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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Physics-experimenters have created the world’s first crystal-time

Experts from mit, a quantum crystal, its very existence confirming the existence of faults in the symmetry of time. Theoretically, the possibility of the existence of such a structure was predicted four years ago, however to obtain it in practice managed for the first time, the researchers note.

photo: morguefile.com

Experts note that even ordinary crystals represent the more surprising from the point of view of science than it might seem. The fact that they grow differently in different directions, although, at first glance, needs to grow in all directions exactly the same. The fact that the laws of physics imply that the space is symmetric, however, this symmetry is violated if some portion of the system loses some energy.

As shown by experiments, conducted in 2012, time in this respect not too different from space. It is also symmetric (if we are talking about isolated particles), but in certain conditions, this symmetry may be broken. Four years ago, Nobel prize winner in physics Frank Wilczek suggested that, by analogy with ordinary crystals should be possible to create a “crystals of time”, is also growing due to the “pumping” of energy from the system.

To realize the creation of such “crystals”, scientists were able only now. For this they are cooled to very low temperatures, the group located a ring of ions of ytterbium, thereby moving the system into a state of minimum possible energy, and therefore, in violation of temporal symmetry.

In the experiment, the ring ions start to rotate, and this, according to scientists, suggests that the experiment was successful. Experts suggest that in the future the crystals of time can serve as a “parts” for quantum computers and used to store information.


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