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Friday, March 23, 2018

Moscow hosted the conference “Religion against terrorism”

Islam like any other religion, and terror – mutually exclusive concepts, said the participants held in Moscow conference “Religion against terrorism,” the organizers were the Russian government and the Embassy of Kazakhstan. “Consolidation of efforts of religious organizations, their interaction with state and public structures is a precondition for peace on the planet,” – said in an address to the participants of the conference the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

In Moscow at the Russian University of friendship of Nations held an international scientific-practical conference “Religion against terrorism.” The main organizers of the forum were PFUR with the participation of the Embassy of Kazakhstan and with the support of the Russian presidential administration, the Federation Council and the foreign Ministry.

“No “Islamic terrorism.” Is terrorism, it is Islam”

The discussion was attended by experts, scientists, spiritual leaders from Russia, Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as undergraduate and graduate students of PFUR from 60 countries, representatives of the communities of Syria, Iran, Iraq, France, Colombia, Afghanistan, Nigeria and other countries.

The organizers noted that the conference idea emerged last year when the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the debate of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in new York stressed that “humanity must move from routine prevention and overcoming the consequences of wars and conflicts to a new development strategy, which would make them meaningless.”

Interaction of Kazakhstan and Russia is comprehensive at all levels, including in the fight against terrorism, said the Deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Magomedsalam Magomedov. It is not surprising that Russia and Kazakhstan remind the world about the global importance of this problem.

“Consolidation of efforts is a sine qua non of world peace”

The conference began with the reading of the appeal to the participants of President Vladimir Putin, who stressed the importance of consolidating efforts in the fight against terrorism.

“All the world’s religions are based on fundamental humanistic values that have enduring universal value. Their spiritual leaders are daily calling the faithful to compassion, justice, tolerance, education of the younger generation on the high ideals of kindness and respect to each other, – said the head of state. And therefore, consolidation of efforts of religious organizations, their interaction with state and public structures is an important and indispensable condition of peace and harmony on the planet.”

Magomedsalam Magomedov noted that the administration of the President of Russia supported the decision of the international Islamic conference in Grozny, which took place in August of this year: “the Russian Muftis (in Grozny) was adopted a fatwa (a legal document in Islam – approx. OPINION) on the criteria of traditional Russian Islam and the signs of departure from it in the form of extremist movements and sects. This is an important majority position of the spiritual leaders of our country,” – said Magomedov, adding that the conclusions of the conference can become a reliable argument, especially for young people.

Thus adopted at the conference, including in Grozny, documents and conclusions “from the standpoint of traditional Islam destroyed the claims of the representatives of radical movements for their uniqueness in the interpretation of religious norms,” said Magomedov.

“No religion teaches to kill”

One of the main problems that breed terrorism, remains the spread of xenophobic attitudes in society. Often, though unwillingly, but attended by world media, and they are not alone. “Even from high tribunes we hear the words “Islamic terrorism”. However, there is it “Islamic terrorism” is terrorism that is Islam, and there are problems associated with political and spiritual factors”, – said extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia Marat Tazhin. For example, the Ambassador cited the terror “of the Red brigades in Italy” and asked those present, it was considered whether these phenomena are “Catholic terrorism”. “If you walk only on the path-rooted stereotypes, in addition to labels in the end nothing will remain,” – said Tajin. Because the phrase “religious terrorism” sounds sacrilegious, agreed the participants of the conference. “No religion teaches to kill,” – was emphasized by the speakers.

The Ambassador also noted that the major topic for discussion is the social aspect of modern terrorism, the relationship between religious extremism and social structure of society. It is no secret that terrorism is brewing in the most troubled regions of the world.

In the fight against terrorism requires a comprehensive approach, said the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Kazakhstan Baglan Mailybaev. He stressed that the terrorists are trying to distort the humanistic essence of the religions, especially, Islam, to sow discord. And victims of terror are increasingly becoming preachers and innocent parishioners of churches, mosques, etc. “Terrorism went to the destruction of all who might stand in his way to the hearts of the people,” he said.

“It is impossible to defeat terrorism with the forces of one country”

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed: “it is Impossible to defeat international terrorism by forces of only one country, especially when border in the world is actually open, and the world is experiencing a new migration of peoples, when terrorists receive ongoing financial support.”

The same idea was emphasized at the conference. In particular, the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, was read by the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Ilyas Umakhanov, said: “Terrorism has nowadays become one of the major threats of our time. He is a serious threat … is a destructive force that threatens the future of humanity. Therefore, it is important to ensure the consolidation of the international forces in the fight against this universal evil.”

The conference participants recalled that the Russian President raised the issue of creating a single non-aligned security system in the fight against terrorism, our country has repeatedly stated its readiness for dialogue, but the Western partners, meet with silence. In the pursuit of short-term profits for their own interests they forget about the safety of their own citizens.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia Polad Bulbul oglu reminded that it is impossible to divide terrorists into good and bad, those who are opposed to your opponent. This flirtation will not allow you to put an end to this phenomenon once and for all.

The participants also recalled that one of the main weapons against terrorism is a strong state, which often acts against the West. However, the experience in the middle East with Libya, Iraq and others have shown that where the West is trying to sow democracy starts a war of all against all, and there exponentially terrorism thrives.

“As a result of international terrorism at the present stage is an extremely dangerous phenomenon, which transcends national borders, knows no linguistic or cultural, or technological barriers. His goal is probably to destroy the base of the existing order of the world and sow chaos in which the world is ruled by those who show the most cruelty and madness”, – said Chairman of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia, Chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin in the address, which was read by first Deputy Chairman of the DUM of the Russian Federation Damir Mukhetdinov.

However, he stressed that “we, religious leaders, make every effort to the development of interreligious dialogue and strengthening of cooperation with co-religionists from other countries.” The government of Kazakhstan, like Russia, strongly contributes to this. Not casually in the end, the participants recalled that in the country and Eid al-Fitr and Easter are official holidays.


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