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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Russian scientists have invented a robot mole that could “grind” the concrete

Mobile plant for drill tunnels in any ground, including the moon, was created by the specialists of Tomsk Polytechnic University and Federal research center of coal and coal chemistry SB RAS (Kemerovo). Geokhod (they named their creation the scientists) is, in fact, the prototype of the first mobile robot underground, which is very needed, as the plotters of tunnels underground, and rescuers are parsing the rubble of destroyed houses or mines.

photo: TPU

So, geokhod is a machine of cylindrical form, which, unlike the currently existing mining and tunneling machines, no tracks, no spacer-walking mechanism. Also, unlike them, he is more mobile: if the standard equipment is able to move only in a straight line, geokhod can move in an arc with a slope angle of 25 degrees, that is, to break through the underground tunnels by the example of the mole with a decent for rotary machine speed: up to 6 meters per hour. Besides, the brainchild of Tomsk developers turned out much lighter than its predecessors, weighing up to 150 tons, about six times. This was achieved through the use of modern composite materials and alloys.

However, the main novelty, and is allowed to leave massive tracks, according to the head of the laboratory of underground robotics Institute of coal SB RAS Professor Vladimir AKSENOVis a fundamentally new mechanism for screwing into the rock by means of external propulsion. It works on the principle of a propeller plane or a submarine that recycling of air and water masses moving forward. Similarly, Wencelas in the breed, repelled by it cutting drums of geokhod. He has something in the likeness of mechanical hands for the repulsion of waste rock to the side.

– Who most needed geokhod?

– I hope in the future our underground robot will replace most types of tunneling machinery. This machine is the necessary of EMERCOM of Russia for rescue of people from-under blockages. If you remember, when the Chernobyl accident, rescuers manually assorted collapsed the fourth block to go to the emergency reactor, and requires a great human endeavor and fraught with greater risk for them.

photo: TPU

– How it will be managed geokhod?

Yet consider the option of remote control.

In fact, you invented the machine that creates thrust by interacting with the environment? Where else in the future it can be used?

Today much is said about the creation of a lunar base. Dwelling on it, most likely will be built in the ground to protect the first lunar residents from strong cosmic radiation. Besides the necessary equipment for the extraction of minerals possible. Now imagine how long it will take to transfer to the moon mining and tunneling machines up to 150 tons! Load capacity the heavyweight rockets just is not enough. But if we will offer a lightweight version of our underground robot? Besides, it would be possible to use our vengeance geokhods is considered and on the ground – for laying underground communications underground and transport highways.

– At what stage is now the development?

In Kemerovo at the local repair and mechanical plant we test the concrete – working on the launch of our robot.


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