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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Women’s Breasts can seriously damage the psyche in five ways

The prevailing social ideas about what should be the ideal female breast, lead to the fact that many women begin to suffer from serious mental problems because of dissatisfaction with their own bodies. As recently reported by the American physician John Zannis, often at the same time plays the role of one of five major factors.

photo: pixabay.com

First, the size of the breast, corresponding to socially accepted notions of the ideal, may cause depression. It could go on and on too large Breasts, but most women, by contrast, perceive their Breasts are too small, which makes the operation to increase the most popular form of cosmetic surgery in many countries of the world (though, of why such operations can only exacerbate the problem, to be explained later).

Secondly, the negative effect on the mental state of women may affect the form of her Breasts. As explained specialist, outlines, taken today in many cultures for “perfect”, in fact seldom achieved in a natural way. However, if a girl is overly concerned that her Breasts are not perfect, it could turn into a full-fledged mental disorder — dysmorphobia (also known as BDD or body dysmorphia). The essence of this disorder is that the person starts to perceive a small and often subjective defect or even just a feature of their appearance as a huge problem, not allowing them to achieve success in any sphere of life.

Thirdly, insufficient rapidly developing Breasts in adolescence may lead to the formation of complexes, which in the future will affect the psychological state of women and in adulthood. Too fast growing body and can harm emotional balance — girls who have formed a breast, somewhat more likely to be prone to depression and drug addiction, and eating disorders.

Fourth, a strong blow to the woman’s self-esteem can cause asymmetrical Breasts. In this case, the situation may be exacerbated by the fact that the woman often feels discriminated against — it is much more difficult than others to find suitable clothes.

Finally, surgery to change the size or shape of the breast, instead of “solve” some of the problems mentioned above, can only produce a new one. Women who feel that they live with the “unnatural” Breasts, as they resemble the traces of the operation and the implants, as shown by several studies, is several times more prone to some mental illness.

Thus, there is only one truly effective way to protect mental health of many women, according to experts, is the revision of the approach to how women are taught to perceive their own body.


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