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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

USA forced Germany to introduce a “Syrian” sanctions against Russia

Publication in The Wall Street Journal claims that the Cabinet of Angela Merkel admits the introduction of new sanctions for the sake of “change of course” in Syria similar to provocative stuffing and pressure from the “American partners”, experts say. In fact, the existing “Crimean-Ukrainian” sanctions actually boycotted the European business and criticized the German foreign Ministry.

The U.S. edition of the Wall Street Journal, citing a source familiar with the situation, reported that the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel “is exploring options that would force Moscow to change course in Syria.” One of these tools is “the introduction of new EU economic sanctions against Russia.”

“The likelihood that Germany could introduce new, additional sanctions, primarily economic, is equal to zero”

Yet, according to the source, discussion on the possible introduction of restrictive measures is in the early stages. It is also not clear how broad will be support for new sanctions in the German Parliament.

The message looks a bit strange on the background of the fact that on Wednesday the representative of the German foreign Ministry, Martin Schaefer said the proposal on sanctions against Russia because of politics in Syria at the present time are not discussed.

“I don’t know anyone in Berlin or elsewhere, who would make such a proposal,” he said.

In addition, previously the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, the representative of the Social democratic party (SPD) Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he did not support the idea of introduction of new sanctions against Russia. In his opinion, these measures will not change Russian policy towards Syria.

Moreover, the Commissioner of the German government for German-Russian intersocietal cooperation Gernot Erler said the news portal channel ZDFheute.de that appeared the first reflections on the collapse of the sanctions: “the sanctions Policy in the form in which it took place in the Ukrainian conflict, is not encouraging to again use the tool”.

Provocative stuffing

“First, the publication of the WSJ was only one link for a source – to a man who could say anything. Secondly, representatives of the government officially denied that this kind of discussion,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW is now in the Berlin head of the Center for German studies, Deputy Director of the Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav Belov.

The spokesman stressed: there is no doubt that the German government will go the American way and will impose any sanctions, additional to what has already been entered. Berlin, as well as the leadership of the European Union, does not approve of Russia’s actions in Syria, “but at least leaves a window of negotiations with Russia – in particular, with the Russian foreign Ministry” stresses Belov.

“The publication of The Wall Street Journal was a provocative injection, which forced not only to discuss the topic of sanctions “due to Russia’s actions in Syria” and made the official circles of Germany react accordingly to it – emphasizes Belov. In my opinion, the likelihood that Germany could introduce new, additional sanctions, primarily economic, is zero.” But, he added, theoretically, one cannot rule out such a development.

“The struggle such methods destroy the economic system”

The Wall Street Journal – a publication known for its critical attitude to Russia, said in comments to the “National news service” the German scientist, scientific Director of the German-Russian forum Alexander Rahr. Some media have taken the side of the “war party”, wishful thinking, the expert said.

Therefore, puts the PAP, he wouldn’t “give such weight to this publication”. “But if you do so, then we enter into a new, really strange era of international relations, when any political action, for any state to defend its geopolitical interests, will begin to impose sanctions,” – emphasizes RAR.

The expert believes that “the struggle such methods actually destroys the world economic system, because the trust is crumbling”. “If every conflict that arises, to impose sanctions, and even without the participation of the UN in resolving these problems, the penny the price to all arrangements and all trust between the two countries, who for the last 25 years lined up,” said Rahr.

Eurobonds interesting eurosenti

That imposed by the European Union at the behest of the US anti-Russian sanctions are not only not beneficial, but de facto ignored is the obvious fact, pointed to the German media.

So, a week ago, the influential newspaper Die Welt noted: foreign investors are forgetting about the sanctions imposed in 2014, lashed out at the Russian Eurobonds – we are talking about the second placement of Eurobonds in the amount of $ 1.25 billion. “All of a sudden Russia is once again receiving money from the West” – draws the attention of the German edition.

“At the same time Russia has enough opportunities for new loans. The country’s public debt does not exceed 15% of GDP, a level which Western countries can only dream of, and one of the merits of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin” – quoted by RIA “Novosti” publication Die Welt.

“Syrian sanctions” – the “invention” of Obama

Recall that in the summer of 2014, Berlin joined the European sanctions that were imposed over events in Ukraine. As conditions for the lifting of restrictions on the West puts the implementation of the Minsk agreements on settling the situation in Donbas.

With regard to the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions over Syria, it is about their need to actively talk lately in the United States. So, White house spokesman Josh earnest on 3 October said that President Barack Obama is considering sanctions as one of the options in response to Russia’s actions in Syria.

On the possibility of imposing sanctions has already said the state Department.

On Monday evening, the United States announced termination of participation in the bilateral channels of communication with Russia on Syria. The state Department said that U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry briefed the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov on termination of the cooperation.

The United States expressed a desire to cooperate with Russia on Syria in the framework of multilateral format.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that the United States failed to implement the agreement on Syria, trying to shift the responsibility on Russia.

We will remind, the Russian foreign Ministry said that threats of sanctions against Russia for Syria is an absolute nonsense, these statements are aimed at people who don’t follow the situation.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the reference to Washington’s sanctions against Russia in the context of the situation in Syria causes deep misunderstanding, given the failure of U.S. agreement with Moscow.

We need the United States, but does not need Europe

In this case, while discussing the next portion of sanctions against Russia over Syria, many in Europe questioned the need and usefulness of the “Ukrainian” package of anti-Russian sanctions. Previously Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, speaking at the Council on foreign relations in new York, clearly hinted Kiev at the possibility of lifting the sanctions against Moscow. “We know that if they give a reason the EU now has at least five countries that I want to say: “We want to get out of sanctions against Moscow”, – transfers its words of RIA “news”.

Us Vice President admitted that since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine spends two or three hours a week in phone calls with Ukrainian leaders, urging them strongly to reform, at the same time “pressing” in Germany, France and Italy, the idea to adhere to the sanctions policy.

Biden did not specify which countries he has in mind, however, previously the President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis said that the restrictions do not solve the problem in Ukraine, and according to the Slovak Prime Minister Robert fico, they are harmful to the EU countries, benefiting only the United States. In addition, resolution with a call to soften the sanctions regime approved by both chambers of the French Parliament, as well as the power of the four Italian regions.


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