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Saturday, February 24, 2018

“I’m for Medina, because he is in the 28 Panfilov”

And I’m on the side of Medina. This time. No, I perfectly understand the price of this Minister. Obviously, he crossed the border of their incompetence (the Peter principle).

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

When Medina worked in political PR, it certainly was in its place. When switched to the Duma and became a leader of the faction too. Smart, adequate, well-toned. But in the position of the cultural bureaucrat all his “culture” and the extraordinary intelligence and useful…

But in this case I’m for it. Because he is for the 28 Panfilov. In the myth, which is now exposed. He says: “do Not touch it with my dirty hands, scum”. And in response to him: “you Fool!” Very cultural conversation of the Minister and progressive community.

Our country — Russia — is generally woven from the myths. Mythmaking is our favorite sport. The great Patriotic war — there are too many myths… But don’t touch Oh, please!

Well, not saying politruk Klochkov: “Great Russia, and nowhere to retreat behind Moscow”. Came up with this journalist. Well, not the first made his immortal feat of Alexander Matrosov. What? And about Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya in perestroika, what did not write. And I too, after Medina say: “Scum!”

These myths helped to win, of course. They were necessary as air. They were part of our Victory, raise the spirit. And now someone very informed and all-knowing decided to tell the truth, nothing but the truth.

I know it looks funny when a person says: “I never lie!” Because there is still a white lie. Because the terminally ill person (WE) don’t talk about it, so it is accepted.

Perhaps our country is now also terminally ill. Therefore, the example is incorrect: the terminally ill the country, in contrast to a particular person, you need to know about myself. But the Soviet Union collapsed not only from incompetent politics and Economics, but also from the destruction of myths. Myths about Lenin, about the party… About the war.

Then you say, worthless country that is built on the tale. And tell another tale — and the skiff? Just what can you do.

Lenin is not carried out of the Mausoleum so as not to offend the feelings of those who blindly believed in him. And rightly so. Although the example of Lenin is not too accurate: after all, the rest every man in the land… But to destroy, to cut through the myths about war with such an honest, incorruptible glance… OKS.

Was real, the unparalleled feat of the people. Not mythological. But be tactful, delicately, speaking of the 28 Panfilov. In his historical world argue about it until blue in the face, no words can say. But do not kill the last hope.

We become quite different. We have grown together with the pioneers-heroes. We talked about them, wrote books. I remember in the summer camp of their portraits: Valya Kotik, Marat Kazei… Now all about anything. What is it? So they were or were not?

Question about the siege of Leningrad at “Rain” may have been appropriate for historians. But to throw him into the community, I think it is impossible. Why consider yourself smarter than others…

Old ideologies disappeared as a myth, came off like autumn leaves. New — there is not expected. Krymnash? Do not tell! And now we want to make to permanently lose, to forget the country where we were born? Leave, do not take a sin on soul. Don’t hurt us. Leave us with our truth. Live with the world.


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