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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The attempts of the West to put pressure on Russia give a zero result

The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault on the eve of his sudden visit to Moscow on 6 October broke out of a very tough rhetoric against Russia in connection with the Syrian crisis. Among other things, he warned that “becoming an accomplice to war crimes, will one day have to answer for it, including in legal terms”. But for Russia, such threats will have consequences.

In fact, French foreign Minister allowed himself to Express a clear threat to Russia to send its leaders to the international Tribunal.

“The Western world in recent decades has developed a wide range of pressure on “disobedient obstinate people” who are not willing to play by his rules”

This is not the first such statement for the last time. About the possible qualification of the bombing of Aleppo Russian aerospace forces and the Syrian air force as war crimes a few days ago said the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon.

The aggravation of relations between Russia and the West in connection with the events in Syria led to the quite natural result that the Western partners began to search for mechanisms of pressure on Moscow. The situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that the use of certain power decisions is fraught, particularly for them. Besides Russia warns of movements in the sphere of its activity and a very sharp rhetoric.

The last step in this sphere was in fact a Declaration by the Russian Ministry of defence the no-fly zone at least over the territory controlled by the Syrian army, and as the maximum over the whole territory, which covers the area of the Russian complexes With-300 and With-400.

So some politicians, including VIPs, of course, can afford the radical calls for the use of military force against the Syrian and the Russian military. This is especially true of candidates for high public office. However, as practice shows, public figures, really the decision makers differ much more moderation, restraint and common sense.

Thus, not being able to (without potentially catastrophic consequences) to apply force against Russia, the West is forced to turn to political tools. In fact, the use of this Arsenal is almost entirely and can be seen in recent times.

First, in the field of media deployed large-scale information campaign to accuse Russia and Syria of war crimes in Aleppo. It involved a highly visible and influential figures such as George Soros.

Second, speak the above-mentioned threats give Russia under the international Tribunal for the actions of its military in Syria.

This paragraph is especially ironic, given fresh initiative of the British government to withdraw its troops taking part in military operations (primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan), under the European Convention on human rights.

And, of course, it is impossible not to mention another “mistaken” bombing of the Americans, including the recent destruction of a detachment of the Iraqi militia. The number of NATO bombed weddings and hospitals have long ceased to count. Of course, nobody plans for these actions to attract the Western countries, their government and military accountable for war crimes.

A distinctive feature of our time is that hypocrisy and double standards of the West cease to cover at least a minimum of disguise.

Thirdly, appear increasingly persistent attempts to eliminate the norm of the UN Charter on the veto of the permanent members of the Security Council. If until recently this idea was expressed rather marginal figures, such as Ukrainian foreign Minister, now talking about her such an influential and major figures, as UN high Commissioner.

However, and here the West of irreducible complexity. No legal mechanisms to take such a decision to bypass Russia (and China) had not. So any attempt in this direction would simply mean the destruction of the system of the United Nations as such. That, in fact, showed the Russian Ambassador, immediately putting a Commissioner in place.

Fourth, in Europe and the us have once again made a few sanctions already worn-out record.

But this is somehow very bad, since more than two years, the sanctions policy has not even slightly moved the position of Russia in the desired direction (quite the contrary). So the theme of the futility of sanctions is often raised by representatives of the Western establishment.

And so, that’s all.

The Western world in recent decades has developed a wide range of pressure on “disobedient obstinate people” who are not willing to play by his rules. These levers individually or in the aggregate for several decades showed a good performance and helped to achieve the goal. But Russia found a cut diamond. In respect of it applied all possible (not leading to fatal and catastrophic consequences) funds and received zero result, or rather, even a negative at the moment.

And the threat of an international Tribunal to address the Russian leadership vividly demonstrate how poorly understood the Western establishment the changes in the world and the Russian government. The fate of Milosevic, Gaddafi and Hussein taught the world an object lesson that the West can not give the slightest slack. And the Kremlin these lessons clearly learned.

As a result, in this time the West was in an unpleasant impasse have been exhausted and no operating leverage. It seems that in the near future we will have to watch his attempts to get out of there.


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