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Friday, December 15, 2017

Congratulated in Moscow, new York and Dresden hung posters with Putin

Day 64 anniversary, Russian President Vladimir Putin to the unknown stretched a large banner on a bridge in new York, and a few hours later, a similar poster appeared in Moscow. The third image was the graffiti of the Russian leader in full height in Dresden. And everywhere the signature of the “peacemaker”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

On 7 October the Russian President turns 64. President come congratulations from other heads of state. One of the first, for example, has congratulated the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

State Duma deputies decided to Excel and send to the President a bouquet somehow from 450 roses.

Read more: state Duma Deputies have decided to present to Putin on birthday 450 roses

But some gifts Putin made by unknown activists. One hung a banner reading “Peacemaker” (“Peacemaker”) right under the nose of Barack Obama on a bridge in new York. A banner with a picture of Vladimir Putin with the trestle bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn, the police took only an hour.

#Peacemaker pic.twitter.com/xeTh7YiPEN

— Htodosiy (@Htodosiy) 7 Oct 2016

Watch the video on “Published the video as a banner with Putin dismantled with Manhattan bridge”

Second, as it turned out, students from Syria, hung a huge banner on the Crimean bridge in Moscow with a portrait of Putin, the Syrian flag and the words “Thank you for peace.”

The Syrian students studying in Metropolitan universities, hung a banner “Putin, thank you for the world” the Golden gate bridge.

Happy Birthday, Mr President! pic.twitter.com/PKZAJiadZN

Maria Katasonova (@KatasonovaMaria) 7 Oct 2016

To congratulate Putin decided in Germany: unknown in Dresden drew graffiti on the wall — the Russian President with the suit in full growth, and again the words “Peacemaker”.

Guten Morgen! Habt ihr schon gesehen diese Gratulation? In diesem Haus hat #Putin gewohnt!@RadioDresden#Dresden pic.twitter.com/IH5uvf8rNu

— Matthias Berger (@mtthsberger) 7 Oct 2016

Media believe that this world event.


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