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Friday, March 23, 2018

Expert linked the change of Governor of the Kaliningrad region with the change of strategy of the Kremlin

On Thursday, President Putin dismissed the acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region Yevgeny Senicheva came into this position July 28, and put in his place, Prime Minister of the region, a 29-year-old Anton Alikhanov. The resignation of the head of the region after only two months in office – is a new Russian record. Elections of the Governor of the Kaliningrad region will be held in the fall of 2017.

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin and Anton Alikhanov

Senichev he asked for the resignation for family reasons, said Putin during his meeting with the new acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region. Now he returns to Moscow and the most Western region of Russia will get a 29-year-old policy. And it is also a record – even Ramzan Kadyrov became President of Chechnya in 31 years.

Career Alikhanov generally rapid: since 2010, he worked in the Ministry of justice, in 2013 was in the Ministry, where he rose to Director of Department of state regulation of foreign trade activities, and from September 2015 was in the government of the Western Outpost of Russia.

But back to Senichevu, as a matter of fact it was his appointment began a dizzying rise Alikhanov.

July 28, 2016 is the day of the biggest power shifts in the history of modern Russia. Then replaced the three heads of subjects, the four envoys and joined the Crimean and the southern Federal district. Including Senichev who used to work in the protection of Vladimir Putin, and then “run” by the FSB Department in the Kaliningrad region, has replaced on a post of Governor Nikolay Tsukanov (he received the post of presidential envoy in the northwestern Federal district Vladimir Bulavin, who in turn head of the Federal customs service).

One of the first decisions Senicheva was the appointment Alikhanov for the post of regional Prime Minister. Alikhanov as the new Governor, was the “Varyag”, was sent to the area less than a year ago – he worked as Deputy Chairman of the government of the Kaliningrad region.

According to independent regional Deputy Solomon Ginzburg, at the time, Moscow sent a young man to follow Tsukanov. So after the region was headed by Sinichi local businessmen decided that the former strongman would be responsible for conflict resolution, and chief Executive officer – for economy.

Meanwhile, Senichev almost immediately appeared in the center of the scandal connected with his education, about which no information except that it is higher. Regional officials advised critics to address all questions to the presidential administration of Russia, where, according to them, is a personal matter Senicheva.

The head of the national strategy Council Valery Khomyakov told “MK” that can be associated with a rapid rearrangement in the seat of the Governor of the Kaliningrad region:

– I do not remember another case in Russian politics, a person appointed by the Governor and almost immediately after was ousted. This may indicate that first the Kremlin decided to bet on the security forces, and now realized his mistake and began to reconsider the strategy…

But, perhaps, care Senicheva contributed to “the amber mafia,” which could sharpen his teeth on the enforcer, its representatives were not happy and Tsukanova, but the one with them somehow coped. These same people could contribute to the promotion of the theme of education Senicheva, although it’s hard to believe that such a person could not study at the Institute.

Now it will be interesting to observe the relationship Alikhanov and Tsukanova. As they say in Kaliningrad, Tsukanov did not like the current appointee and believed that he schemes against it. As can be seen, something the current Ambassador was right. Tsukanov tried to interfere with Alikhanov, but he was able to restore good contacts with local businesses, and it is said, helped him to stand.

When Senicheva made by the Governor of the Kaliningrad newspaper wrote that it could be a prelude to the appointment Alikhanov, is necessary in order not to provoke the development of conflict within the region. But it looked far-fetched. The President can appoint Alikhanov, no one would have dared to contradict him, and then it turns out the combination, which is also an ancient Byzantine…


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