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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mike Pence will probably be US President in 2020

In the current election campaign in the United States so much unseen that will tire the fingers to bend. Another unusual phenomenon occurred during the Vice-presidential debate: normally the “second room” do not attract much public attention, and their verbal duels have little effect on the outcome of the presidential election, but this was not the case.

photo: youtube.com

Democratic Senator Tim Kane, who is running in tandem with Hillary Clinton aggressively attacked a teammate Donald trump – the Governor of Indiana, Republican Mike Pence. He steadfastly calm and did not defend absurd statements of trump (to which it repeatedly pushed Kane), or expressed their own view on things, or elegantly avoiding the topic, switching the discussion to criticism of Clinton.

American commentators have unanimously interpreted this as an unwillingness trunovskogo candidate for Vice-President to risk his political future by rising to the defense of Donald unpredictable that every day something shocking and the next day change their views. And the political future of the Pens clearly have – regardless of whether he will enter along with trump in the White house in January 2017, when there will be a “changing of the guard”.

Read the story “the FBI launched an investigation of the connections of the adviser to trump with Russia”

And it’s not so much his “outstanding performance during the Vice presidential debate”, as described coolly-elegant the behaviour of the Penny newspaper Daily News. This man is so respectable biography and a large political weight that it is worth paying attention to. As one political observer for CNN, Pence is clearly acting with an eye on 2020: if he will nominate a candidate for the presidency, he has a good chance to win over comrades in the Republican party, and the opponents-Democrats.

Mike Pence 57 years. The grandson of Irish immigrants, he was born in Indiana, where his father had a network of filling stations. There, in Indiana, he after graduation continued education: first, received a bachelor’s degree in history and then became a doctor of jurisprudence. (In America almost all politicians are lawyers by training). Opening a private law practice in 1986, Pens in 1988 made the first attempt to break into the U.S. Congress – it was not a success, as well as following that, he undertook two years later. Next was a job in the political nerve centre and then on radio and television, where he had his own talk show (that’s where the ability to stay in front of the camera and microphone and to speak fluently!).

Well, and then go big. In 2000, Mike Pence was elected to the U.S. Congress from Indiana. He sat in the House of representatives from 2001 to 2013, working in different parliamentary committees – particularly the Committee on foreign Affairs and Committee on legal Affairs. He consistently and firmly stood on positions, which Esquire magazine called “clean water traditional conservatism.” Gaining the respect of her fellow deputies, he was promoted to the post of Chairman of the Republican conference (i.e. head of the party faction of the Republicans) in the House of representatives. Having worked in Congress for 12 years, Pence announced he was leaving because he will run for Governor of Indiana. In the 2012 elections he was elected to this position and occupies it to this day.

Before the start of the election campaign in 2016, even before the primaries, many experts have predicted the Pence as candidates from the Republican party for the presidency, believing him to be one of the most powerful of Republican politicians. But he’s not announced his candidacy, supporting instead the Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. When he conceded victory in the primaries Donald Trump, immediately there were rumors that Mike Pence is one of those “laid eyes” tramp, looking for a mate. Trump has proposed – Pence agreed. But since then, speaking at rallies and in debates, giving media interviews, he is not “the shade of trump”, and expresses an independent point of view different from trompowsky. In particular, it is more critical than trump, the attitude to Russia and its President.

Commenting on the results of the first and last debate between the candidates for Vice-President, observers draw attention to the irritated reaction of Donald trump: he is clearly unhappy with the successful performance of the Deputy, which, according to General opinion, had the edge over Tim Kane. Discontent Donald is the fact that the Pens were better than him, trump! Better it cannot, should not, be anybody! And it is quite awful to hear Trump that, to him, they say, we ought to learn from his Deputy. He used not to learn, to teach, to ask and give directions.

Pence was not engaged during the debate of the active protection of his boss (unlike Cain, who with selfless devotion defended Hillary), but he still kept the loyalty. In the words of the weekly The Week, “Pence chose quite an effective strategy is to lie through his teeth”. So, Kane recalled that trump talked about the need to deport from the United States all illegal immigrants (11 million people) and deny entry to America to all Muslims – Pens denied it. Kane went on to quote trump about Putin – that he is a better leader than Obama – Pens again denied it (say, trump said something else – that Putin is a stronger leader in the country).

Trump, incidentally, also became a play up against Putin. Speaking at a rally in Nevada, he said: “Maybe we will have a good attitude. Can be a terrible relationship. Maybe – relationship somewhere in the middle”. But, trump added, I agree to cooperate in the fight against Islamic terrorism: “If we agreed with Russia and Russia with us having the wind knocked out out of LIH (banned in Russia and other countries a terrorist organization. – “MK”), I’d be fine”.

There are many predictions about what the next presidency – whether Hillary Clinton or Donald trump will last only one four-year term. Both of them can be considered “candidates on the record”, both of them have clouds of suspicion, distrust and hostility, for both are certain investigations… And becoming the number one popularity does not add is really to cope with crises much more difficult than to resolve them by means of rhetoric. Here it arrives has not yet sullied its reputation as a politician with great experience, who in addition to perform well for the audience, Mike Pence.

Ilya Paranicas, New York


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