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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The main battle between Britain and China over Hong Kong is yet to come

Officially Britain has said goodbye to Hong Kong. In fact, numerous protests under the slogan of “self-determination” of the city-state reiseroute from London. While China cools the ardor of either freedom fighters or separatists rather soft measures. But may soon begin the real battle for Hong Kong, where no prisoners would be taken.

A few days ago, a political activist from Hong Kong Joshua Wong detained in the Bangkok airport for a few hours, then deported back to China: he as a member of the movement “Occupy Central” temporarily banned from traveling outside China. It is an ordinary, in General, the event immediately got on the front pages of Western media. The U.S. Embassy in Thailand has expressed outrage at the flagrant violation of human rights. Wong stood up for human rights organization. But where such interest to the subtle student in square glasses? As a 19-year-old boy could become a superstar of the protest movement?

“Paradoxically, among nostalgic for British rule many young people – people who were born after the return of Hong Kong to China”

We must pay tribute to Wong: he is a Prodigy of political struggle and their protests started when he was barely 13 years old. Another thing is that Hong Kong fight “for your freedom and ours” began when Wong was lying in the cradle. He was nine months old when Britain gave its “crown colony” under the control of Beijing. But shortly before his departure, the Governor of Hong Kong, peer of England, a member of the house of lords Baron Christopher Patten decided to lay under the former colony a few time bombs.

Since its inception, Hong Kong was ruled by governors appointed by the British monarch, no elections natives were not supposed to. But finally, Patten pushed through the idea of the election of the Legislative Council of the city. The Chinese Communist party was strongly opposed, officials like to see the return of Hong Kong was smooth and not complicated by political conflicts. But Patten is cleverly presented the Communists mossy Orthodox and planted the Hong Kong intelligentsia the main topic for future protests – free and direct elections.

The same Patten formed the leadership of the “fifth column” of Hong Kong, which since 1997 regularly serves British interests. First, it is the former Bishop of Hong Kong cardinal Joseph Zen. Patten is generally called one of the most influential Catholics in Britain, he was able to establish a great relationship with the Roman Catholic Church which is in Hong Kong (as elsewhere) to support any anti-Communist protests. In addition to the cardinal, to London turns into the leadership of the Baptist churches, and universities. (by the way, Joshua Wong – the Christian-Protestant, but especially in this group it is necessary to highlight the monk Zhu Yaomin), as well as the main sponsor of the “revolution of umbrellas” 2014 tycoon Jimmy Lai. That’s when this uneducated Patten Hong Kong retailer moved to a new area of media, and founded the popular tabloid Apple Daily, which connects the hollow sensationalism and gossip with openly anti-government agenda.


On the morning of 25 November, the bailiffs and police arrived at Hong Kong one of the three occupied by the activists of the movement Occupy Central territories, to enforce the court’s decision on partial analysis of wood and metal nagrajdenii 2014, all these people actually led a “revolution of umbrellas”. Cardinal Joseph Zen held solemn prayers in the open air. Zhu Yaomin became one of the leaders of the “Occupy Central”. Jimmy Lai sponsored “revolution” and provide it with information support in their tabloids. And the agenda of the mass protests was done according to the precepts of Patten. Shortly before this, the Chinese government promised Hong Kong citizens that in 2017 they will be able to choose the head of the city administration themselves, but furnish this procedure several caveats. First, candidates (up to three) was to receive the prior approval of the Collegium of electors, which is controlled by Beijing.

In any case, for Hong Kong it was supposed to be an important step on the path to real democracy. Never in the history of the inhabitants of the city their leader was not elected. However, the initiative of the Chinese leadership was interpreted exactly the opposite – “the damned Communists” were accused that they want to take away the last freedom in a democratic Hong Kong. Of course, Hong Kong “Maidan” were provided extensive information support, and one of the main informational sponsor of the BBC, which first ran all the same Patten.

Today it seems that Hong Kong “Maidan” was an isolated event. In fact, the protest activity of the “pan-Democrats” (as critics call Hong Kong “demshizu”) did not cease. Anywhere after 1997 has not gone away, and old British money: the family of Shirov and Keswick still belong to the wealthiest oligarchic clans of Hong Kong.

Contradictions in the development of Kitakubo-child Joshua Wong previously managed to integrate into the complex system of the protests, sponsored from outside. And against what to protest, he was General indifference. The first target was the high-speed railway, which the Chinese government had planned to connect the mainland and Hong Kong. In all the major cities of China such projects belong to the prestigious and popular. But Wong decided that the trains threaten environment, and organized a protest of students. High-speed train in the end, never launched, and Wong was already preparing a new protest.

