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Friday, March 16, 2018

As the Syrians celebrate Putin’s birthday

On the Birthday Putin, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry called for an international investigation into the actions of Putin and Assad, in fact, accused them of committing war crimes in Syria and has threatened military Tribunal. Ordinary Syrians on their pages in social networks today hang portraits of Putin and congratulate him on his 64 th birthday.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“Happy birthday, Abu Ali Putin Habib” – “Abu Ali” means “hero”, it is almost legalized in Syria, the appeal to GDP.

“The West is terrified of Putin,” writes another user.

“Mr. Putin, I want to kiss you, thank you for your position in my native Syria and foretells you a speedy victory” – a women’s emotions.

Many machines in Damascus are decorated with photographs of Putin. Also some where posted the flags of Russia, those side by side with the flags of Syria, which there is a huge number, almost on every building.But the number of posts here in the capital compared to last year, when almost every street was guarded by the militia everywhere were anti-tank, lay sand bags, was reduced almost by half.

“Actually, Damascus is now calm, does not compare with what it was a year ago — and it’s all thanks to a Russian – told the “MK” on the phone of Russian-speaking residents of the city. – Life goes on as before, as if the war is no more. The sounds of bombing are not heard even from afar. Only yesterday, fired at the Russian Embassy, three shells hit the building, we believe that it is the response of Americans to the new initiatives of Moscow.

It is known that Russian military assistance to Syria started a year ago — at the end of September 2015. During this time, according to Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the situation in civil war-torn country significantly stabilized.

But now the West accuses Putin of vengeance is that it uses high-precision weapons in the bombing of Syria — that, say, puts in unequal position of Russian troops from the so-called “moderate opposition”. Which. They say, too, is at war with Assad — and also for the freedom of Syria.

“There is no moderate opposition with heavy arms, – said ANAS Mohsen, a prominent Syrian political analyst and journalist. – No opposition to the “castle”, with anti-tank missiles. This is the usual terrorists. As if the West didn’t want to see them in a different role.”

The last few days heavy fighting continued in the area of Aleppo. The gain of this front line are not coincided with the deterioration of Russian-American relations on the Syrian issue. The city’s entrenched militants, who are holding civilians.

“Many refugees left these areas in advance, but there are those who still remains, and use them as human shields. There are children, the elderly, women… Although it seems to be opened a corridor through which they could leave too, they just are not allowed to do – say the Syrians. – Where entrenched militants from Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaida (the banned terrorist organization).

The Syrian government army together with the allies advancing in the area of Aleppo very quickly. According to some experts, the complete liberation of the city can be expected for the New year. Of course, if all goes as goes.

The message of John Kerry on this desirable for the American ruling elite, the outcome of the Syrian operation — where they sleep and see Putin and Assad in a new Nuremberg, came shortly after the last U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, over security concerns escaped from Damascus in 2011 year, allegedly said that the Americans have exhausted all political means of resolving the middle East problem. They lost all the controls and do not play any more any role. And the blame for this primarily Kerry.

I was in Syria several times, including during the war. And I can say one thing: John Kerry nor have never seen personally nor this earth, nor the suffering of the people inhabiting it, has no right to their opinion.

Using the Internet, and then there are photos of dead and wounded civilians allegedly killed by Russian shells.

“It’s all fake photos. I could swear we have this. In Syria these pictures, no one believes, because we know the truth – says ANAS Mohsen, the analyst. – Staged photo as false filming ISIS terrorists are doing another 12-year”.

By the way, the point about Kerry’s military Tribunal on Syria, surprisingly, coincides with the worldview of the terrorist ISIL: they too believe that only Putin is to blame for the fact that their backs are against the wall.

Watch the video on “Published the video as a banner with Putin dismantled with Manhattan bridge”


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