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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scientists have marked the limit of human life is 115 years

August 4 1997 he died in a nursing home Frenchwoman Jeanne calment. The grim Reaper comes for all of us with first and last visit to Madame calment clearly late. She came to her when mom turned 122 years (the Record of human longevity.)

photo: youtube.com

Jeanne Calment

Dr. Yang Vig, an expert on aging at the medical College named after albert Einstein, highly doubt that anyone will repeat the record of this iron the French. “It is likely that we have already reached his ceiling. From now on, man can not live more than 115 years,” he was quoted by The New York Times.

Wig, and two of his co-author Xiao Dong and Brandon Milholland published evidence of this sad prediction in the latest issue of the journal “Nature”, which was published two days ago. Is today the last word of human Sciences.

The publication “Nature” gerontologists met in two ways. Some agreed, while others rebelled against it. “This is a very exciting and compelling story about the limit of human life,” says Jay Olshansky, Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, who has 25 years of the same opinion.

However, another scientist — James Vaupel, Director of the Centre max Planck, no longer recognizes that people gradually reach the limit of their life. He calls it a “parody of science”. “Outrageous, how many times make the same mistake scientists, and even publish it in respectable journals,” he says. Dr. Vaupel bases his optimism on “the trends of safety,” beginning in 1900.

A child born in the U.S. in 1900 had a life expectancy of 50 years. But a child born today can expect on average to 79 years. In Japan, the average life expectancy has increased to 83 years.

But by examining more closely information about the mortality of people, Dr. Wig and his colleagues came to this conclusion. They calculated how many people were alive in any given year. Then they compared the data by year to calculate how rapidly mankind from year to year.

The most rapidly growing number of elderly people. In France, for example, in 1920, a fast-growing group of women was a group of 85-year-old.

With the increasing duration of life has varied and its peak. In the 1990s the most rapidly growing group of French women was 102-year-old. If this trend continued, and now most rapidly growing group would be a 110-year-old Frenchwoman. But this did not happen. The growth subsided and seemed to have stopped. When Dr. Vig looked up statistics for 40 countries, she has recorded a similar trend.

The growth of the elderly population has slowed down since the 1980s, and ten years later stood at freezing point. It happened probably because people finally reached the upper limit of his longevity.

To test this, Dr. Wig and his colleagues analyzed International statistics of longevity, compiled by Woubalem. It contains detailed data 534 of individuals who have lived to extreme old age. Combing the statistics, Vig colleagues noted years when he died each of these 534. They singled out from their number those who were long after other 1960s.

In 1968, the oldest of the 534 has reached 111 years. By the 1990’s this figure was 115 years. But then the growth trend has stopped. Jeanne calment was a rare exception. “Blockage” applies not only to the aged. “Look at the second person” by age, and then to the third, fourth and fifth. The trend is all the same,” — says Dr. Vig.

Scientists have tried to calculate whether someone survive Kalman? (For current trends.) The result is almost zero. “For this you need 10000 planet Earth. Then you get another person who lived 125 years,” says Yan Vig.

Based on available statistics, scientists predict that the future will resemble the present in terms of longevity. “We expect that in the future the oldest person on earth is a 115-year-old,” says one of the authors of the article in “Nature” Brandon Milholland.

Scientists have long been debating what the limits of life for humans and all other animals. Only now due to the long R OST life expectancy, people are reaching extreme heights. But according to Dr. Vaupel, in some countries, such as Japan, “the elderly even more grow old.” As for the world records of longevity, according to Vaupel, Vig did not use the most effective statistical methods of analysis.

But on the other hand, Leonard Guarente, Professor of biology at mit, has praised scholar of “Nature”, which confirmed his “intuition”. “This work is like a good dose of medicine for those who do not consider that the duration of human life has some limits,” says Dr. Guarente.

Since the late NINETEENTH century, average life expectancy began to increase, because fewer children were dying. In the last decade and adults are living longer due to better health care.

People began to smoke less. Improved their diet! Antibiotics and other medications have reduced mortality from chronic diseases, from heart disease. But despite all these achievements, the majority of scientists believe that we are still unable to reverse biological aging processes.

Based on their experimental studies, etc., Vig describes the aging process as the accumulation of damage to our DNA and other molecules. Our body can slow this process by treatment. But, in the end, it becomes incurable. “At some point it all starts to go wrong and finally you give up,” says Yan Vig.

I personally like the doctor’s advice Viga — not to try to extend lifespan, and even after 115 years. (God forbid to live to at least 200!) Where better to lengthen the years of our healthy zdravstvene by a healthy lifestyle and medicine. “We have good chances for the extension of our health. And this is the most important thing,” summarizes his research Dr. Vig.

To all of you to live healthy and vigorous up to 115 years! And then I wish you all to be a happy exception!

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis


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