal highways are at the limit of possibilities.”

The price of the issue for carriers is as follows. In “Plato” already registered almost 700 thousand users in the road Fund received 14 billion rubles. By the end of the year is expected to 20 billion If the truck rides a monthly average of 5 thousand km, in the year is 60 thousand Then one of the trucks paid approximately 91.8 thousand rubles. After the rate was raised to 3.06 rubles, the average payment will reach 183,6 thousand rubles a year.

Overall revenues in the road Fund after deduction of the operator fee should be increased to 45.7 billion rubles. It turns out, a total of truckers will pay 25 billion more rubles.

In addition to the money there is in this story another important point. In the beginning of the year, after numerous protests of truckers who have paid the transport tax, and the excise tax on fuel, the government froze the indexation of tariffs. Moreover, carriers have complained about the malfunctioning of private offices, route maps, the shortage of on-Board devices. In the end, by order of Vladimir Putin for large trucks abolished the vehicle tax. Penalties for non-payment was reduced from 450 thousand to 5 thousand Then it looked like a weakening of the fiscal burden.

Moreover. In early September, before the elections to the state Duma, Ministry of economic development has sent the government a proposal to extend the freeze until 2019. This was done according to the survey, 31 of the carrier, retailer, manufacturers of metallurgical, agricultural and food products.

Almost all of them since the introduction of the “Plato” in November 2015, said the increase in the cost of freight to 25%, and in some cases by 46%. Carriers warned that the growth rates will lead to losses and bankruptcy of small companies.

Incidentally, the Ministry of economic development in their study recorded a General decline in turnover and the increase in the cost of the final product in stores. So far, however, insignificant. However, if the rate doubled, obviously, prices will rise much stronger.


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