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Friday, October 28, 2016

Weight girls depends on the stage of her relationship with a man

The weight of the women who have entered into a relationship with a man, subsequently modified, and in some stages in the smaller side, while others on the contrary, in most. Specialists from the British University of health found out how often and how vividly similar trends are evident.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by a number of media with reference to scientists, the study involved about 3 thousand inhabitants of great Britain. As it turned out, women have only recently found a few, often dropping a few pounds in the first months of the relationship. Then, when the relationship can be called stable, approximately 70% of girls manifest the opposite trend — they gain 4-5 pounds, becoming thus even more full than it was originally.

According to scientists, the situation is changing again before the wedding in anticipation of this event, the women, most of them, again become noticeably slimmer. Subsequent weight gain is often associated with pregnancy. Further development of family relations is also accompanied by those or other changes of the female figure, but they are more individual and differ from couple to couple.

Experts point out that fluctuations in weight of girls is influenced by a number of factors. Of course, some of these factors are psychological: in certain periods, a woman wants to lose weight to look better, and in others follow the figure and begins unconsciously to overeat under the influence of stresses. However, the vivid emotions sometimes not only force a woman to consciously monitor their diet, but also affect it from a purely physiological point of view, affecting appetite, digestion and condition of the body.

In any case, experts recommend to girls that are in relationships, as indeed other people in any situation to ensure that neither weight loss nor weight gain were not too abruptly, thereby potentially causing harm to the body.


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