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Saturday, February 17, 2018

In the state Duma prepared to legitimize draconian innovation on deprivation of drivers rights

Among the first bills adopted by the new Duma – the one that offers to deprive a driver’s license for up to a year and a half of those made within three years of gross violation of traffic rules. The Committee on state construction and legislation recommended to support the government’s initiative in the first reading – it is believed here, that the punishment will overtake road only “thugs”.

photo: Alex geldings

Sometimes this project is called “the law of return point system,” but in the text there is no word on how to estimate the traffic violations depending on their severity, with the accumulation of a certain quantity which threatens the deprivation of rights.

Developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs the document proposes for the Commission for the year three violations from the list (10 compounds) for the court to deprive of drivers of the rights for the term from a year to a year and a half, and if the infringer already has fined 10-30 thousand rubles.

Even systematic violations, if they are fixed using automated means (photo and video cameras, for example), under the new rules does not fall: it is only those that are personally recorded by the inspector on the road. The question of whether it will lead to increased corruption on the roads, remains open.

At the meeting of the relevant Committee Vyacheslav Lysakov (“ER”) recalled that three years ago, he personally offered to enter just a point system, and to deprive of the rights for 4 serious violations or 15 medium. Then the government, this idea is not supported.

“Russia is almost the only country in the world where the personal history of the offender does not affect the severity of the punishment,” – said the Deputy. “Three serious violations of the year – a must try, it still applies to the thugs,” said he then in a conversation with “MK”.

True, acknowledged Mr. Lysakov, was previously introduced increased penalties for committing certain violations of traffic rules by a person who has already been punished for a similar offense, and the second reading would somehow connect these concepts – systematic and repeated…

“The bill proposes to deprive the rights uncontested, whether there are statistics which justify new atrocities?” asked the Vice-speaker Igor Lebedev (LDPR).

Deputy interior Minister Igor Zubov said that the draft law was developed in response to the government’s action plan to reduce road deaths, 23 thousand 231 thousand dead and wounded in road accidents last year – “it’s a lot”, “level of legal nihilism through the roof,” and in Russia there are penalties for multiplicity.

“The guys who ride the “Gelandewagen” and find themselves at the center of scandals, 50-100 violations, and anything with them is impossible to do,” said Mr. Teeth. According to him, after each strengthening of the administrative responsibility first, the number of reported violations increases sharply, and then falling sharply, that is tightening, according to the interior Ministry as an effective measure.

In conclusion, the Committee proposed changes called “relevant”, but the text prepared for the second reading considered necessary to take into account some of the comments. In particular, to solve the issue of proportionality of the penalty of deprivation of rights “with the degree of social harm of crime.”

In the same list, for example, there are speeding in value by more than 40 km per hour, and the journey on forbidding signal of a traffic light or forbidding gesture of the traffic controler, and refusing to give way to transport the pre-emptive right of roundabouts or priority right of movement and travel into the oncoming lane and u-turn or reversing in places where such maneuvers are forbidden…

“The list should be reduced, by removing from it the minor violations and those that commit which inspector subjectivity possible”,- told g-n Lysakov. In his opinion, to exclude from the list should, for example, the failure of the road at a marked crossing for pedestrians and failure to comply with markings or signs. “Sometimes we markings contrary to the signs or poorly visible,” explained g-n Lysakov.

In the conclusion of legal Department of the state Duma also calls attention to the fact that a hit list of violations, the penalty for which is 500 rubles, and the rest face a fine of 5 thousand rubles, or deprivation of rights…

Deputies intend to vote for the bill in the first reading on 7 October. By law he can become before the end of the year.

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