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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Friendly atmosphere at work announced a pledge of health

People who got lucky with a team at work, can consider themselves doubly lucky. The friendly atmosphere and kind colleagues not only allow more to enjoy weekdays, but also bring real health benefits, says a group of Australian psychologists from the University of Queensland.

photo: pixabay.com

The experts summarized the results of 58 earlier studies, which together involved more than 19 thousand people from 15 countries. Researchers proceeded from the fact that the nicer the community in which the person works, the more he will feel a part of this team. And, as it turned out, the more the employee feels “at home” while at work, the better health he boasts.

First and foremost it is, of course, about the health of psychological. In particular, the better entrants into the collective, to a lesser extent, observed emotional burnout. This term refers to the growing indifference to their duties, irritation concerning others, dissatisfaction with the job and himself. All this in the long term can lead to significant deviations in behavior, perception and thinking, so to avoid cognitive burnout is ultimately very important for the psyche. However, the successful team was useful not only for mental but also for physical health, the researchers note.

The researchers note several trends that they were able to detect. First, the more employees feel part of “a whole”, the better feel each of them. And secondly, is not quite clear yet why the men’s team benefit from favourable working atmosphere was felt more clearly. Finally, experts noted that most “team spirit” was formed where the preconditions for its appearance was able to create the head.

The work of scientists published in the scientific journal Personality and Social Psychology.


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