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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Georgia is preparing a new “color revolution”: Saakashvili plans to return

On Saturday, 8 October, Georgia will hold parliamentary elections. They promise to be rapid: supporters of ex-President Mikhail Saakashvili (the party “United national movement”, END) ready to do anything to regain power. Saakashvili has already announced that soon a triumphant return home. However, his main opponent, former Prime Minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili has promised him “comfy prison cell”. However, the threat of revenge “Mechitov” (as in Georgia call people Saakashvili) is as high as ever.

photo: Marina Perevozkina

United national movement is planning after the election to start the protest.

Authorities suspected supporters of Saakashvili’s intention to organize after the election of another “color revolution”. And the situation in the country is clearly heating up: on Tuesday in Tbilisi blew up the car of one of the leaders of the United national movement, Givi Targamadze. He Targamadze was hurt, although the bomb, he said, was planted in a car, in which compartment he was in. Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili has called the incident a provocation. Targamadze — an experienced Manager of “color revolutions”, a longtime ally of Saakashvili, with whom he did “rose revolution” in 2003. Russia had declared him wanted on the “swamp case”.

But technology is technology, and the revolution, even “color” the country needs to Mature background. This is still the classics of Marxism-Leninism was taught. If people are all satisfied, the troublemakers stumbling feet on the street. To destabilize the situation in a totally affluent society will not succeed.

However, today’s Georgia is hardly a prosperous country. Not to say that change for the better there. For example, this year (since July 1) 12.5% rise in pensions. Currently the basic pension is 180 lari (about 77.6 dollar). To increase pensioners received 160 gel. This, of course, not 14 lari (the amount of the pension under Shevardnadze) and 55 gel under Saakashvili. But it’s not even a Russian pension, not to mention European. Despite the fact that the age of retirement is 65 for men and 60 for women.

Still very high unemployment rate. Officially unemployed are 26% of the working urban population. In the villages, people live by subsistence agriculture, and are considered “self-employed”. The average salary is 350-400 gel.

One of the main achievements of the new leadership is reform in the health system. Under Saakashvili medicine has become inaccessible to most people. Pay was even call “ambulance”. Today, a number of categories of citizens entitled to free medical care. Pensioners, the disabled, the poor, children under 6 years, students and soldiers. The rest of the citizens of Georgia, the state covers 70% of the cost of treatment. So something the current government has made, but overall the situation remains difficult.

photo: youtube.com
The Governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili hopes for a triumphant return to Georgia.

Four years have passed since the defeat of “Mechitov” in the last parliamentary elections, can be called a time of missed opportunities. Radical changes in the political course of Georgia did not happen, many appointees Saakashvili, guilty of crimes, escaped punishment (including the former President himself, who was allowed to leave and who is now the Governor of Odessa), justice for victims of the regime to the end is not restored. In relations with Russia although the warming occurred, but true friendship is still far.

In October 2012, the Georgian people are swept from power of the supporters of Mikheil Saakashvili — “Mechitov”. Swept in the literal sense of the word. On the streets of Georgian cities came out when thousands of protesters with brooms in their hands: so people responded to the released videos of torture of prisoners in Gldani prison. During the rape of prisoners by the guards used including brooms.

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Georgia was shocked, and held on 1 October 2012 parliamentary elections the ruling party “United national movement” Mikheil Saakashvili, was soundly defeated. The majority of seats in the Parliament the opposition bloc “Georgian dream — Democratic Georgia”. The power in the country passed to the opposition, which was headed by Georgian tycoon Bidzina Ivanishvili.

Since then, Saakashvili has remained President for more than a year formally to 17 November 2013. However, the fate of his government and his team was predetermined. Deprived of administrative levers, “misisti” lost control of the political process, and in October 2013 in the presidential elections their candidate lost to the candidate from the “Georgian dream”. Giorgi Margvelashvili in the first round received an absolute majority of votes (62%) and became the new President of Georgia. Thus, the “Georgian dream” concentrated in the hands of the legislative and Executive power. It was a complete victory.

However, there is little to win — it is important to properly dispose of the victory. The level of frustration always depends on the level of expectations. The level of expectations of voters in 2012 were very high — and he’s fueled by the “Georgian dream” coming to power, as usual with the opposition, on populist slogans. In addition to social issues of the Georgian society worried about the humanization of the penitentiary system, the cessation of torture in prisons and the restoration of justice to those who were under Saakashvili unjustly convicted, who were taken from the property. And, of course, punish the guilty.

