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Sunday, March 11, 2018

How Russia will react to the accusations of Kerry in the crimes in Syria

When joking is the American actor Jim Carrey, performer roles in the films “the Mask,” “Dumb, dumber” or “the Truman Show” – we laugh. But when it begins to joke his less famous namesake John, U.S. Secretary of state — is not funny. This Friday he agreed to the fact that “Russia’s actions in Syria must be investigated as war crimes”. But John, not Jim, who at any moment can hide behind a charming smile or a green mask, he — the foreign Minister of the world’s nuclear powers. And the question on how Russia should react to his statements, can respond, unfortunately, only military expert. “MK” asked to the editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor KOROTCHENKO.

John Kerry. Photo: flickr.com/МИД Russia

– USA leads the information war against Russia. The Americans are trying to “hang all the dogs” for what is happening in Aleppo at us. Even though they have not fulfilled the basic conditions of the armistice was signed, they did not affect them controlled by the Syrian armed opposition. All of Russia’s proposals for humanitarian corridors was also blocked by them. The United States in Syria trying to do the same in Iraq where they showed a vial with white powder as evidence that Saddam is preparing an attack on the civilized world. It turned out that this is completely untrue. The same absolute lie to Russia is now engaged in Kerry.

– How to explain to the General reader, who does not believe in conspiracy theories, why do you need US?

– The US has two goals: the destruction of Assad (physical or political) in Syria as a key country in the middle East from the point of view of geopolitics. The second was to oust Russia from the area of its traditional geopolitical interests. The Americans, naturally, applauded our efforts to defeat terrorism in the region. And trying to disrupt the guidance there is a relative order.

– How to deal with accusations that we are bombing sanitary tent with the wounded.

– Let the Americans these charges hang on his chest and go with them. They caused erroneous attack on Syrian army positions, and they bombed a number of civilian settlements, killing children and the elderly. This States prefer not to remember, engaging in information attacks on Russia. That will tell what do you think: insolent Yankees. Russian aerospace forces and the Syrian army have undermined the monopoly position of the US as world policeman. The us is a shame.

– Every American President in recent memory was “a fad”. One – Serbia, the other Georgia, the Ukraine or the middle East. The future President a “fad”?

– Obama will go down in history as a failed President. He said that Assad must go, and goes himself. But Assad sits quietly in his seat in Damascus. But the new President, be it Clinton or trump, will not change the attitude to Russia. We must learn to live with the idea that the us is no longer a partner and geopolitical rival, a military opponent. Regardless of the personality of their President, we must protect its geopolitical interests and not care what us or say about us USA. The rules of the game have changed: you have to do what we see fit without regard to Washington.

– We are no longer partners forever?

– We do not want confrontation with the Americans, but we understand that the window of opportunity for the full-scale partnership between Russia and the United States slammed. Not from our side.


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