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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The detention of the Russians confirmed the problem with domestic electronics

“Do not be surprised if certain structures are trying to adjust the supply to Russia of trace elements from the U.S. such illegally”. So Russian experts comment on the new arrest in the US of the Russians accused in the procurement of military and satellite technologies. The problem of the production of critical defense electronic components in Russia has not been solved so far.

Not even notified

“If an offence takes place, the participation in it of Russia as a state is not, and can not be”

In the appeared after the detention the Prosecutor’s office in the Eastern district of new York stated that the U.S. citizen, a resident of new York borough of Brooklyn, Alexey Baryshev, and also two citizens of Russia – Dmitry Karpenko and Alexey Krutilin, was arrested on charges of procurement of military and satellite technologies.

An American citizen with a Russian name and surname, was arrested in new York, Russians in Denver, Colorado.

TASS with reference to the Prosecutor’s office in the Eastern district of new York said that the detainees allegedly had other partners, which “has entered into an agreement to buy the latest technologically microelectronics from manufacturers and suppliers in the United States in order to export this product to Russia.”

The arrested accused that they acted “to bypass the licensing system developed by the United States government for export control” of such products. The microelectronics that the accused had managed to smuggle in Russia, included device, “commonly used in the military equipment of a wide spectrum, including radar and surveillance systems, missile guidance systems”. In case the fault of the Russians and their American partners will be proved, to them threatens till 25 years of imprisonment and a fine of $ 1 million.

A characteristic feature of the past detention, according to RIA “news”, is the moment that the us government had not even notified the Russian Consulate about the detention of two Russian citizens.

The anti-Russian campaign

“I am convinced that the incident with detention of Russian citizens should be under the careful supervision of the Russian Consulate – shared with the newspaper VIEW his vision of the incident a member of the State Duma Committee on international Affairs Sergei Shargunov. And watching the aggressive rhetoric of us officials cannot rule out that this arrest occurred in part unleashed by the authorities of anti-Russian company. Of course, you need to understand what happened, but I am sure that Russia should ensure that the investigation was not biased. In the meantime, I extremely alarming that at the initial stage, the USA has completely unwound position of the charges.”

Did not rule out a political motive of the case and a military expert, Director of the Center for analysis of world arms trade, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense Igor Korotchenko.

“It is obvious that the unwinding of the case comes amid deteriorating relations between Russia and the United States. But – and I would like to note especially – if the offense takes place, the participation in it of Russia as a state is not and can not be. We are talking about the private initiative of Russian citizens, might have violated U.S. export laws. The rights of our citizens arrested abroad, should be adhered to strictly, and American authorities have an obligation to prevent members of our diplomatic corps.”

As already said TASS, Russian foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov, Moscow will be “to enforce the rights of our citizens, including due process, and it is natural to demand consular access to him.”

Long story

Of course, at the moment there is no evidence that the detainees in the US have though any relation to the procurement of electronic components in favor of Russian state defense enterprises. Nevertheless, the fact that Russian companies, even private, have a dubious way to buy American microelectronics, revealing and says a lot about the state of the domestic electronics industry.

The more that the present case is not the first, when the United States accused Russian citizens to export their defence technologies. For example, last year a court in the USA sentenced the 53-year-old Muscovite Dmitry Ustinov to 1.5 years of imprisonment for the illegal export of American night-vision equipment to Russia. The Russians at the request of American law enforcement officers were detained in Vilnius airport and transferred to the American authorities.

In 2012, before American justice appeared eleven immigrants from Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, accused the export of microelectronic parts used in various military systems. The accused worked, as stated, under the roof of the company Arc Electronics, the head of which Alexander Fishenko was in July this year sentenced to ten years imprisonment and a fine in the amount of 500 thousand dollars.What are the plans for the replacement of imported goods of the Russian

In July 2011, in the United States six months of imprisonment was awarded to the Director of the Russian company “Tactics” Sergey Korznikov, on charges of conspiracy to commit smuggling to Russia of military and hunting equipment, in particular sights for rifles.

Electronic cold war

From these incidents there is a certain economic background. As reported earlier, the newspaper VIEW, a year ago Vladimir Putin was forced to admit that Russia lags far behind “Western partners” in matters of microelectronics, which makes the country vulnerable, especially against the background of the termination of deliveries from abroad of components for domestic appliances. Similar steps were taken by the Americans after the reunification with Crimea, but in fact the problem was brewing much earlier. For example, in 2012, i.e. two years before the Crimean events, the Americans imposed sanctions against Russian 119 natural and legal persons involved in the sale of electronic components, 46 and their foreign partners. And the reason for such a harsh decision was the fact that a black listed company engaged in the supply of American components, Russian defense enterprises.

That is, there is the fact that Russia, especially its defense sector, was in dire need of foreign microelectronics even before the massive introduction of sanctions against it, however, relevant insights and the right solutions at the time were not accepted. By the way, in the USSR this problem was solved in-house production of microelectronics, but the industry almost did not survive the 90-ies.

“The situation that is happening in the world, fit to be called a new cold war in which Russia came unprepared, – said the newspaper VIEW, writer-futurologist Maxim Kalashnikov. For example, I asked how much was allocated money for the production of microelectronics in Russia last year – it turned out that a little over a billion dollars. And this is two times less than those of funds that you have spent for the same purpose only one concern Samsung. Our country could not even implement the ideas of domestic scientists that could help to solve the problem of shortage of components. So, vocalisations developed the principle of the production of microprocessors Professor Vadim rakhovsky due to lack of demand in Russia was forced to go to Switzerland. Worked on similar topics is a great scientist Muradin Kumakhov passed away two years ago, and not waiting for the realization of their developments.”

According to Kalashnikov, the main problem of private production of microelectronics is that in Russia want to give it the direction left to the business, but he will not invest money there, because the market is very small, but the commercial impact is small.

“Industrial espionage existed in the Soviet years, so don’t be surprised if certain structures are trying to adjust the supply to Russia of trace elements from like the United States illegally, says the writer. – Unfortunately, now the Russian defense industry is twisted as it may, when Syria was shot down by our su–24, the whole world saw that instead of a reliable domestic or American chips there was Chinese”.


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