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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Show the “world class” version Choi Loboda

In the tradition of show business musical season and a New year in pre-Petrine Russia, begins in September. By the fall of artists and producers usually prepare “killer” to the best of their ability novelties to “Bang” on the hit parade, rotation, to initiate a new wave of interest in itself and, if lucky, ready to prepare for Christmas parties, which are known to be many and year feed. At least — fed. More recently,…

Anita Tsoy took aim at the heart of the audience with their anniversary show. Photo: press-service of the singer.

With the onset of the crisis are meager indeed, this trend, however, is slightly blurred, and now the singers but the singer indulges in all serious in any time of the day and night, year and season, when you get the opportunity. However, the inertia — thing is annoying, and how oversaturated the autumn poster various premieres, presentations, discovery — proof. Someone’s efforts go to waste, someone still manages to stay afloat, luring viewers who believe the detail in the blown out purses on their concerts. And for the sake of the actors are ready not just to stand on the ears, and turn inside out.

A new trend on the national stage — the “world-class show”. It is believed that on the show ordinary Russian, so to say, the caliber of people are now not very and go. Even if you’re a pop star-Royal proportions. And sponsorship “penny” is now employed in the Directors of the foreign circus casino, bad understanding, who, where, why they were called, but happy to work out “in polruki” (to fuck off), to any local zvezdas amuse his painfully bloated to the extent of the Kremlin stars ambition. Others, who believe that we are our own masters and professionals are trying to reinvent the wheel, zealous distributing resources. And those who their ambitions commensurate with common sense and sense of taste (and measures) in these races look more confident and better.

Anita Tsoy came to the tenth anniversary show in the jubilee 20 th year creative career, my hands, among other things, and directing (my own productions). Mysterious at first glance the code “10/20” is the explanation of this simple math. It remains one of the few who are honored with music awards not only for singing hits, but also for the production of his own show (“Your A”, “East”).

Like many stars with the experience, the actress was at some point at a creative crossroads and embarked on a radical rebranding — not so much fashion, much music. Brightness, it should always, and a recent album, “Without of Things” with “britpoppy” accent became more unexpected musical revelation, favorably accepted by the public. New hit “Aim for the heart”, launched in the summer, “zapolirovat” success, still kept steadily in the charts, and became both a musical preview of the coming anniversary show.

The artist says that this “show of dreams, created by your own hands,” and also promises “world-class”, provided not only its rich imagination, powerful machinery, decorations, Oriental colorful costumes, but also the team which meticulously selected, and 16 ballet choreographers from around the world. Bright features in the regions of the fragments of the future performance on the eve of the Moscow premiere, she managed to achieve, perhaps, the chief: the rumor went…

From Svetlana Loboda creative experience twice less than that of the experienced Anita is 10 years. At the Moscow “Eurovision-2009” as a young starlet from Kiev, she won the 12th place with the song Be My Valentine, and for a long time, then about the dancer are almost never heard. And when I heard she was already a Megastar in his native Ukraine, while also not over doubt and thoughts about how and where to move in the work on. With the hit “40 degrees” three years ago, she began her second major coming to Russia — it was not smooth, although on the rise. Then show business of Russia and Ukraine was still a single organism with a twisted system of links and dependencies. The system is now completely destroyed, but remain spectators and artists who still need and love each other.

New work the singer has consistently been in the top charts and hot rotation, hit the “Look up in the sky,” a duet with Emin received one of the music awards in 2015 in the relevant category. And those lucky people who was in November last year in Kiev Palace “Ukraine” at the anniversary show Loboda “Time to home”, was speechless and choked with delight. Not inflating in Paphos cheeks, not wypoczywa eyes, and just battling on the spot luxury typical vocals, the sensual singing, phenomenal directing and dramaturgy, the artist just “broke” the hall is really a world-class performance, although this definition was completely absent in the poster, and in press releases. However, Kylie Minogue and Beyonce, and especially “croaking” Rihanna would not that envy, and to learn something from Garnier lasses from Ukraine. Her new dance blockbuster “Your eyes” , meanwhile, instantly struck the September charts “REAR”, once again confirming that Loboda has become today is not only one of the most exciting players in the pop market and has become one of the bright hopes of the modern pop scene.

The current results of the hit parade


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