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Thursday, September 21, 2017

In Chechnya protect the rights of young children in martial arts

Chechen sports officials very sharply reacted to the allegations put forward by them in connection with the participation of young children of Ramzan Kadyrov in mixed martial arts. Got to tough and emotional statements. Meanwhile, the question remains open – whether the sports rules and Russian law that occurred during children’s martial arts in Grozny?

The situation around children’s fights during the tournament Grand Prix Akhmat 2016 even attracted the attention of the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. He, however, refrained from making a clear assessment of what happened, saying that it needs the appropriate authorities. But the mere fact that the issue has been seen on such a high level speaks volumes.

“In our sport before the competition do not allow children under 12 years of age due to risk of injuries”

In Chechnya, apparently, the cause of the scandal over children’s fights see only in the slander. So, commenting on the newspaper VIEW, the position of the organizers of the tournament – the Republican sports club “Ahmad”, his press attaché Adam Akhmadov announced that the organizers will continue to hold competitions in the format “in which you see fit”:

“The children came to the competition with his parents, who were present in the hall, were under the supervision of their trainers, who are well aware of their physical condition, so no serious incidents to be just could not. Of course, we respect Fedor as a legend of the sport, as a famous champion, but over the years our club he never approached us with a proposal for cooperation. We hold competitions, tournaments, but he in no way supported us. Why is it then expresses their opinion? We refrained from doing so when his last fight with Maldonado appointed them the judges awarded him the victory, although all saw that he lost! He does his job, trains the national team, Amateur, and professional events don’t interfere”.

We will remind that the President of the MMA Union of Russia, the quadruple world champion in MMA heavyweight version of Pride FC, double-versions RINGS on and double version WAMMA heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko was the first who publicly spoke about the fact that the appearance of the children in the ring for such tough competition is unacceptable:

“According to the official rules of the sport, acknowledged the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation, athletes under the age of 21 must enter the ring in the helmet, pads, and up to 12 years – in regarde or t-shirt. In addition, there are certain restrictions for age groups under the age of 21. The fights were conducted according to the rules that exist for adult athletes-professionals, which is not suitable for children. Children under 12 years are not permitted to speak in MMA. What happened yesterday at the tournament in Grozny, is unacceptable, and moreover, it cannot be justified! (…) Part in the fighting at the same level with adults can cause irreparable damage to the health of children that will allow them not only to continue sports career, but will harm the physical condition of the child, but also psychological”.

It would seem that the champion was considered quite delicately, however organizers of tournament in Grozny responded to his words uncompromising, Recalling all the same his bout with Maldonado, which, however, irrelevant to the incident in Grozny had not. In particular, the President of the club “Ahmad” Abuzaid Vismuradov, formerly known as the head guard of Ramzan Kadyrov, also sharply responded to criticism of the President of the Russian Union of MMA:

“The question is, who is he to assess our tournament games? Maybe he’s jealous because Grand-Prix Akhmat 2016 Final many considered the best tournament in the history of Russian MMA, and it was not invited here? Or he was a fighter for justice? Then he needs to remember his last fight where he shamefully lost and was beaten in front of the whole world, but his sales Department decided not to give a deserved victory for Fabio Maldonado. I declare, on your tournament, we will continue the fights that you see fit. We do not go beyond the law, but will not allow you to specify yourself what to do. Show me the paragraph where it says that it is impossible to carry out indicative fights, and then continue the conversation.”

In a similar vein, as reported by TASS, expressed the Director-General Akhmat Promotion Timur Dugashev who is convinced that during fights children no cruelty was not in sight, and there was no blood or serious injuries, and the children showed themselves to be “men and warriors”:

“With regard to the rules of the duels, it was completely built under the demonstrations. The criticism was, but Theodore was worth taking the situation from the perspective of men. And if he perceived it that way, then in his last fight against Fabio Maldonado he would have recognized their defeat.”

After this go to the person Emelyanenko, it seems, wanted to comment on the situation. In any case, the Executive Director of the MMA Union of Russia Tatyana Schetinina said the newspaper VIEW that “all that Emelianenko wanted to say on the matter, he said”.

