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Monday, January 22, 2018

Near Stonehenge revealed the remains of a domestic dog semidesyatiletnego

A group of archaeologists representing the University of Buckingham, found in the settlement, located near the famous Stonehenge, the remains of the domestic dog. Her age is estimated at seven thousand years, that is, it may be one of the first “friends” ever falling into the territory of great Britain, experts say.

photo: pixabay.com

It is worth noting that Stonehenge itself was built only five thousand years ago, the remains of the dog is much older buildings included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. That dog was just home, and about her age and how she looked, the scientists “said” the teeth of the animal.

Its size and contours of the body (and probably color), a dog more closely resembles modern German shepherd dogs. The fact that the teeth during the life of the animal was in very good condition, suggests that the dog was very well cared for the owner. The scientists also suggested that the dog was hunting. It is also possible that the animal could be a commodity for exchange.

Experts also suggested that a large part of his life, the dog spent away from the places where she was discovered by chemical analysis of tooth enamel has shown that dog for a long time drank water from the “not local” sources. This fact, according to the scientists, very interesting — the dog probably had to travel a long distance (probably about 250 kilometers), together with its owner or, more likely, a whole group of people.

This may indicate that the point where the Stonehenge was built, already thousands of years before that had a special meaning for those living in the vicinity of people, and drew a kind of “pilgrims”. Therefore, the finding is likely to bring scientists to the understanding of what purpose the old building was built.


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