In General, according to the human rights situation in Georgian prisons has significantly improved. Under Saakashvili, torture was systematic. Now this is completely abandoned. However, many prison officials and law enforcement involved in cases of torture and illegal actions against convicts and suspects kept their jobs. And all of those who appeared before the court, escaped with relatively light punishment. Six officers of the Ministry of corrections have been sentenced to prison terms from one year to six and a half years. The criminal code of Georgia provides for the use of torture to 23 years of imprisonment.

Much worse is the case with the so-called restoration of justice. Under Saakashvili, many people were subjected to arbitrary detention and were forced to pay considerable sums on so-called procedural agreements, many have lost their houses, apartments, business. Before the 2012 parliamentary elections “Georgian dream” promised to restore the rights of all affected citizens and to punish the perpetrators. But to do so in practice was not so easy. First of all, because the victims were too much. Only from 2012 to January 2015, the Prosecutor’s office received 52 530 applications from residents of Georgia regarding the illegal actions against them on the part of the representatives of the old regime. People were hoping for the return of illegally seized property or at least compensation, former political prisoners hoped for a review of their cases.

For a review of questionable court decisions during the reign of Saakashvili was planned to create a special state Commission. The Ministry of justice even prepared a bill, however it was later decided to postpone the establishment of such a Commission indefinitely for financial reasons.

As stated by representatives of “Georgian dream”, the satisfaction of numerous claims of financial regulations, an intolerable burden will fall on the budget of the country. But not only that. Many believe that justice has stalled because of pressure from the West, where Mikhail Saakashvili and his UNM still have good support and a pool of tame lobbyists. The new authorities failed to carry out timely reform of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, so the old staff of the UNM, to maintain their position, sabotaged the investigation of abuse of officials of Saakashvili and disorganized proceedings against them in the courts.

In 2015, Georgia was rocked by two high-profile murders of civil society activists struggle for justice. Yuri Vazagashvili was blown up on the grave of his son Zurab, who was killed during a police operation in 2006. The explosive device was put in a vase for the flowers at the gravestones. Vazagashvili demanded the punishment of those responsible for the death of his son, was the organizer of many protests.

Businessman Beso, Khardziani fought for the return of their assets. He was arrested under Saakashvili on trumped-up charges and as a result of torture in prison were forced to restructure their business assets to the representatives of the UNM. In March 2015 he was shot by the killer at their doorstep.

In Georgia believe that the investigation of Vazagashvili and Khardziani could expose high-ranking members of the former government. The objective of these demonstrative murders was to stop the investigation of the crimes of the Saakashvili team, to intimidate the most active advocates of justice. Following these killings, all became clear: people Saakashvili does not stop at nothing.

So no one was surprised when several former representatives of the NGO “Free zone” declared on a press-conference in Tbilisi that he had received from Saakashvili instructions for the organization of a coup in the country. “Free zone” is a military youth wing of the United national movement. Beso Kaladze, the former head of Gldani organization of this NGO, some time ago met with Saakashvili in Ukraine. The former President told him that the resource is “Free zone” he needed in order to organize unrest in the country after the elections. Under the pretext of falsification of elections of the members of the NGOs according to the plan of Saakashvili to start a protest. “By their actions we had to compel the authorities to disperse our shares. Then with the help of “Rustavi 2″ they called on people to take to the streets. After that would have blocked state agencies, and all this would be followed by the victims,” — said Kaladze.

That is, we have repeatedly run the typical scenario of “color revolution”. A well known saying: “No matter how the vote is important, how to count”. The organizers of “color revolutions” went even further. Now it does not matter, nor how they vote or how to think. Matter how many people you can get to the Central square of the capital. If you think not in your favor — that the elections were rigged. Grab your umbrellas and good cheer.

Later in social networks there is an audiotape on which a man, whose voice like the voice of Saakashvili discusses with colleagues the scenario of the “Georgian Maidan.” In this regard, the state security service has opened a criminal case on plotting the seizure of power, in which Saakashvili is the main suspect. Authorities, as reported by the ideology of “Georgian dream” Bidzina Ivanishvili, has made for ex-President “comfy prison cell”. However, the Governor of the Odessa region is full of optimism and plans to return home after the elections. “Dear citizens of Georgia, just a few days before we met…” — he shares his dreams on Facebook.

How this will end, we will soon find out. The main struggle in the elections will be between the “Georgian dream” of Ivanishvili and “United national movement” Saakashvili. Only these parties, according to experts, have a chance to get into Parliament.


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