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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The initiative of the official Ministry of economic development has caused the protest of the authors

The scope of copyright, and without the calm, reeling for the second consecutive year. First, the attention of the public and the media deserve former head of the Russian authors ‘ society Sergey Fedotov, with their impressive assets. This story logically ended the criminal case, it soon became clear that the abuse-it was just the tip of the iceberg, and it is necessary to reform the entire system. Than copyright community successfully took: put together an extraordinary conference of the RAO, replaced the guide outlined a set of measures for the recovery of the industry.

photo: pixabay.com

And then a new attack. This time on the part of government officials. Recently, the state Secretary of economic development Oleg Fomichev suggested to transfer functions of collective management of copyright and related rights in state public-legal company.

Masters and specialized business immediately addressed a protest to Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov. Was signed by the composers Igor Krutoy, Maxim Fadeev, Stas Namin, Edward Artemiev, Victor Drobysh, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Konstantin Meladze, the producers are Iosif Prigozhin and Vladimir shurochkin, as well as representatives of Warner Music Russia, Universal Music Russia, Sony Music Russia, United Music Group, National music publishers, the National Federation of music industry executives music publishers and record companies.

International Confederation of societies of authors and composers (CISAC), under which work 239 organizations from 123 countries, also responded to the initiative of Russian officials. So, in his address to Igor Shuvalov, the General Director of CISAC Gadi Oron pointed to the fact that the proposals of the Ministry of economic development sharply depart from the established international practices.

However, while Mr Fomichev failed to convince. Perhaps I should give the word by the venerable and not the authors. Their scores make the situation absolutely clear.

Eduard Artemyev, composer, people’s artist of Russia:

The idea of Ministry on returning to the VAAP, whatever you call it Association or something, that’s absurd, I just don’t understand what could come to him.

There is also global experience, have experience RAO, WIPO, CPR – our country in the field of copyright has achieved great success. Why lower us to the level of Senegal, Cuba, Morocco, what to look for examples so far, the tragic experience of the state of copyright society in Ukraine right before the eyes.

Victor Drobysh, producer, composer, honored artist of Russia:

I was struck by the shamelessness of Mr Fomichev, when he expressed support for the author’s community proposed the expropriation of right holders the ability to decide how we want to manage our own rights. This statement is made after literally all representatives of the music industry came together and declared its disagreement with the proposals of the Ministry of economic development. We will insist that the regulation of copyrights were controlled by the Ministry of culture is there at least understand what was going on, so don’t screw it up.

Stas Namin, composer, performer, producer:

Strange, the impression is that someone not involved in the building of intellectual property, and some intrigue. Recently we wrote an open letter signed by almost all the leading music producers and authors of first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov with a copy to the Ministry, which clearly stated that neither the company nor any fictional Association, we, the authors, performers, producers – is not necessary.

We have a long time on behalf of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin engaged in building a transparent and equitable mechanism that will not depend on one person, or group of people. Mechanism, which will be built on the basis of modern technologies, and that it is impossible to deceive. We have a full understanding within the industry, and I am convinced that such a mechanism will be built in the near future.

Gentlemen officials, we ask that you give us the opportunity to organize the work of the Russian authors ‘ society – RAO, a conference was held, and the authors have identified how they see the development of the organization. Please just let us work and create.

Igor Butman, the musician, composer, people’s artist of Russia:

To deal with copyright – it is necessary to understand this issue, at least – know legislation. We have already expressed our position in reference to I. I. Shuvalov – we believe that the authors have already shown its willingness and ability to self-organization, we are able to restore order in the Affairs of organizations that govern our rights. The new VAAP in any form we do not need.

Ilya Reznik, composer, people’s artist of Russia:

I was very surprised by the proposals of the Ministry of economic development Fomichev. It turns out that he wants to repeat the negative experience of the education, only in the state structures. Very rightly said about Alexei Volin of the Ministry of communications of Russia – RAO, which is not a government structure, and even have found justice, but if you introduce a state monopoly, then we all will just have to go to officials and ask for their money.

Anatoly Kroll, performer, composer, people’s artist of Russia:

Rights holders has shown the ability to self-organize and willingness to self to bring order to their Affairs.

But the main thing – the current system allows every rights holder to personally participate in the collective management of rights through membership in relevant organizations. The proposals the Ministry of economic development contain provisions which are inconsistent with the spirit of collective management of rights and are in conflict with established and proven international practices.

Khabir Ibragimov, playwright, Executive Director of the Tatar Agency of intellectual property:

A new organization, no matter in what form it will be created, will not be able to protect the interests of the holders as the existing companies for the collective management of rights which have a certain experience, experience, established contacts and contracts with sponsors, applying for compensation, and with companies using their works.

Oleg Ershov, poet, composer, writer, producer, actor, performer of art song (Kaliningrad):

I don’t really understand how you can suggest to replace stable working in our country, the mechanism of collective management to something abstract, has not yet been created, not tested. Despite the criticism and recurring issues to the system, its efficiency generally recognize themselves as rights holders and major international organizations, which is also important.

Igor Zhukov, poet, writer, storyteller, member of the Union of writers of Russia (Ivanovo, Russia):

I believe that to strengthen the state regulation of such areas as collective management of copyright, there is no need, because it is already regulated to a large extent by the members of creative organizations.

Oleg Nekrasov, producer, author, General Director of LLC “Publishing house “Monolith”:

The entire music business, all the right holders are clearly against the proposed economic development model of increasing government intervention in collective management of copyright. Regardless of whether it’s in the form of a public-law company or some state of the Association.


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