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Friday, July 21, 2017

The expert commented on the forecast of the generals of the USA about the inevitable war with Russia

A large-scale war between the US, Russia and China is almost inevitable, it will be fleeting and with a large number of victims. Such a grim scenario, according to Western media, drew the American generals who gathered at the annual conference of the Association of the U.S. army in Washington. Also, the us military acknowledged the fact that the competition in the military sphere between the three countries can lead to the fact that the US will lose its dominance in the air that will cause problems for the American army and Navy. “MK” asked the Russian military experts, are these predictions real, and what motivates overseas generals to rush such loud statements.

photo: pixabay.com

Statements about the coming inevitable war was declared by the army chief of staff, U.S. army, mark Milly. According to the newspaper The Independent at the conference of senior officers of the United States expressed the belief that the conflict with the use of conventional arms will be fleeting and lead to enormous casualties. As the generals recognized that the rapid development of China and Russia could cause the United States will lose dominance in the air and it will cause problems for the army and Navy, and in the end, the success of Russia and China in military sphere and the creation of new technologies has forced US to start preparing for war on such a scale that the us army not seen since the Korean war of 1950-1953

Military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, member of the expert Council of the Military-industrial Commission Victor murakhovski believes that the statements of American generals about the inevitability of war between the US, Russia and China is nothing more than a populist stuffing.

“It seems that American generals are totally detached from reality and live in a certain part of the virtual world, – said the expert. The last time such populist forecasts are becoming more, and they are based apparently on a lot of guesswork”.

According to Victor Murakhovski, the statement that the conflict with conventional weapons can be fleeting does not maintain any criticism.

“None of the modern conflict in which America would participate, was not fleeting, the experience of fighting US and allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, says just the opposite. Wars are protracted and no high technology is not allow America to finish them quickly,” – said the expert.

In turn, military expert Mikhail Khodarenok agreed with the American generals that Russia and China are actively developing their military technology and that the US will gradually lose its hegemony in this field a matter of time.:”Of course it will not happen in one year, not even for five years, but the trend is such that Americans on the heels of we are coming very strongly and of course it disturbs them greatly”.

Commenting on the inevitable war between the US, China and Russia, the expert recalled that the last time such statements from the lips of American generals with big stars are constant. “Of course they have no real motive. The us army is just trying to play on the fear of their constituents, in order that the military budget was not cut. The more fear, the more money allocated for defense,” says the Khodarenok. In his opinion, nothing more than another fantasy of the American generals about the coming war are not confirmed.


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