It would seem that the organizers of the Chechen fighting managed to close the mouths of his main opponent. Moreover, on their side, expected to get up a children’s Ombudsman in Chechnya Khamzat Khirakhmatov, which is in the air “Kommersant FM” has declared that on tournament there were no violations of the rights of the child:

“There were no physical injuries – is the most important thing. In the future, we encouraged them to use the helmets that are required for such training. But it was only demonstrations that showed this sport to the younger generation. I went to sports school which train children, and talked with the children, with the coaching staff. This certificate I have already sent to Anna Kuznetsova”.

Most interesting is that the original venture Grand-Prix Akhmat 2016 Final was supported by a long-standing opponent of Fedor Emelianenko, who met with him in the ring and the loser is world champion in JIU-jitsu, newly minted Russian citizen Jeff Monson. Speaking about his vision of the situation “R-Sports” the athlete said that he sees in children’s fights anything bad, because “after the match, the participants shake hands, hug and Express their respect.” While television often shows war, murder and death.

Agrees with him and the head of the Crimean branch of the Committee of national and not Olympic sports of Russia Alexey Chernyak. He believes that such propaganda children’s martial arts takes children from the streets, which is what horrified, including child abuse.

In General, Emelianenko has not found mass support and understanding of colleagues, who either expressed support for the organizers of the Grand Prix Akhmat 2016, or mostly refrained from public comment on the matter. One of the few notable performances contra was the opinion of multiple world champion in kickboxing, producer Fight Nights Batu Hasikov, which broadcast “National news service” (NSN) expressed the belief that the organizers should have released the children into the ring exclusively in the appropriate gear. “To understand this, you do not need to be an expert or understand the laws,” – expressed confidence the athlete.

“Knowing what MMA can definitely say that it is a system of martial arts where to set up children’s fights is unacceptable because of the high probability of injury, shared her vision with the newspaper LOOK and the President of the Moscow Federation of JIU-jitsu, honored coach of Russia Sergey Krutovskaya. Because the competition is a full contact. In the end, there is approved by the Ministry of sports rules, there is a register of sports, where the prescribed age limit. In our sport, for example, before the competition do not allow children under 12 years”.

In turn interviewed by the newspaper VIEW, the lawyers focused on the fact that the organizers of the children’s fights have not broken existing laws, but their actions are controversial from the point of view of public morality:

“From the point of view of modern Russian legislation, organizers of the tournament have not committed anything wrong, releasing the ring of children, but the same laws, for example, do not forbid us to bring friends, – said the lawyer, human rights activist, lawyer of human rights center ROD Matthew Zeng. – Incest we are also not prohibited, and the father could sleep with an adult daughter. Even the article for cannibalism we have. Another thing is whether the baby fights without rules the rules that have been established in Amateur and professional sports? Whether society is ready to watch on television for the hard fights of minors? I think not, and it is normal for any healthy society.”

“As someone who has long been involved in martial arts, I can tell you that in MMA don’t come from the street, and have already gained during the training in other martial arts base, which, of course, have no small children, – the lawyer, the expert in law Alexei Mikhalchik. – If to remember Soviet times, there existed rigid restrictions of access to such sports from an early age that you can only go to judo and Sambo, where there are striking techniques that could lead to injury. And even there, for kids there were limits on a range of throwing and suffocating and painful receptions.

And now the section of martial arts take children even of preschool age, but the first years they are engaged exclusively in OFP, if the sparring between them and admitted, in a sparing mode, and, of course, no one brings them to the competition. Yes, playing such sports are useful for the child, he receives psychological confidence, the skills to protect themselves in an extreme situation, but fanaticism should not be here because of the injury can seriously affect the health of the growing organism.

So I fully agree with the opinion of Fedor Emelianenko, I think, to what happened in Grozny must be followed by the harsh reaction of sports officials and doctors should give professional opinion on the possibility of children’s participation in tournaments such formats”.

However, the situation is that all parties to the conflict remained unconvinced, so, really, only the sports Ministry may arbitrate in the ensuing dispute. It is known that the Ministry of sports of Russia has already sent the corresponding request for the children fighting in Grozny.

“Request sent children, – commented on the situation RIA “news” the head of Department Vitaly Mutko. But in martial arts there are rules. If we talk about fights without rules, they should all be within the law. It is time for the subject to talk about. Can’t happen of the competition, if they are not following the rules. There is a certain age limit. It is necessary to understand. If this show is one if the competition is something completely different.”


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