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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Payment of 5 000 rubles to pensioners proved to be fraught with a big problem

The state Duma unanimously adopted in the first reading a bill that in January of 2017 promises to all pensioners of Russia on 5 thousand roubles. This amount is by decision of the government will replace the second indexation of pensions in 2016. The deputies ‘ opinions about whether a full replacement, went.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Deputy Minister of labor and social Affairs Andrei Pudov has explained the essence of the bill in January for 5 people will be about 44 million pensioners of all categories (both military and civilian, working and non-working), but only those who live in Russia. Pensioners — holders of Russian passports in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, for example, will not get the money. The payment of money to the Pension Fund will give the Federal budget — 221 billion. The same document is cancelled provision of the law enacted a year ago, which promised a second indexation of pensions in 2016 retirees (first, 4% was in February) — “in the first half of 2016, taking into account the situation prevailing in the economy and social sphere”.

Income tax 5-thousand one-time payment will not be taxed, assured Mr. Pounds.

The head of the Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev (Communist party) asked a question in a forehead: “It’s just a Supplement to the underpayment for indexing or so, take 5 thousand rubles and calm down?” “The payment is legally independent and not tied to retirement. But, in fact, it approximately offsets the costs of inflation and cost of living respectively,” said Mr. Pounds.

Note my word “approximately”…

During the discussion of the bill in General, all the participants spoke the truth — but not completely. The beauty of taken by the power of the maneuver can be assessed only after collecting these pieces of truth together.

“How many would get retired if the indexing was made as agreed in the spring?” asked Alexei Didenko (LDPR). And that, in his words, “media escalate tension.”

“This amount (5 thousand. — “MK“) is approximately from the point of view of size,” said Mr. Pounds. From the words of the official indicated that the second indexation would cost less budget than a lump sum payment, the price the government is not the ever…

The head of the Duma Committee for labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) immediately explained the real reason for the incredible generosity of the authorities: “the five thousand will not be considered in further indexing, so, in 2017, indexation will be held from nodeindexperpage pensions”, and slightly overpaying one time, the government exempted itself from having to pay more monthly in the future.

Oleg Smolin (CPRF) said that in 2016, as a General rule, the pension was to be indexed by almost 13% (this was the current level of inflation in 2015). But instead of working is not indexed nothing, and the unemployed — only 4%. Working pensioners, thus underpaid for the first 11 months of 17 160 rubles, and the unemployed — 18 880 rubles, which is a lot more than 5 thousand. Mr. Smolin admitted: “social block of the government fought for doindeksatsii pensions since mid-year,” but this did not happen as a result of “the activities of the financial-economic bloc”, who is afraid to fan inflation and “does not understand that the pensioners would buy our goods, now artificially continues to stagnate, because consumer demand will continue to shrink”.

Oleg Sheyin (“CP”) stated that the money for complete indexing it would be possible to find, canceling the current order of payment of insurance contributions to the pension Fund when salaries to 65 thousand rubles per month, the employer pays 30%, and with wages higher than 65 thousand is only 10%. Another source of income, in his opinion, would be to fight against informal employment, which is growing, because adopted in 2000, the Labor code virtually outlawed strikes and trade unions has weakened, depriving workers of opportunities to defend their rights.

Andrei Isayev (United Russia) called on his colleagues to “face up to reality”, which in his understanding is: the budget funds allowed to be indexed from 1 February pensions were only 4%, and the results of the first half “was worse than we expected, revenues shrink by 400 billion.” Mr. Isaev tried to prove in numbers why one-time payment — this is true: the average pension in the 13 200, if with Aug to condicionat her by 8.5%, would be about a thousand a month, that is, the New year would come out “the same 5 thousand.” But if doindeksatsii would not have received anything military pensioners, working pensioners and recipients of social pensions, he said! Besides “13 200 — the average temperature in the hospital”, in the land of pensions and 7, and 8 thousand roubles — and, if doindeksatsii their owners “would receive significantly less than 5 thousand”.

United Russia admitted: 5 thousand “will not be included in the calculation base for future indexation in 2017,” but “ER” was crucial to restore the normal indexation rules, “2016 is exceptional, from the 17th year we are restoring the indexation for actual inflation”…

The fact that the indexation of pensions in 2017 will be already solved. But what is it? On the forecast level of inflation (4%) or real, which emerges in 2016, approximately 5.8%?

Mr. Pounds this topic has been avoided. In conversation with “MK” later, Mr. Isaev said only that “we have reason to assume that in 2017 the pension will be indexed has been made in 2016, the inflation rate, but so far the draft budget to the state Duma not included”…


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