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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Ukrainian Parliament decided not to make the Russian stars to recognize the “aggression of the Russian Federation”

Ukrainian MP Mykola knyazhytskyy has put forward a bill which was to oblige all Russian artists, if they are going to come on tour to Ukraine to sign a special statement about the “aggression” of Russia in relation to the host country. However, this proposal did not inspire a lot of his colleagues.

photo: pixabay.com

In fact, the situation was tense. So the bill passed, he had to gain 226 votes, has collected 223 at the third attempt, the result was rejected. The discussions were serious passions boiled. More all criticized the bill, calling it destructive, Olga Chervakova, member of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” (BPP): “This law was created in order to put Makarevich and Grebenshchikov. Can you imagine what will happen to them when they sign a statement condemning Russian aggression? You understand that upon returning home they will receive the sky in the box? The same is true of many filmmakers who come to Ukraine”.

Mykola knyazhytsky, in turn, sharply responded to the statement of Olga, did not mince words (direct speech, Mr. Knyazhitsky uncut, the syntax of the “author” preserved): “While we do not show who in this room is against the Ukraine who are speculating and lying for the benefit of oligarchic regime, which plundered the Ukraine 25 years, nothing will. When the regime is trying through such dogs as Leshchenko, who sits there and barks through such a wretch as Cermakova, which climbs to inter, to discredit Ukraine, you go and dance with them in the Ukrainian bones.”

After such violent speeches do not stand for the Deputy from BPP Sergey Leshchenko: “About morality to us now tells the person who at the time of Yanukovych destroyed the only opposition channel TBI. This man – agent mishandled, which defends the interests of the Kremlin.”

This is not the first attempt to limit the rights of Russian artists in Ukraine. Moreover, some of them were quite successful. For example, in June this year the Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill on amendments to the law “About television and broadcasting” according to which the radio will have to be at least 35% of the songs in the Ukrainian language. Amendments will be effective now and will be progressively introduced over three years. It is, of course, only about the music radio stations. For the failure of the law provides for special sanctions. It should be noted that its adoption has caused confusion and many Ukrainian artists, long and confident, singing in Russian. But, apparently, they will have to accept the harsh fate and to learn new repertoire, or to transfer their existing pieces of music in their native language.

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