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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Experts told where else besides the samovar, you can put a wire

The juicy details of the collection of dirt on the chief of the interagency cooperation and private security RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, who is now under investigation had caused serious resonance in the society. Once the security services have demonstrated that they are not deprived of everyday ingenuity, and sense of humor – after all, listened strongman with donated them to a samovar, which was adorned with the symbols of the units.

However, as found “MK”, spyware information-gathering methods of today are in great demand among ordinary citizens for the surveillance of the object of adoration and for the purpose of commercial espionage.

The painting of Boris Kustodiev “merchant’s wife drinking tea”

We contacted a private detective Agency in Moscow and found out where, for what purpose are most commonly installed “bugs” and the camcorder, how it is done and how it works.

Now, as explained “MK” in the Agency and more likely to become the object of surveillance of the visitors of entertainment venues (bars, cafes), hotels, locker rooms, gyms, toilets. Installed tiny video cameras in offices, classrooms, private clinics, hostels, rented apartments.

Camera or radio microphone for masking is mounted in any suitable for this sort of thing – stick, mouse pad, picture frame, Cup, vase, curtain, etc. In this case, indeed, as in the case of a samovar, it can be granted things. That is originally in a gift set the bug, and then it is presented to the victim. It is very convenient, – told the Agency, adding that in the bedroom, typically “bugs” to gain incriminating evidence in the intimate life of the victim, in classrooms and offices, for the purpose of commercial espionage or for exposing unscrupulous employees.

According to the interlocutor, today there are several types of audio “bugs”, which differ in method and in quality.

For example, the very popular GSM-bugs-enabled SIM card (the wire is included, after this the bug you are calling). They are used as a premises for a cell phone. It works, of course, provided that there is a cellular network. Also there is FM radio “bugs.” Is the radio working as a professional FM wireless microphones and transmission high quality stereo sound at a distance of one kilometer. They are often used by parents to control adolescents, – explained the source of “MK”.

As for the player, according to the interlocutor, most likely used professional radiojack that works on frequencies exceeding 400 MHz.

– It uses ultra-high frequency (UHF). These devices very high quality sound. But you need a special receiver to be within reach of the listening device. These “bugs” can be installed on any objects or simply masked in power supply 220 V (from the mains often work. The other time depends on the resource of the battery). Such a transmitter is activated immediately after hears the voice, – said the source.

As for telephone bugs, it can be installed across the telephone line, that is, anywhere within the building or home. “Bug” is triggered when starting to use the phone line.

By the way, according to the interlocutor of “MK”, it is worth considering if you have noticed some oddities in the operation of the phone.

– Most likely you are listening, if the battery becomes too hot, the phone is draining quickly, you often hear the interference, telephone long turns on or off. In addition, it should be wary if your phone starts to “fail” and he downloads unwanted apps or inadvertently turns on the screen etc.


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