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Monday, March 19, 2018

Revolution in 2017 canceled

Today people live simultaneously in two worlds: virtual and real. And is the dominant virtual world. It’s more convenient. It is not necessary to strain. Of life, usually chosen those facts and events that correspond to the virtual picture of the world. In such a world, for the most part all bad. The negative is bathed in a sea of virtuality. Therefore, this world it turns out even black and white, and are twisted and distorted. But it often passes for the truth in the last instance.

The socio-economic situation in the country is more than difficult. The secret of it is not even power. Reputable economists and other experts to thoroughly explain what today just bad, and tomorrow will be even worse. Use figures, macroeconomic indicators. “Income of the population consistently declining for the 22nd month in a row, and only in August, according to Rosstat, they fell by 8.3%. And this despite the fact that in July analysts of the Higher school of Economics noted: the share of Russians who do not have enough money to buy that clothing, and even food, has reached 41.4 per cent”. Compare era, allude to the coincidence of dates. Here come 2017. The Date Of The Apocalypse. Ordinary people in social networks to vote the same sacramental phrase: “All is lost”.

I am the same man who a little that understands macroeconomics, and micro too. Probably a lot of things nedogona. But in real life you see quite a different picture which has little in common with “all is lost”. My picture is certainly not representative. I can’t speak “for all Odessa”. And yet, all the same.

I am a resident of Odintsovo district. It is not an indicator of the standard of living in the country. Prestigious and expensive. But when you meet someone in a cafe or restaurant, each time wondering, “where’s the crisis?” Always in these places the people hanging out. Once more, sometime less. And favorite fast food Burger, not standing in line, don’t buy it.

Still quite often used to go to a large supermarket. There is the nearest for me ATM. Weekday, weekend. On the escalator, and up and down the rows of people. And not just ride. Buy and sell. It means there is something to buy.

Me for a short period of time we had to visit the Tula and Smolensk. The Tula, about which in Soviet times there was a joke. “Long, green and smells like sausage. The train from Moscow to Tula”. However, the universal joke, it’s about all Soviet regional centers within a radius of 200-400 kilometers from the capital.

So. In my subjective opinion the Tula looks very perky. In shopping malls crowded. In the evening the café is not crowded. Orders a Cup of coffee to a decent dinner. A decent dinner for all ages. From students to retirees. Online store anniversary. On the occasion of the anniversary discount. The buyers are the same students and pensioners.

Smolensk. Living in a hotel, which is located in a new neighborhood with a poetic name “Nightingale grove: low-rise houses, cottages and townhouses. In the finished building cost per square meter in the range of 60 thousand rubles, in construction — 36 to 40 thousand rubles. Almost all the houses are inhabited. Today it is home to about 50 thousand people.

I guess I’m subjective, biased and inattentive. But I have not seen 41,4% of the people who don’t have enough money for food. Decided to look at the figures that give an understanding of the level of salaries in these cities.

In September, the average salary was 27 329 rubles in Tula and 26 500 in Smolensk. The number of job vacancies: Tula — 33 287, Smolensk — 17 237 that is more than 5% of the total number of inhabitants in these cities. In the vast majority of vacancies employers offer salary in the range of 18 to 54 thousand rubles. Not the bad money for the middle suburbs. Unexpected numbers and profession. The highest paid profession in Tula the driver of trucks — 175 thousand rubles. On the next places, incidentally, also drivers (with own car). In Smolensk the highest salary for welder — 150 thousand rubles. For a welder with a large gap should be automated production equipment — 61 thousand rubles, and in the third place, you will not believe the porter, who earns 58 thousand rubles. Plus or minus a similar situation in other regions.

The figures are speaking. Who wants to earn always can do it, but under one condition. An irresistible desire to work, and do not chew snot in the role of a security guard. A friend of a journalist from the real and actual city of Rome was told that half of the population of the city went to Moscow to work as a security guards. Urjupinsk with a population of 40 thousand such a large number of guards to feed. The guard is not just a profession but a philosophy of life that fit into three words — do nothing. Naturally, with such attitudes in a crisis may not have enough money for food. This is not a problem of crisis and the problem of the individual.

Of course, there are the impoverished city, a dying village. These “assholes of the world”, long before even fat years. But the crisis here at anything. The fault rather lies with the people. From the desktop to officials with the psychology of the guards.

One of the definitions of crisis is a turning point. A person seems to be at a crossroads. Or stay a guard, or to reconsider their attitudes. In my circle of acquaintances, most of those who chose the second path. The path looks very simple — to change priorities. To work and earn. The rejection of empty and meaningless consumption. Wealth is not standing in line for an expensive iPhone, and the ability to be content with what we have. Then life in the real world will be beautiful, whereas the virtual black-and-white just won’t have time. Hard worker and hard workers do not need a revolution, and loafers from the virtual world is simply not capable of it. Revolution also work. To crush, to select, share. They even smash and will share without leaving the social networks. Don’t know what will be the macroeconomic situation in 2017. We are afraid of in the virtual world, and we grow stronger in the real world. So it is absolutely (I stress completely) sure that in 2017 the revolution has been cancelled. It will replace the confederations Cup in football. In 2018, especially not before the revolution. The football world Cup. Don’t believe? Then I recall the anecdote of 1980. “Instead of the promised communism in Moscow will host the Olympics”.


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