His next goal was a program of “moral and Patriotic” education, proposed in 2012 the education Bureau of Hong Kong. There were some ritual words about the “progressive role of the Communist party of China” and wishes to raise students responsible and positive optimistic. This banal bureaucratic manual was the 15-year-old Wong pretext for organizing a movement of students called “Scholars” (Scholarism). According to the organizers, rallies “Scholarship” has come to a hundred thousand people – not only schoolchildren and students, but also parents and teachers. Some teachers even went on hunger strike. A special role, it is not difficult to guess, was played by the Protestant and Catholic schools, many of which still belong to the British, and rich Hong Kongers bend over backwards to give to their offspring. The cost of one place at a prestigious school comes to a million dollars.

In 2014, the “Learning” took an active part in the movement “Occupy Central”, and 17-year-old Joshua Wong – a typical freshman-nerd with Harry potteresque forehead – became the face of the “revolution of umbrellas”. Time magazine placed his picture on the cover, Fortune magazine named him one of the most influential politicians in 2015. He wrote a book, read a course of lectures in US universities, gave thousands of interviews, led numerous ratings of “most influential Teens”. In Britain he was invited along with the official visit of XI Jinping, and many Newspapers came out with pictures of wonga on the front pages. Today the Google search engine gives to it the name of more than 15 million references. In his 19 years Joshua Wong promoted the world’s media to the level of a full-fledged political leader.

In this capacity, he organized a new political party Demosisto and became its Secretary General. The program Demosisto – the struggle for free and direct elections of the head of Hong Kong in 2017, and “self-determination” of the city. Formally, it is assumed that “self-determination” should happen in 2047, when to end the program relationship of Hong Kong and the PRC, formulated as “one country – two systems”. However, “in case of problems with democracy” activists Demosisto threatened to launch a self-determination already in 2017.

Outright separatism this agenda does not mean the transformation of Hong Kong to the free city – adherents of “self-determination” exploiting nostalgia for the era of the British Raj. “Self-determination” is the dream of return under the British protectorate.

For many people in Hong Kong’s merger with China did not become a holiday. At each anniversary of the transfer of the city under the control of the PRC (July 1) the crowd of local residents gather on the quays together to remember the “beautiful colonial era”. Every visit of the former Governor Patten (and he visits Hong Kong regularly) turns into a massive outpouring of loyal feelings. The townspeople waving British flags and singing “Rule, Britannia, seas!” and go to meet him with placards: “Governor, we miss you!”, “Go back to Hong Kong!” and “save us from this hell!”

Paradoxically, among nostalgic for British rule many young people – people who were born after the return of Hong Kong to China. The colonial past of his native city for them is not a subject of shame, and a reason for pride. Especially to the compatriots from the mainland of China, which for the default ones are poor and uneducated people in Russian slang – “quilted jacket”. And now, when Hong Kong residents are forced to compete for jobs with people from the mainland, this “class hatred” inflames more and more.

These sentiments skillfully use Wong and his associates. But it is important to emphasize that they are peculiar to a minority of Hong Kongers. In the city there is a powerful opposition “pan-Democrats”, but we know almost nothing: for example, references to the organization of the “Silent majority for Hong Kong” on the order of less than Wong. Who’s Chan Ching-Sum – head of the organization “Protecting power Hong Kong”, the world is not known. Meanwhile, these people and organizations are trying to rally the Hong Kongers against demshizy and separatists. In 2014, the “Silent majority” managed to gather more than 1.5 million signatures for a petition against rallies and riots – a huge figure for a 7-million city. But the Western media decided to claim that China is loyal to the organization paid for by Beijing, and thus block their access in the information field – a good thing. In the end, the shares of “creative” Hong Kong and look nice – they always get a great show. Some people walk with red flags and chanting mocking rhymes in the address of the Communist party. Then throw a toy wolves from IKEA the head of the city administration (because his name sounds like “wolf”).

The protest has the best journalists, writers, Directors, and the silent majority move to the podium just ordered. Protest in fashion, the old – fashioned and ridiculous. Waving the colonial flag of Hong Kong is, as they say here, cool. And the red flag of China is exactly the opposite.

While the government of China treated Hong Kong “demshizoy” carefully enough. The same Joshua Wong received for violation of public order only 80 hours of community service. But in connection with the separatist agenda of the bets increase. Moreover, the coming 2017 election of the head of administration of the already planned protests and Beijing’s starting to press their leaders. Several publishers put behind bars, and Wong and a number of the leaders of “Occupy Central” banned travel abroad.

“He’s really scared,” says Wong about his friend and colleague in the party. Wong can understand. Of course, it does not scare the Chinese government, which will continue to blow a speck of dust. In August, when the court chose to it a measure of restraint, Wong seems to have been struck by the fact that he was not put in jail. It is possible that if the confrontation between the Chinese and British over Hong Kong escalates, it would be safer to sit in the chamber: Wong even too similar to the “sacred sacrifice” of the struggle for democracy.

But whoever was Joshua Wong, the leader of a protest or a victim – Kong still continue its movement toward “self-determination” under the British protectorate. Too carefully directing this process from the former metropolis.


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